Esoteric Tradition – Synestry


Esoteric Tradition – Synistry

Dark Gods:

These are ‘living’ entities which exist in an acausal space-time. They may be likened to “anti-matter” as against the “matter” which exists in our causal space-time – thus, their intrusion into the causal, disrupts. This disruption is primarily psychic because the psyche of an individual by its nature intrudes or is a part of the acausal. The entities can assume physical forms, but only briefly ~ and then only when a nexion is fully opened. And where the causal and acausal intersect on Earth.*


The Dark Gods do not have ‘forms’ as understood causally ~ because a physical form is a causal thing, and they are beyond the causal. Neither do they possess ‘feelings’ etc. as we understand the terms. They are on the edge of even an Adept’s comprehension [in terms of understanding them].


They can act [i.e. have effects in the causal] via individuals who can access them – or ‘Presence’ them.


It should be understood that the Dark Gods are not ‘the acausal’ itself. They exist in a part [or one realm] of the acausal – that is, they exist, have life or being according to the nature of the acausal. The acausal is ‘beyond causal time’ and does not have a spatial 3D geometry. Other beings probably exist in other acausal dimensions – but of them there is no knowledge.


When an Initiate accesses the acausal – increases the acausal aspect of their consciousness – they are extending the range of their being: i.e. evolving , creating new aspects of consciousness. This is one of the aims of the seven-fold Way – and of all real magick. A part of this, may involve confrontation with some of the ‘Dark Gods’.


In conventional terms, the Dark Gods are evil, sinister.

*Such as ‘magickal centres’ associated with an Aeon – or the finding of such places. It is possible to create such a place – and this is one meaning of such rituals as the Ceremony of Recalling with Sacrificial Conclusion.
The Western Aeon:

As far as Adepts of the sinister tradition are concerned, there are only two realistic options: the creation of Imperium [the fulfilment of Western wyrd via a practical form], or disruption of existing forms with the aim of undermining and destroying Nazarene/ Magian influence, leading to chaos from which a New Aeon will emerge, this Aeon being Satanic. The latter involves the ‘pruning’ of unnecessary elements on a large scale – the creation of an elite capable of making the Aeon a reality. The first involves the creation/aiding of a practical form – and presencing magickal energy into it. It also involves creating the right psychic conditions – within and external to individuals. Some of this is directly magickal, involving magickal energy accessed via rituals etc.; some of it is providing/creating/making available the information and forms of the sinister. The practical form is either directly political, or ‘religious’.

 Both involve a more widespread dissemination of the sinister tradition and creation of new forms for its energies.

Traditions and New Forms:

As mentioned elsewhere, maintaining the tradition (as explicated in such works as The Black Book of Satan, Naos, The Deofel Quartet and Hostia) and making it more widely available, is important – and indeed essential. This is because the use of the tradition, in whole or in part [e.g. rituals from the Black Book] by others outside of it being drawn into the tradition, makes those others ‘channels’ for the sinister energy the tradition represents. That is, they ‘presence’ sinister energies in a precise and particular way and thus fulfil sinister strategy. The tradition has been given its present form [as explicated in the various books and MSS to achieve just this (as well as other things).


However, the creation of new forms is important and indeed vital – there must be a continuing evolution. These forms will further access the sinister, and presence it-The tradition itself serves as a Way – both for individuals, and aeonically: it enables the achievement of individual Adeptship, as well as the fulfilment of the sinister dialectic of history. This will be so for the next few centuries – until the New Aeon becomes a reality. That is, its methods and techniques should not be changed (at least not intentionally by those of the tradition for the next few decades) or ‘superseded’ – as a way of creating Adepts etc. This is not a question of ‘dogma’ but rather strategy, as mentioned above. It is vital that this and the reasons for and beyond it are understood by those of the tradition. The external forms [such as arise prior to and during the Aeon] will only arise from an initial coherence of magickal energies and intent – and it is and will be the unchanging form of the ‘Way’ [techniques, rituals etc.] which will enable this. The new forms created/evolved will add to rather than undermine what already is. Anything else is simply individuals playing at magick (and particularly playing at Aeonics) without achieving anything and indeed without understanding what they are doing.

Initiation and Beyond:

The quest of an individual can only and ever be individual; that is, unique. The quest, made possible and aided by the tradition, develops the individual, enabling individual wyrd to be understood, and lived. It is also makes possible Immortality (qv. Acausal Existence – The Secret Revealed).


Beyond a certain level, Initiates guide themselves – learning from their own real-life experiences. That is, they have acquired sufficient self insight and honesty to enable them to do this. When this stage is reached [toward the end of External Adept for some; during and beyond Internal Adept for others] there should be still a following of the ultimate goal – a striving for the Abyss and beyond, although this ’striving’ will be more balanced than hitherto. This does not mean the individuals become or develop their own ways of achieving that goal ~ that is, not undergoing the Grade Rituals of Internal Adept and beyond according to tradition because they believe they are not necessary or that they have/can create (d) other means. Should they do this, they will not achieve the specific goal of the sinister way – but rather something else entirely, or else nothing. The reasons should be obvious from the above (Traditions …).

 The Aim:

Wisdom. And its living, enabling the last stage (into the acausal…). This means self-understanding and supra-personal understanding. An apprehension of the world and its forms as they are ~ a rational knowing: and what is necessary for change, aeonic and otherwise. This knowledge is sometimes sad, and often born from ordeals and having lived the Abyss. It never confers wealth nor privilege, and seldom imbues one with ‘happiness’. It is beyond words, but can sometimes be transmuted into a form enabling some others to apprehend if only in part its essence. This aim takes causal time – usually c. 20 years from Initiation (if the Way is followed) – and lies beyond the Abyss. It is balance, beyond opposites; a new way of being.

 -Order of Nine Angles-


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