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Sangha is a word in Pali/Sanskrit that can be translated roughly as “association” or “assembly,” “order” or “community” with common goal, vision or purpose. Vada is the Pali for Teaching, actually, it literally means ’speaking’ or ‘oral teaching.’ The word Sanghavada is entirely unique to the White Star Acception and refers to its history, tradition, and mythos, which were either generally known by members in the past due to close physical association with members, or gradually learned it verbally from a Disciple of 352. The Sanghavada of 352 has since then been written down in Q & A format. These were test questions used to prove genuine accepted Discipleship of the White Star Acception, which serves a double purpose of teaching 352 Tradition/Culture via a different method.

Certain things will be noticed as one learns the private Tradition and Culture of 352. The first is that the WSA was not always an ONA nexion nor had it anything to do with Satanism. It first began as a private association of grade school boys who made a blood pack to remain life long companions and brothers. This eventually grew with them into a street gang, and only later, after maturity did it evolve into an ONA nexion. Just like a person is an ever evolving entity progressing in age from childhood to adulthood. So does the WSA. Just as a person in the present is not the same person in mind, body, and personality as he/she was 15 years ago. So is the WSA not the same thing it was many years ago. But just as a person is a collage or mosaic entity composed of all its past forms and experiences at once; so is the WSA. Wuxian Shi An is as relevant to Wanglai Shehui An as both are pertinent to Wu Shu An – the White Star Acception.

The other thing to be noticed is that 352 has structure, rules, and it’s own internal laws Disciple follow. This may seem to contradict Anton Long’s statement saying that Satanism has no authority, structure, et cetera. There is no contradiction simply because the WSA is not Satanism period. Satanism is a way of living and belongs to no one. The WSA is an organization which uses ONA Satanism as its main Software. The Hardware and Software of a computer are two different things. Think of ONA Satanism as a Tetris video game. Some people play it on their Game Boy; some on their Play Station; some on their Mac; some on their PC; and others on their phones. The WSA is like the thingamajigger you are playing the game on, and is not the game itself; it is a new game system in the market…

Sanghavada Kalika:

Q. Whence come you?
A. From the West.

Q. Where wend you?
A. To the East.

Q. Of what are you in search?
A. Of Light.

Q. Have you found it?
A. I have not, but I have a Means, a Method and a Guide to help me find it.

Q. What is the Means?
A. Karma.

Q. What does it mean?
A. Action. To every action, there is a reaction. That we reep what we sow. This teaches me that what actions I preform manifests a result in the real world, and that if I govern my actions with diliberate planing, and intelligence, I shall reap the fruits of my actions accordingly.

Q. What is the Method?
A. Nine Angles.

Q. To what do you allude?
A. To the Order of Nine Angles, and it’s Dark Tradition, as pasted through the Grand Master Anton Long.

Q. Who is your Guide?
A. The Black Buddha.

Q. What is its meaning and to what does it allude?
A. Black represents the Abysmal Mystery of the Cosmos. Buddha because it means Enlightened. The Black Buddha alludes to primeval nature and the primal laws of the Cosmos.

Q. Does the Black Buddha have a name among our people?
A. Saturnas, the Roman god of Agriculture, the Harvest, Justice, and Strength.

Q. What does Saturn allude to in the Acception?
A. To the Golden Age of Saturn, and to our Father Sun which gave birth to the earth in primeval aeons, which was captures by Solaris whereon earth was ripped out of Saturn’s orbit becoming dark. Thus we call it the Black Sun.

Q. Does saturn have a symbol?
A. The Sickle.

Q. What does it teach and represent?
A. It teaches karma, that what actions we sow in the causal world, produces fruit. It represents Chronos, and alludes to Time and the magic of time which our people call Chronomorphosis, sometimes known as Aeonics. Together they remind us to govern our actions with planning and intellligence, to utilize time, that we may manifest a future civilization resembling the lost age of Saturn.

Q. Has it a Sinister meaning?
A. The sickle is an identifying weapon of Mother Kali, that is Baphomet in the East, with which she slays mankind, and alludes to Sacrifice.

Q. By what do you mean sacrifice?
A. Those who hold mankind down with the grip of religion and prevent humanity from achieving it’s collective potential and progression.

Q. What does Kali mean?
A. Black or Dark.

Q. Has She another identifying weapon?
A. She has- a Trident in her left hand, the sickle in her right.

Q. What does it symbolize?
A. The continuum of Acausal, Mind and, the Causal; the three powers of creation, sustenance, and destruction; the three jewels of the Acception: Commonsence, Intuition, and Critical Thinking; our three tools: Mind, Heart, and Action. And to the three Letters of the Acception.

Q. What are the three Letters?
A. W, S, & A.

Q. Have they a meaning?
A. Yes, four altogether, established at different times.

Q. The First?
A. White Star Acception.

Q. To what does this allude?
A. To the Orange Blossom, which takes the shape of a white star; and to the initials of the last names of the First Three Brothers.

