Synopsis of the Sinister Way


The Sinister Way, also known as the Dark Tradition, the Way of 352, is the Sinister quest for esoteric knowledge. This Sinister Way is practical a practical Presencing of Acausal energies, a training system utilized by Traditional Satanists. The Way or path tests resolve and character and because of  its degree of difficulty, few follow this Path. There is no simple way to obtain real ‘Occult’ knowledge or Insight. Individuals walk the difficult path and the achievement is strictly, individual.

Those who decry practical, Dark, real-world action are not one of us, the O9A, 352 or any other Nexion. They are of the Old Aeon and believe in its dogma of ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ its limiting of the individual. The Way is to take Evolution and Progress it ever upward by magick and Dark deeds.

Aeonick Magick, individual skill, knowledge, Nexions and Dark forms are the means to bringing the Acausal down to this profane Earth, which create Chaos and disrupt the forms and institutions of the Old Aeon. We are beyond what others think, their names attached to us, their opinions for they are irrevelant.


atuIX  - the hermit

“I and others like me, are the Darkness which is necessary and without which Evolution and knowledge are impossible. I am also my own opposite, and yet beyond both. This is not a riddle, but a statement of Mastery, and one which, alas, so few have the ability to understand.” – Anton Long, Morning Rising of Sirius, 116yf.


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