Mastery and Suffering



This world is Profane and suffering is almost a given. The common misconception among those who live their lives according to the Sinister Way is that life will be easier.

In the past, few have become too obssessed with their Satanic roles and are lost when suffering still occurs because they belive that Magick will avert tragedy, suffering, etc.

From an artistic perspective, suffering serves to stimulate ones creativity. The artists and musicians that we follow express their suffering in the hope that someone could relate to them and purchase their works.

If ones life was too simple, then we wouldn’t be interested. Aren’t we also fascinated with hearing and reading about strife as long as it isn’t our own?

We must all accept that Satanism is a means towards self-excellence and ultimately, Evolution. Satanism is living life with vitality and in this life, it will also involve suffering. It is impossible to achieve in everything attempted and failure is almost predictable in many undertakings. Arising from failure and laughing in the face of it is true vitality indeed.

The Magian way would be to beseech the ally in the sky to ease your burdens. The Sinister Way would be to ascend from it. 



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