Sun – Velpecula

Now in the desert

a jester

greets the transparent horse

On hill Golden folk

Become fire

the snow melts

The faces of Mountains

The raven with

The woman’s face.

Her gold begets the blood…19-Sun-VELPECULA



The finding of the Aeon: the height of Imperium – causal structure altered in accordance with long term aims, bearing its own fruits of Change. But these fruits are the final product of a grand age, the final works of the ethos of a race fulfilled. The brink of new possibilities; storm clouds gather with promise of the blood of birth, of the Heralding of a higher associated civilization. The fulfilling of personal Desires and potential, creating intimations/hauntings of further progression. Dissatisfaction causing aspirations to something ‘higher/beyond – ‘reaching for the stars.’

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