Passions of Youth



The one aspect that turned me on to the Order of Nine Angles is it’s two essential prime objectives: A) The Progression of Man; and B) The Progression of His Civilization to its hightest causal expression and potential.

How does a civilization come into being? Initially it begins some where deep in the collective psyche; or zeigeist; of a people. It’s a silent subjective process, a wanting, a yearning, a feeling. This is the esoteric reason for bringing down the acausal force. Those of us of the ONA will understand. Then what?

Next comes the Fire… the setting of young passions ablaze. Thru words that evokes and provokes emotions. Words that call out those silent laten wanting, yearning, or feeling! This is Vindex… the Hitlers and Lenins and Obamas whose voice sets the young on fire and impregnates their mind with visions of change.

But why would a regime even give the time of day to make grand speeches to a crowd of dumb rebellious teens and postteens? Anyone with a little understanding of Nature will understand. Because Nature favors action over thinking. This is why evolution has allowed stupidity to be the common standard of Humanity. If stupidity didn’t have its place in the greater scheme of Mother Nature, it wouldn’t have been allowed to last all these millions and billions of years.

Can you imagine back in our primal days if a tribe of intellectual protohumans sitting around their campfire brainstorming; and along came another tribe into their territory? Do you think Nature would have it that the intellectual protohumans should debate issues and intellectually figure out the best reasonable method to deal with the invaders? What would happen to our intellectual protohumans and their genes, if the invading tribe were a group of young dumb people throwing rocks and spear everywhere? Yeah, it means your smartass genes and bloodline won’t make it far.

There is a reason why Nature begins us all being stupid teens burning with a chemically (hormones) induced passion. Passion for anything. What army of any nation which has ever existed was composed of old 30-40 year old mature intellectual partyliners? None. We should all know this by now. Young dumb people burning with a passion to do something makes up all armies. Passion subsides with maturity for all of us giving way to intelligence in its proper time and period. The mindless young warriors of yesterday become the great minded cheiftans of tomorrow. Great from the experience and exploits of a carefree and passionate youth.

This Passionate Youth was what filled Hitler’s armies that made the Third Reich possible. Not the mature partyliners. It takes a great speaker to set ablaze the passions of youth. It only takes a boring book of theories to turn the old men on. Those theories don’t mean anything anyways. It’s the promise of power and glory that these old men sees. The speeches don’t mean anything anyways. The young and passionate just need a cause to burn for. Give them a meaningless symbol, and they fight for it. Give them a color and they’ll wear it in rebellion. Give them and enemy and they’ll kill. Give them Imperium and they’ll work for it.

This is the fundamentals of the Art and Science of Civilization. This science begins with the understanding of Humanity and how it naturally works. When the insights are gained, they can be exploited and utilized. If the ONA is genuinely interested in establishing a future civilization, then it must ballance its “Occult” knowledge with the wisdom of Human Nature: “Man, Know Thyself.”

Why then deny or condemn Nature? If the Dark Tradition is based on the very primal essence of Nature, why condemn the young and stupid? There is a time and place for mindless passion, and with time, to us all, will come maturity and intelligence… in it’s proper time.

This ONA was never meant nor designed to be dominated by thinkers and book thumpers. It is desgined for the passionate youth who burns for a cause and ACT. Thru their action is an end result manifested. Thru their action they grow in experience, and with time, such experience becomes wisdom. A true undefiled wisdom not collected from any book of dead letters, but from the very living library of Nature Herself.

In many of the vulgar satanisms the very power of youthful passion is rejected for meaningless teenrebellion. They glorify the passionless thinkers instead, as if these “Nodoers” were the apex of human evolution. If Humanity relied on these passionless Nodoers, we wouldn’t be here today.

