Opening a Star Gate to the Dark Gods



To open a Star Gate and return the Dark Gods, a crystal tetrahedron made of quartz should be obtained. Theis crystal should be as large as possible, and the nearer in shape to a tetrahedron, the better. The Rite of Returning exists in two versions, and both will be given.

First Version:

Should take place on the night of the New Moon with Saturn rising and involves a man and a woman assuming the role of Priest and Priestess. The rite itself should be conducted on an isolated hilltop removed from human habitation and begun in the hour following sunset. Both participants should be naked. The rite begins with the priest vibrating seven times the phrase:

“Nythra Kthunao Atazoth”

The Priestess should hold the crystal in her hands, palms outstretched before her. When this is complete ,  the Priest places his hand over the crystal and both vibrate

“Binan ath ga wath am”

As powerfully as possible. Still holding the crystal, the Priestess should lie with her head North, the Priest arousing her (Locis Muliebribus…) the sexual union then begins with both visualizing the Star Gate opening and the dreaded primal form of Atazoth coming forth from the Acausal dimensions, through the Gate, toward the Earth. Atazoth may be visualized as a dark nebulous chaos, a rend in the fabric of star-studded space – which changes into a dragon-like entity. After the climax of the union, the Priestess buries the crystal in the earth of the hill saying

“Aperiatur terra et germinet – CHAOS”

They then depart from the hill.

Second Version:

The second version involves nine individuals: a Cantor (trained in the Dark Tradition) a Priest and a Priestess and three female and male participants. They should all robed, barefoot and have about their person non-metallic objects. The best place to conduct the rite is on a hilltop of a volcanic rock containing large  quantities of quartz. The time is right when Venus sets after the sun and the Moon is near Dabih, or when Jupiter and Saturn are both near the Moon, which is becoming new, the time before dawn. The crystal should be placed on a pediment of oak on a sheet of mica. The rite begins with the Cantor vibrating in E minor.

“Nythra Kthunae Atazoth”

While the six dance accordingly to their desire Moon-wise around the Cantor, Priest and Priestess chanting Atazoth. The CAntor vibrates seven times after which the Priestess touches the crystal. The Priest and the Cantor then vibrate the “Diabolus” in forths according to the principles of esoteric chant.


The Diabolus:

Dies Irae, dies illa

Solvet saeclum in favilla

Teste Satan cum Sibylia

Quantus tremor est Futurus

Quando Vindex est venturus

Cuncta stricte discussurus

Aperiatur stella et germinet

Atazoth et Falcifer!

After this chant, the six begin an orgiastic rite according to their desires. The Priest and the Priestess then chant the phrase

“Binan ath ga wath am”

A fifth (or a fifth and an octave) apart while the Cantor vibrates the name Atazoth. The Dark Gods may then manifest – initially through sound, smell presence and temperature change. The Priest and Priestess should after their chant visualize the Gate opening while they join in sexual union.



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