The Black Pilgrimmage



As detailed in the Order MS Thernn, cultivating a skill in Natural Magick is essential if genuine Adeptship is to be attained. The first stage in acquiring this skill [the final is that of Internal Adept] involves the regular performance of ceremonial Magick in an outdoor location – the location being chosen for its natural beauty, undisturbed by modern development. The seasonal performance of a rite such as that of the Nine angles (qv. The Black Book of Satan III), will teach those participating infinitely more about the ‘Wheel of Seasons’, than some pseudo-pagan ritual containing outdated symbolic representations of the forces involved. It is important that the rites are conducted upon the same site throughout the year(s), during the times of the seven festivals (qv. Thernn). The second task involves undertaking, with the companion, the Natural form of the Nine Angles rite [the site involved may be the same as that used by the Temple, or one specifically chosen for the task]. The third task involves undertaking the Black Pilgrimmage. Traditionally, this is a walk – undertaken alone – of approximately 50 miles, which passes through sites – associated with the Dark Tradition [located along the Welsh borders]. This rite is undertakien around the time of the Autumn Equinox; beginning at dawn, and aiming to end near dusk the following day. The candidate must possess a quartz crystal (ideally a tetrahedron), and is allowed to take only a sleeping bag (no other form of shelter), and the minimum food required. The candidate is allowed to rest/sleep during the hours of darkness on the first evening, at one of the sites of interest. Throughout the journey, the candidate may opt to stop at the various sites, and perform a Chant (ie. the Diabolus). Towards the following evening, the candidate must aim to reach a certain site on the Long Mynd (a site near Wild Moor), and there, undertake the solo rite of the Angles. Following the completion of the solo rite, the candidate remains to rest/sleep at the site. The candidate departs from the area at dawn, where the Pilgrimmage is completed.

This task is most usually undertaken by those who have attained the grade of External Adept (qv. Naos), but the Initiate may choose to combine the Pilgrimmage with the External Adept rite. This would involve the Grade ritual being undertaken immediately following the solo Nine Angles rite [this is a very effective combination – but is optional].

With regard to Initiates who live in other countries: the candidate must spend some time creating an appropriate route by which the Pilgrimmage can be undertaken. The route must include sites which express, for the Candidate – and for subsequent Initiates – a numinosity: they need not be of established historical or magickal interest (indeed it would be far better if they were not). Rather, they must convey isolation and natural beauty/wilderness, and the route itself must be fairly arduous, keeping away from conventional footpaths. The site chosen for the chosen Nine Angles rite must be of particularesoteric significance, and this aspect should be created prior to undertaking the Pilgrimmage – via the ceremonial opening of an ‘Earth Gate’, or the Natural form of the Nine Angles rite, and so on. The creation of a Black Pilgrimmage relevant to the respective Land of each Initiate, will be a further new and vital expression of the Sinister Tradition.


-Order of Nine Angles-


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