The Shoggothic Rite



The WSA is in the business of propagating memes down unto its members and generations which are designed to execute and/or manifest certain goals or end results; long term or short term.

For the sake of memetic propagation the WSA has a small arsenal of rites. These rites have no “magical” quality to them. They are specifically created and designed as vehicles to pass memplexes significant to the WSA into the minds of its members and future progeny in psychodramatic ritual format.

One rite is based on the mythos of a “creature” called a Shoggoth. We don’t really care if such a creature exists. What we see as being significant is the concept of the mythos itself as an allegory that teaches important concepts. The following is a simple 352 Rite which is usually preformed as an “opening act” to more formal and sophisticated rites.

The three main officers of the rite are styled: Worshipful Master (WM); Senior Warden (SW); and Junior Warden (JW).


 All are in black robes. The Altar Priestess is nude upon the altar, who represents Baphomet, the Earth Mother. The Acting Worshipful Master/Mistress is in a Blue Robe. Her Senior Warden is in a red robe, the Junior is in green.

Upon the altar are fresh mushroom caps (store bought; most wild mushrooms are poisonous. Using psychedelic shrooms is also not permitted here, because if everybody is tripping, whatever rituals follow will not be performed correctly).

The lighting is dim. The mushrooms represents the Shoggoth Ubbo-Sathla, or its sporific reproductive organ.

Worshipful: “When Mother Earth was young and amorphous, the great Shoggoth came unto Her. As a primeval spermazoan wiggling across the dark abyss of the cosmos towards fertile Ovic-Earth.”

All: “Hail Ubbo-Sathla, we remember you!”

WM: “Seeing the beautiful young Earth, a Shoggoth left its primeval sea and swam across the darkness to mingle with wanton Earth.”

All: “Hail Ubbo-Sathla, we remember you!”

SW: “And Mother Earth divided herself into land and sea, and the sea covered the young earth, in which the Shoggoth played alone.”

All: “Hail Ubbo-Sathla, we remember you!”

JW: “Without companion, Ubbo-Sathla became lonely, and divided and dismembered itself into billions of pieces; and thus was Earth seeded my mortal life in her primordial sea.”

All: “Hail Ubbo-Sathla, we remember you!”

WM: “Ubbo-Sathla is the source, the unbegotten who is All-in-One and One-in-All. All flesh and vegetation is Ubbo-Sathla in many outer forms. All living cells, but miniture Shoggoths. Eating and breeding but Ubbo-Sathla recycling, sustaining and growing itself. From One we came, and to One we all shall return. In death does Ubbo-sathla stretch forth its mycelium tentacles from the earth to reabsorb what rightfully belongs to it.”

All: “Hail Ubbo-Sathla, we remember you!”

SW: “When our luminous ancestors from ageless stars walked this Earth in primordial times, Ubbo-Sathla gave them sustenence of his own flesh, whereon did they become creatures of flesh through Ubbo-Sathla, that they might enjoy the lawless beauties of this material world!”

All: “Hail Ubbo-Sathla, we remember you!”

JW: “Gather, you living forms of Ubbo-Sathla and receive the sacrament of your physical existence, the regenerative organ of Ubbo-Sathla.”

All: “Hail Ubbo-Sathla, we remember you!”

Everyone lines up before the altar and the Master, and wardens gives each brother and sister a mushroom cap to eat saying: “We are the body of Ubbo-Sathla.”

The brother and sister receiving the sacrament says: “I remember.”

After everyone has eaten a cap. The Master continues: “Before the coming of the Dark Ones from the stars; Ubbo-Sathla dwelt in the steaming fens of the new made Earth. A mass without head or members, spawning the gray formless efts of the prime and the gristly prototypes of terrene life. And all earthly life, shall go back unto Ubbo-Sathla, who shall give us new bodies when it has devoured the corrupted ones.”

All: “We pay homage unto Ubbo-Sathla, the Cycle of Material Life, and remember him.”

Worshipful turns to the Senior Warden and speaks: “Brother Senior Warden, what is your outer form, and your inner?”

SW: “Worshipful, this humanoid body is the outer, bipedal in structure. A synergic symbiotic cooperative hive of micro-Shoggoths called “cells” is the inner esoteric constitution.”

WM: “Brother Junior Warden, have you any relation to the other causal forms?

JW: “Worshipful, not so in the outer, as all outer form takes on different modes of physical expression. But as all causal organisms are composed of the same constitutional micro-Shoggoths, we are all kindred in the inner, and esoterically ONE.”

WM: “Brother Senior, what does the mushroom cap represent?”

SW: “It represents the regenerative organ of mycelium. By which it casts spores into the wind to colonize other lands to regenerate itself.”

WM: “Brother Junior, how does this pertain to the Order of Nine Angles generally, and our Acception specifically?”

JW: “That just as each spore of the mushroom contains within it the total genetic blue print to regenerate the Whole from which it came; so too are we each as Initiates of the Order and the Acception spores through which the Dark regenerates itself in this causal world.”

WM: “Brother Senior, cause the brothers and sisters to kneel and pay mindful homage to their primeval source.”

SW: “The nexus will kneel on their left knee; grab a handful of earth with their left hand; smell the earth, and silently say – Ubbo-Sathla is the source, the unbegotten who is All-in-One and One-in-All. Sama Sambuddh.”

(The words “Sama Sambuddh” are Pali words meaning “Enlightenment by one’s own efforts,” or “Self Enlightenment.”)

The earth is returned to the ground, and the rite ends.




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