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The Indo-Iranian & Pali word Ariya and the Indo-European/Sanskrit word Arya have the same basic meaning: Noble. It’s original idiomatic value has the meaning of a “Civilized Person,” which is still used today in India to refer to people living in a City, as opposed to those who live in rural areas. In it’s original, native, [Indian] context, this word is not associated to race or skin color. It is associated with refined humans imbued or possessed with the essence of culture and civilization. As opposed to a primitive, unrefined, feral human; devoid of culture and civilization. In Buddhism, those of cultivated, Noble Minds are called the Ariya; whereas the “worldly” – the Mundane – who are of uncultivated, low mental resonance, are called the Anariya.

At some point in “India’s” history a strange group of people migrated enmass into India. It is said that they originated from somewhere North; give or take a few hundred miles. Their original homeland had dried up due to changes in the climate and they fled southwards to greener pastures. They brought with them something strange which the native feral sudras and Mundas had never seen before: Civilization. Here Civilization is defines as “a cohesive, coherent, dynamic social system of humans, living in a single place in settlements; which utilizes agriculture and collective labour/force to sustain itself, and generate synergy for further growth and evolution.” Synergy here may refer to a millitary and/or industry. As opposed to “Primitive Uncivilization” which is living with your kinfolk out in the bush in temporary huts made from cow shit and sticks and following your cows, sheep, or yaks around. Primitive Uncivilization exists in the middle of the Human Social Order Spectrum. At the very end of this spectrum is the most incorehent and primitive expression of human social “order.” This would be humans grunting, picking berries, living in caves, scavanging, eating grubs, and opportunistically “living of the fat of the land.”

Civilization is to the human species what the Cambrian Explosion was to multicellular life. One day some incoherent single celled things just came together to form a coherent-cooperative community, and *BOOM!* life exploded into every direction, with all these wierd multicellular organisms everywhere. Then nature culled the weak designs, and kept the few well designed strong forms. One of these forms being our ancestor. Civilization is the same way. One day some people just came together to form a coherent-cooperative community and *BOOM!* nonstop war and competition to weed out the weak. Eventually only a few forms of civilization will ever evolve into the coveted Interstellar Civilization.

Just as we can, with science locate the first multicellular organisms that started the whole Cambrian mess; we can unfortunately locate the place and people that started this whole civilization mess, because it is such a new phenomenon to the human species that it literally happened almost yesterday (compared to the 200,ooo years of our species existence). Unfortunate, because the truth (based on archeological findings) is sometimes hard for many people to swallow or except.

The world’s oldest civilization [as defined here] (a city-state in other words) is Jericho in that aweful part of the world – Palistine/Israel. It dates back to 9000BCE, making it circa 11,ooo years old. The name of the city comes from the word “Yareah” meaning moon, since it was a center of moon worship. The people who founded Jericho came from Arabia – which by the way, still uses the [crescent] moon as a symbol of their religion. But that’s not even the interesting part. The interesting part is the native name of “Jericho” as it’s Civilized inhabitants call it – ARIHA! Interesting because the Indo-Iranian word ARIYA had to have had an ancestral, much older word it came from, since Jericho existed before Persia or Babylon in what is now Iran.

Jericho/Ariha means “The Moon” in Canaanite. In Hebrew it’s called Yariho. The “Ya” part refers to “moon,” and has its cognatives in Ancient Egyptian, Summerian, and neighboring languages. Interestingly enough, “Jericho-Ariha-Yariho-Ariya-Arya” even has a Chinese form- “YUEZHI” which means… “Moon People/Tribe” [source: ]. The Yuezhi were a group of people who entered China, but were eventually chased out and they fled South into India. This is the funniest shit we have ever come across (scholastically), because it turns out that the original Aryans are Jews! This would be considered sheer blaspemy by some of the more “traditional” initiates of the ONA who are still stuck in outer form of the shenanigans of the 1930’s and 40’s. But seeing as the ONA represents continual Heresy, and blaspemy of all accepted dogma, we introduce this heretical blasphemy, to be pondered upon by our Disciples, and the general ONA population at large.

The Ariyavada is a set of “oral teachings” (Vada) concerned with the Noble science and art of civilization (Ariya). It is a word unique to 352. The Ariyavada, like the Sanghavada, is constructed in Q & A format, which teaches the tradition and basics of culture and civilization in a different nonstandard method (as opposed to a lecture) to our Disciples. A Senior brother/sister asks the Questions, the new Disciple learns the Answer part and answers appropriately when asked.

Ariyavada Pacchimaya:

Q. Whence come you?
A. From the West.

Q. Where wend you?
A. To the East.

Q. Specifically?
A. Into the Land of Sin.

Q. Where located?
A. Between the rivers Sindus and Ganges.

Q. By what way?
A. By the North, around the Himalayas.

Q. Then where?
A. Our tribe took an easterly course into China.

Q. Your tribe?
A. The Ariya.

Q. It’s meaning?
A. The Noble Ones.

Q. When in China what did you meet?
A. Resistence. The local inhabitants, having a civilization of there own, resisted our presence.

Q. What happened next?
A. We fled south, into the land of Sin, between the rivers Ganges and Sindus.

Q. Once in Sin, what did you encounter?
A. Anariya.

Q. Describe them.
A. Dark of skin color, illiterate, having low mental calibre, wild, and living is subcivilized conditions.

Q. Why is it said among our people that the Anariya are dark in skin tone?
A. Our people, having existed in a civilized setting, within houses for thousands of years, grew a light complexion. The Anariya, being feral organisms without civilization, were frequently exposed to the equitorial Sun and developed more skin pigment, called melanin.

Q. Is melanin an essential quality of the anariya?
A. It is not, for even in the limits of a single race there exists the Ariya, and anariya. And even in those races with high levels of melanin, there exists among them kindred Ariya. The quality of the anariya is rather the causal result of their mental state.

Q. How so?
A. The anariya, having low mental capacity, are segerated individualized units, unable to come together as a coherent, synergic social system. Therefore, not being able to rely on something larger and collective from themselves for survival, they depend solitarily on nature for their survival.

Q. How do they essentially differ from us?
A. We are the opposite of the anariya. Rather than be segregated indivudualized units; we assimulate into a coherent, collective, in which we pool our energy, intelligence, and force of labour as functioning untis of a whole integral system; to the benefit of the whole and its parts.

Q. What is this synergic coherency called among our people?
A. Civilization.

Q. What is then the inherant quality of the anariya?
A. Weakness.

Q. Why so?
A. The anariya, being a mass of segregated, individualized incoherent units; have no ability to resist the might of a predatorial coherent social system; especially one with military force.