Satanic Illumination


Stagnant brands of Satanism makes indulgences and doing what you want the core of their system. Such a system was admittedly needed to liberate 1960’s society from the limited and conservative zeitgeist of the 50’s generation. But in this day and age when every Joe and Suzi America knows they can do and think as they please, this causes these stagnant Satanisms to becomes shallow, and causes them to scramble into different directions to collect regurgitated occult material to cover their ultimately useless doctrine of mindless self indulgence, and conformity to nonconformity to the present zeitgeist.

Our Progressive Satanism has as its core the individual’s personal and unique quest for Self-Realization and Illumination as its backbone. As a codified system we cannot impart on you pseudointellectual or quasimystical prewritten concepts to illuminate you. It is a personal journey, based on your own personal level of education, understanding, and ability to comprehend abstract thoughts. To aid you on this private journey Progressive Satanism provides you with our Five Principles of Illumination, which we hope you will make thorough use of and be Enlightened by Lucifer’s Promethean Flame.

1. Undefiled Perception

Undefiled Perception is the beginning and the end of illumination, it simply means to see (hear, observe) and to understand things as they really are and not as they appear to be or as they are said to be. As such, Undefiled Perception is the cognitive aspect of wisdom. It means to see things through, to question what you see to come to an true understanding of things. Undefiled Perception is not necessarily an intellectual capacity, just as wisdom is not just a matter of intelligence. Instead, Undefiled Perception is attained, sustained, and enhanced through all capacities of mind. It begins with the intuitive process, is strengthened with commonsense and it ends with complete understanding of the true nature of all things.

2. Undefiled Thinking

While Undefiled Perception refers to the cognitive aspect of wisdom, Undefiled Thinking refers to the volitional aspect, i.e. the kind of mental energy that controls our emotions and actions. Undefiled Thinking has three parts to it: 1. Renunciation: which means the rejection of the Herd or Mass: to resist doing what they do and thinking how and what they think. 2. Equanimity: refers to the unshakable strength of mind under stress and emotions. You must not allow your thinking to be affected and influenced by emotions or you’re thinking is weakened and contaminated. 3. Circumspection: implies walking around something and studying it closely from ever perspective and angle to come to an understanding. Having an open mind means your mind is wide open to the thoughts and convictions of others. Your mind must be closed like a harbor, and like a customs agent, you must circumspect every thought and concept that comes your way or every thought and concept that you have. It becomes clear how potent Undefiled Thinking is when you consider that that emotions controls actions, and actions generate real reactions and results in your life. When you allow other peoples words, thoughts, opinions, and convictions to provoke emotions within you, and you react to them, you are no long master of your own mind and others manifest results in your life. In other words, you are merely an observer experiencing a life others have generated for you.

3. Undefiled Mindfulness

Undefiled Mindfulness is the controlled and perfected faculty of cognition or awareness. It is the mental ability to become consciously aware of things and events without opinion or thought; in the same way that an infant devoid of language consciously becomes aware of something, and simply observes it. Usually, the cognitive process begins with an impression induced by perception, or by a thought, but then it does not stay with the mere impression. Instead, we almost always conceptualize sense impressions and thoughts immediately. We interpret them and set them in relation to other subjective thoughts and experiences, which naturally go beyond the objectivity of the original impression. The mind then posits concepts, joins concepts into constructs, and weaves those constructs into complex interpretative schemes. All this happens only half consciously, and as a result we often see things obscured. Undefiled Mindfulness is anchored in clear mental perception and it penetrates impressions without getting carried away. Undefiled Mindfulness enables us to be aware of the process of conceptualization in a way that we actively observe and control the way our thoughts go. The four foundations of Undefiled Mindfulness are: 1. contemplation of the Self (Know Thyself), 2. contemplation of Nature and Natural Laws, 3. contemplation of the mind, and 4. contemplation of phenomena.