The ONA is not a Nodoer religion. It’s not a book club or nerd gathering. It was designed to DO. We all by nature start off as not so bright teens ready to burn for something… anything. These are our warriors. Give them something to burn for and let them set the world ablaze. In their youth, they may not be interested in teachings or traditions, but let them be as Nature intended for awhile, to collect their experiences and grow mature. For in maturity, these same mindless, passionate warriors will mellow out and absorb the mysteries of the ONA in rippened age and become Dark Sages. There is a time and a place for everyone and everything. And because this ONA is a living reflection of Primal Nature, there is within our dark Shadows a place for every age and kind… the passionate youth and the mature partyliners. Or perhaps I should quote here Anton Long:

“What Satanism Is Not:

a) Satanism is not, nor can ever be, a religion, nor just a ‘philosophy’. A religion means acceptance of authority, the rigid structure of a ‘Church’ or a ‘Temple’, and a unified dogma (with the consequent schisms and claims to ‘authenticity”). The religious attitude is the antithesis of what Satanism really is – for Satanism is a way of living, a way of experiencing, in the raw, whereas religion abstracts, limits endeavour, behaviour and moralizes. In short, a Satanist plunges into reality, without any supports (moral, psychic or human) whereas a religious person has that reality prescribed by dogma, authority and such like, and is supported by a `Church’, its members and their attitudes. Satanism is an ecstatic affirmation of existence – a taking of existence into new and higher realms, as well as a plunge into existing darkness and the creation of new darkness.

b) Satanism cannot have anyone impose upon it any structure, authority, or institution of any kind by claiming a ‘dark mandate’ or some kind of ‘revelation’. There can be no such thing as an, infernal mandate’ of whatever kind because the only thing that really matters to Satanism is experience, its accumulation and the highly individualized learning that results from such experience. A genuine Satanist, for example, confronted by an entity which exhibited all the powers attributed to Satan would not even accept what that ‘entity’ said and would most certainly not show any submission – instead, they would a defiance, a reasoned assessment of what was said, and then a judgement made from experience. A Satanist never surrenders to anything – and would rather die, proud and defiant, than submit. This applies even to ‘Satan’. If and when a Satanist accepts guidance, it is from someone of experience who has explicated Satanism by their life and thus who can offer advice based on that experience. The aim of Satanism is to create wilful, characterful, defiant, unique individuals who have or can fulfil their potential as gods – it is not to create followers or sycophants. An `infernal mandate’ implies sycophancy.

c) Satanism does not involve discussions, meetings, talks. Rather, it involves action, deeds. Words – written or spoken – sometimes follow, but not necessarily. The ideal candidate for Satanism is the individual of action rather than the ‘intellectual’.”

This generic disliking and hatred for young passionate adolescents is a product and insurance policy of Nazarene culture and Ethos which is by nature inertal and conservative. This Nazarene hatred for the passions of youth and their desire to destroy this passion is evident in their religion’s control of sexuality and sexual expression, which is the first awakening  which marks a child’s advancement into adolescence and is the begining of a naturally burning passion. A Nazarene mindset based on maintaining religious and political orthodoxy and control will logically hate and cause others to hate Humanity’s Fire who are the catalyst and ember of change, progression, disruption, and action in motion – the young; the newer generations, that have not yet been trained and conditions to be Quality citizens.

This is clearly the case in modern nations under Magian control. High school is just an excuse to keep these young out of the streets. What age group are most likely involved in protest demonstrations? The young and passionate, those roughtly between 15-25 years of age. What age group is the target of a police state? The older mellow citizens, or the younger passionate ones who want something different? What is the force and age group that can, if collective enough tear down both America and Communist China? The passionate youth. They may not be smart yet, but this smarts comes with time for everybody. They are chemically ready to burn at all times with the slightest spark.

This Nazarene hatred for the passionate youth is even adopted by the vulgar satanism such as LaVeyan satanism as their slogan and catch phrase: Quality over Quantity; their antagonism towards social organizational conformity; and their hatred for collective identity. Individualism is a Magian tactic of divide and conquer to seperate you from the power source of a coherent social order to make you easier to control.

Thru their Magian politics, Nazarene religion, and chemicals processes such as floridation of tap water, the more virulant and passionate portion of human social order is mellowed and brought under control. The flames of youth are put out. The young are kept in check by social ridicule for being stupid rebellious teens and post teens without a cause. Where then does the ONA stand on this issue? Think on these things a while.

If we learn to sucessfully make a Nation of our ONA, it would be much easier in the future to learn how to manifest a civilization. A Nation is not just a parliament or senate of thinkers and traditionalists. It is also made of common citizens and an army, each unique, each in their own state of mental developement, but all loyal to the same Nation. Our National Slogan should be: “Quality AND Quantity.” The Quality to think and instruct; the Quantity to do and act.

If Vindex is to set the world a fire – the young make the best kindler.



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