Q. Repeat the story of the First Three Brothers.
A. The first three brothers were boys in their age of innocence, who had a deep bond with one another and desired to become blood brothers. They went to a field in which they played often where there were many Orange Trees. Under the largest Orange Tree the three boys pricked their thumbs and vowed to care for and love one another as blood brothers until death. They etched the initials of their last names upon the Tree which was in blossom – WSA.

Q. The Second?
A. Wuxian Shi An.

Q. It’s meaning?
A. It is three Chinese words alluding to the secret vows made by the First Three, which was declared to be perpetually effective. Wuxian meaning Without Limit, Infinite, Immortal and Eternal; Shi meaning a Vow or Sacred Promise; and An meaning Secret, Dark, Hidden, or Underground.

Q. The Third?
A. Wanglai Shehui An.

Q. It’s meaning?
A. The Third meaning was formed at a later time during the First Three’s rebellious age when they and close friends formed a street gang of outlaws under three Chinese words which best described their enterprise: Wanglai Shehui An; which refers to an underground society of business associates. Wanglai meaning Contacts, Dealings, or Relations; Shehui meaning a Society; and An has been already defined.

Q. The Fourth and final?
A. Wu Shu An.

Q. It’s meaning?
A. The Fourth was formed during a time of the First Three’s maturity and Dark Illumination after having studied the Seven Fold Sinister Way of the Order of Nine Angles. Wu meaning Black; Shu meaning a Method or Technique; and An refering to the Dark. Together Wu Shu An alludes to the Dark Tradition or Sinister Way of the ONA. Wu Shu together has an alernative meaning of Witchcraft, Wicked, Sinister; or the Black Arts; and An here also has an alternative meaning of a Temple.

Q. What is the symbol of he Acception?
A. The conjoined Trident and Sickle, called the Trisickle. The Trident pointing up, a bar in the middle, and the sickle pointing down.

Q. Why is it called the Trisickle?
A. Because we totally lack a better name to call it. But later gave it a mystical meaning anyways.

Q. What is this mystical meaning?
A. The WSA is like a tricycle in that it phycially takes us from place to place. The three wheels being the Book of Nature, Opus Vrilis, and ONA MSS.

Q. What does the bar symbolize?
A. The process by which mental theory becomes causal action. The Trident, being a symbol of Shiva – the unmanifested represents Thought. The Scythe or Sickle, being an instrument of agricultural harvest and of the manifested Shakti, symbolizes causal effect,or the fruition of applied action governed by intelligent thought.

Q. What year was the White Star Acception born?
A. In the year ninety-nine, year of Fayen, by the First Three during their age of innocence, under an Orange Tree in Blossom.

Q. On what day?
A. On the 15th of April, the day the Buddha was Enlightened; symbolized by the Blossoms opening up to absorb the Light of the Sun.

Q. Where was it found?
A. In their Hearts first; the Streets second; and their Minds third.

Q. Who is the Mistress of the Acception, as an ONA Nexion?
A. The Constellation Cassiopeia known as “Chattel” in the Acception, because Her stars resemble jewels in a chattel.

Q. Why is a constellation made the Mistress of our Acception?
A. For two reasons. The first is to say that there is no mortal leader, head, or governor of the Acception. The second alludes to the fact that mankind has a miniscule grasp of the ineffable Mysteries and Beauties of the Cosmos – symbolized by Cassiopeia; therefore mankind is stupid, and the stupid cannot reasonably lead the blind into Enlightenment. Each of us are responsible for living our own lives, thinking for our ownselves, and illuminating ownselves by establishing a direct link between us and the Cosmos itself, without any other person coming in between.

Q. What do the Letters WS symbolize?
A. The White Stars of Cassiopeia and all that She symbolizes as our Mistress.

Q. How came it to spread into California?
A. By one of the First Three relocating there and spawning a chapter of Wanglai Shehui An with his blood brother known as James the Younger, later becoming the Second House called Agent Orange NxS.

Q. What composes the foundation of the Acception?
A. A Book and manuscripts.

Q. Name them.
A. The Book of Nature being the Supreme Guide of our Acception. With the following manuscripts as its commentary: Opus Vrilis and all manuscripts of the Order of Nine Angles written by Anton Long.

Q. What is the reading of the Book of Nature called?
A. Science.

Q. By what is Science apprehended?
A. By mindful contemplation first; Intuitive revelation second; Rational speculation third; and the Scientific Method fourth.

Q. Why does the Acception hold Science in such Noble Regard?
A. Because without Science there is no Progression nor ontological understanding.