4. Undefiled Concentration

Undefiled Concentration, refers to the development of a mental force that occurs in natural consciousness, although at a relatively low level of intensity and focus. Concentration in this context is described as one-pointedness of mind, meaning a state where all mental faculties are unified and directed onto one particular object. Undefiled Concentration for the purpose of illumination refers to concentration on ones thoughts, and the emotions born from thoses thoughts. Concentration of emotions and the actions governed by those emotions. Concentration of action and the physical reactions they generate. Concentration of end results of desires, through planning and organization, and a process of reverse order where the proper actions, emotions, and thoughts are generated to manifest said end results. The method of choice to develop Undefiled Concentration is through the practice of meditation. The meditative mind focuses on a selected object or phenomena. It first directs itself onto it, then sustains concentration, and finally intensifies concentration step by step. Through this practice it becomes natural to apply elevated levels concentration also in everyday situations, thus controling and mastering life; as opposed to having life and others control and master you. Although life is great, on a cosmic level, you are meaningless to life, so long as She Herself continues Her cyclical progression. Life only gives to those who are deserving of Her gifts, otherwise you are a means for Her own progression. The human animal did not achieve its lofty state by begging Nature for its position at the top of the food chain. It was ruthlessly fought for with applied intelligence by our ancestors.

5. Undefiled Meditation

Undefiled Meditation, refers to a method of meditation vital to attaining illumination that cannot be divorced from the former four principles, but must work in harmony with them. The method of Undefiled Meditation consists of stilling and silencing the mind of all thoughts and mental activity. The mind is emptied and made into a receptive attractant. A deep level of relaxation and trance is achieved with the intent of tuning into or harmonizing with the Universal Mind, from which all revelations, ideas, dreams, innovations, and advancements arise. It is no accident that many things we take for granted every day came to the thinker when he was either asleep or on the toilet. When the mind is silenced and magnetized with an intent, it attracts and receives. By the regular practice of Undefiled Meditation, the Progressive Satanist learns to tap into the Supernal Light and receive his illumination and Undefiled Wisdom.

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Any idiot can amass knowledge from prewritten material, but wisdom only comes from direct experience and realization. Through the Five Principles of Illumination, direct experience of the unwritable becomes possible on a personal level. In this way rather than plugging into a standard group belief system; what wisdom you have realized and may teach is not only unique and personal, but a means of self expression, and will make you truly different from a crowd of people who think alike. This makes Progressive Satanism an ever evolving and dynamic organism, wherein each of its parts adds their unique touch to its collective growth and progression.

352 holds Thinking, and Intelligence in high regards, as a Crown Jewel of Humanity. The process of thinking, concentration, when mixed with the Five Principles in 352 is symbolized by a Diamond and called a “Thazer.” The diamond is nothing more than carbon atoms in an organized coherent pattern, as opposed to a lump of coal, which is composed of the same atoms in a weakened and incoherent pattern. One is much more harder and cuts through nearly anything, whereas the other crumbles easily under applied stress. The same principle can be seen in light. An ray of incoherent light, just illuminates darkness; but when that same light is concentrated into a single coherent beam, it melts steel. Thought works on the same principle of coherency. Thoughts that stagger in different direction, are weak, and produces nothing but mental babblings. But when the same thoughts and thinking process is focused into a single concentrated, coherent pattern (a “Thazer”), the thazer can pierce the veil of maya, achieve illumination, and becomes a force to alter physical reality to ones will. In Progressive Satanism, a Diamond Mind is our badge of honor, as opposed to an incoherent mind that just incoherently babbles.

By “Satanic Illumination” we mean to say: the application and utilization of the Five Principles of Illumination on the Great Book of Nature, Life, and Existence symbolized by Satan with the intent of coming closer to understanding the mysteries that surrounds us. But even such Softcore pursuits are worthless, unless what Light one sees and discovers is applicable and yields real world results to the Satanist. It is like the difference between physics and applied physics. physics concerns itself with the theories of the phenomenal world only; whereas in the field of applied physics, the scientist utilizes these theories and principles to produce new resourses and commercial products. Satanic Illumination, without physical results is as useless a Mind Puzzle as any distraction of the mind, which does nothing but misdirect the mind’s attention away from the natural world of experience inwards into a mental labyrinth of psychosis.




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