Traditional Satanism


Satanism is but a means, its objective is to Evolve the individual through the use of  the Dark Esoteric Arts and to transform the world and the causal itself through using the Sinister Strategy. Traditional Satanism describes the Sinister Way and also to differentiate from the perspectives of LaVey and Acquino. The term ‘Traditional Satanism has been appropriated by others and it has also been confused with “Theistic Satanism.” Genuine Traditional Satanism describes the teachings of the O9A.

Satan is but the exoteric label or ‘name’ of a particular acausal being, a living entity dwelling in the acausal. This entity is able to manifest in our causal world and is also able to assume causal forms.

Sinister Strategy is the utilization of Magick and Sinister Presencing to change individuals and/or events on a significant scale over long periods of causal time. It is to gain control and influence, to bring about a New Aeon. An Aeon is a particular Presencing of causal energies that would affect a multitude of individuals over a certain period of causal time.



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