The Fledgeling’s Curse



Her first sexual union was with me.

I walked her into the engulfing Darkness;

The Darkness that would resonate and remain with her.

She thought that ours would be a love

To stand the test of time, to be ‘forever.’

There was much laughter, even moreso than the tears.

I felt the best of myself emerge when in her presence.

In time she outgrew me, almost outgrowing herself.

She left me, her newly lifeless eyes reflecting her cold soul.

That was almost eight years ago;

The curse that she had placed upon me was never to move on

And to not stop thinking of her…

Her essence remains in the places that we used to walk;

Her face is still clear in my mind.

I can still remember the way she’d  taste.

My mind would sometimes drift away someplace far,

But would always return to her…


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