The Joy of the Sinister


The Joy of the Sinister

 What is the most important – and interesting – thing I can say about the sinister path that I have followed for over thirty years? It is that is teaches us, and enables us, to live life on a higher, different level. That is, to exult in life itself: a sinister life is, or should be, one where there is an intensity; where there is action, in the world; where there is a will harnessed to a goal – any goal; a desire to experience, to know; to quest; where there is an arrogant determination to not accept the norms, the answers, the limits of and set by others.

Nothing is too dangerous for us; nothing is forbidden. We experience to test ourselves; to learn.

There is a pushing of one’s body to – and beyond – its limits; enduring, to go beyond endurance to that wonderful bliss of almost exhaustion when a goal has been achieved and one has felt, been, an exquisite harmony of mind and body and ethos through sheer concentration on what is being done.

There is the acceptance of challenges – especially by ourselves. And if we have no challenges, we make or create some.

These are the moments – days, weeks – of exquisite pleasure; these are the moments are an exquisite yearning; these are the moments of an exquisite joy; these are the moments – days, weeks – of an exquisite exultation; and yet a true sinister life is one where there are moments, days, of an ineffable sadness: because one has seen, known, understood, and because one feels more than most other people. There is a symbiosis here which has to be experienced to be really understood; a symbiosis which mere mortals would and do find strange. And it is our will which brings the opposites together and enables us to transcend beyond even these.

What must be accepted by those venturing upon, or following, the sinister path is that we can be so much more than we realize: we have so much potential, physical, intellectual; psychic; magickal; creative.

We who follow the sinister way strive to make our whole life an act of magick; we become magick; we are magick. All true magick is an intimation of what we can be: of what awaits in the next phase of our human evolution. There is nothing complicated about our Way, our dark, chosen, path; there is, in truth, nothing secret about it.

How do you tell who is upon the true sinister path? It is revealed in their eyes; even in the way they walk. There is something slightly dangerous about such a person. There is something about such a person which mere mortals find slightly disturbing; something they cannot quite “work out”, or explain. Such a person is strong, but the depth of their strength is mostly hidden, although many people can sense it in some way. And what is the ultimate end to a sinister life? To die trying to overcome: to be questing even toward the very end.


-Order of Nine Angles-

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