Q. What are the Seven Noble Sciences of the Acception?
A. 1) Anthropology, by which we come to an understanding of the human race; 2) Psychology, by which we come to an understanding of the way the human mind works; 3) Behavioral Science, by which we come to an understanding of how the human organism behaves; 4) Sociology by which we come to an understanding of how the human organism functions and interacts in context to social order; 5) Technology, by which humanity mechanically progresses as a species and civilization; 6) Geometry – that is the Measuring of the Earth, whereby we study earthly nature in all her arts and parts to gain a scientific and rational understanding of our relevance to it; and 7) Ontology, which is the existential study of the nature of being, existence, reality, the Cosmos, and our relation to such.

Q. What are the Three Mother Temples of the Acception?
A. Universities and Colleges is the First. Business and Enterprise is the Second; Body and Mind is the Third.

Q. What do the Mother Temples symbolize and teach?
A. That the First Objective of our Acception is a real education or the pursuit of real knowledge, rather then the stupidity of superstition and irrational beliefs in whatever form these may take. That our Second Objective is our financial independence whereby we gain the freedom to live our lives truly to the fullest, and to spend our free time with those we love and adore, rather then waste the best years of it away working to make another rich. And that there must be a ballance of physical indulgence and growth of the mind; that both the body and mind has their natural needs which must be met accordingly.

Q. What is the Number of the Acception?
A. 352, exoterically meaning the same as the Letters: the 3 is a W; the 5 is an S, and the 2 is a lowercase A.

Q. What do the numbers mean esoterically?
A. The blood bond and Oaths we take to one another during our initiation rite to live and die for each other, in heart, in the streets, and in mind.

Q. Has the Acception any Patrons?
A. Yes, Three altogether. Sirius the Dog Star; and the Constellations Cassiopeia and Gemini.

Q. Their meanings?
A. The Dog Star symbolizes the unconditional loyalty and love a dog has for his friend and master. Cassiopeia being a female mythic deity and the constellation forming a W high in the sky represnting Woman, symbolizes the Supremacy of Womenkind – they being the source of humanity and mortal existence itself. Gemini being two companions, hand in hand, eternal in the heavens symbolizes the perpetual and eternal nature of Sworn Companionship, bound together, until the heavens are no more.

Q. What is the jewel of our Acception?
A. A necklace with a pattern of 3 Orange beads, 5 Black, and 2 White.

Q. By what did you come to be a Disciple of our Acception?
A. By IO (eye-oh); which I gave up to assimulate into the Acception.

Q. What does IO signify?
A. My Individualism and Obedience.

Q. It’s meaning?
A. That I gave up a solitary life where I was fending for my own survival to be a part of something bigger than myself, in which we pool our collective efforts, energy, and resources to cooperatively labour for the unborn. That our future progeny who will come after us will inherit a better life and world. For such a Noble Objective to be accomplished there must be coherency, structure, and rules to which I must obey willingly for the system to work.

Q. What is our color?
A. White, which is worn by Disciples as a white bandanna or handkerchief.

Q. What is the meaning behind this?
A. It alludes to the past life memories of one of the first, used as a mythos of our Acception; and to the Supreme Doctrine of the Acception itself.

Q. Recite the memories.
A. In a past life one of the First was a young man from South Carolina who was born just before the American Civil War. He was the son of a plantation owner, known as Richard McDonald. Richard married a young girl from Delaware named Loran. When Loran gave Richard a two year old daughter and a new born son, the Union divided into North and South.

Richard and his companions followed the rally cry for war. He said to Loran that the war would end in a short time, and he would be back before Christmas. Loran gave to Richard a White Handkercheif and kissed its center, leaving a mark of her lips and gave it to Richard, wherethen he left as a Confederate soldier. He left to fight the Battle of Bullrun with the South Carolina infantry.

He was stationed on the westside of a hill called Henry Hill in the night, and came morning the Union Army surround Henry and Mathew Hill and advanced both hills capturing it. A Union soldier shot Richard in the gut as he came from behind a tree to defend his ground. When the Union soldier came upon Richard to finish him off with his bayonet, Richard then cried out the Grand Hailing signal of a Master Mason. The Union soldier being also a Freemason, threw his weapon down to help his fallen brother, whom he had shot.

The Union soldier took Richard to his camp to try to mend Richard’s mortal wound. Knowing that his body was near expiration Richard asked his Union brother for a pen and paper, and a bottle of whiskey and wrote to Loran apologizing how he had let something so impersonal as politics get in between the only thing that truly matters in life: Love. Richard then took out the white handkerchief which Loran gave to him, and gave it to the Union soldier as a token of his forgiveness and friendship, and asked him to deliver the letter to his wife Loran and to escort her and his children back to Delaware, where they would be safer. And his Union brother vowed to do so, and did as he had promised. Richard died and came back as a new person to find the woman he lost.

Q. What is the Supreme Doctrine of the Acception?
A. That brothrhood and Love is immortal. And that we ourselves should not let politics and religion or anything impersonal come between us and the people we love and adore, because love is all that is worth living for in the end.