The Dark Tradition



The Dark Tradition is another term for The Sinister Way: that individual practical and sinister quest for esoteric knowledge wherein lies the potential to develope certain esoteric skills and abilities, and to evolve to become a new type of human being.

In its initial stages – up to Internal Adept – this Sinister Way is overtly Satanic; that is, a practical presencing of certain acausal (dark) energies, some of which can be and which have been re-presented in exoteric causal form as the being who is Satan. Esoterically, Satan is understood – “known” – to be, according to this Dark Tradition, a particular acausal entity of a particular acausal species who dwells – lives – in the acausal but who has the ability to presence, to manifest, in our causal space. Thus, the entity exoterically “named” as Satan is one of the most powerful of The Dark Ones; one of those dark dwellers of the acausal spaces, many of whom, according to sinister legend, have been manifest on the Earth in the past, and who can be manifest again in our causal Space and our causal Time.

In its later stages – toward the end of Internal Adept, and beyond – this Sinister Way is, becomes, some-thing else: an alchemical amalgam, a transformation, which takes the individual, through a personal experiencing of the sinister, of the acausal, beyond all causal forms and all causal abstractions, to what lies beyond The Abyss.

However, this “beyond” neither means nor implies some kind of mystic moralizing transcendence beloved of “white light” types. Instead, it is an immersion into, a living-with, the reality of the dark acausal presenced in the human form of the Master/Lady-Master and presenced by them in and through other human beings and the constructs of such human beings, such as “society”. It is a knowing of the Cosmos as the Cosmos is, devoid of the abstractions human beings have imposed upon it over the centuries. It is also often a symbiotic living-with certain acausal entities whom the Master/Lady-Master has drawn-forth – presenced – from the acausal itself.

One of the aspects of the ONA mythos is that the entity exoterically “named” as Satan is regarded as not always being presenced in our particular region of causal Space. Instead, this true “Prince of Darkness” often works and has worked – or, more exactly, has achieved things and does achieve things in our causal spaces – by utilizing certain human beings who, by various esoteric means, have accessed certain aspects and/or levels of the acausal and who thus have presenced and who thus are presencing the dark, sinister, energies of the acausal. Thus does the Prince of Darkness – and other such dark entities – work through and with such human beings. Thus are we of the ONA, and thus are similar groups and organizations, Satanists, when viewed exoterically, although the real re-presentation – the “name” – of the entity exoterically known, in the Old Aeon, as Satan, is a certain esoteric chant composed of certain syllables which only “names” that entity when chanted correctly. With the bringing-into-being of a New, and sinister, Aeon, this exoteric name will no longer apply, and there will be, instead, a manifestation of the “nameless” acausal reality behind this exoteric, Old Aeon, “name”.

In addition, the ONA does not regard Satan – or any of The Dark Ones, such as Baphomet – as conventional “gods” or “goddesses”, and the term The Dark Gods is to be understood as but a useful, somewhat Old Aeon, inherited exoteric term to describe a particular acausal species many of whom are known to and named by The Dark Tradition, which species, when manifest in the causal, are certainly far more powerful than human beings. We of The Dark Tradition do not “worship” such beings, and nor would we submit to or slavishly obey them. Instead, we who are Adepts (and beyond) consider them as our dark companions; our sinister friends; perhaps our long-lost sisters and brothers; as perhaps our hitherto unknown mother and father, admired and respected; and we even sometimes – for some dark entities – consider them as our sinister lovers. Thus, our relationship to these beings is certainly not one of fear, or of subservience.

Furthermore, according to The Dark Tradition, “God” – a God, a supreme creator Being – does not and never has existed, and is regarded as a human abstraction, a human manufactured construct, which human beings, and thus certain religions and theologies and philosophies, have incorrectly imposed upon the reality of the Cosmos in a vain attempt to understand it, and themselves. Thus, our Satan is not subservient to some omnipotent God, but is instead a true Master of Evil, a Primal Heretic, Master of all that disrupts the stasis of our causal existence, of all that challenges and changes us and inspires us to evolve. In a similar way, our Dark Mistress Baphomet – the Mother of Blood – is a true Sinister and seductive Mistress, a bane to all who are cowardly and afraid, and scourge of all who would seek to deny the uniqueness, beauty and potential of the feminine.

Given all these things, it is thus wholly incorrect to describe the ONA, and those inspired by or influenced by us, with the rather silly term “theistic Satanism”. We have our own unique esoteric cosmogony, which posits a changing Cosmos consisting of an acausal Universe, inhabited by acausal living beings of various types and species, and of a causal Universe, which is the physical world and the physical universe we know from direct observation, in which there is a planet, named by as as Earth, on which there is a variety of causal life.

According to our esoteric tradition and mythos, all living causal beings possess a certain amount of acausal energy, and it is this acausal energy which makes the atoms and molecules of these causal beings “alive”. Thus, every living being is a type of nexion, a nexus, between the causal and the acausal, and acausal energy “flows” from the acausal to the causal. Mortal death is the cessation of this flow; the closing of the nexus. We human beings – by virtue of our consciousness – have more of this acausal energy than all other types of living causal being which we currently know, and, furthermore, we have the latent, esoteric, ability to access the acausal itself and not only draw forth and direct some types of acausal energy, but know (make contact with, or bring-into-being in the causal) certain acausal living beings. That is, open various nexions enabling such acausal beings to presence in our causal Universe and on this planet. We also have the ability to transcend toward and into the acausal itself, beyond our mortal death, although such an acausal existence is dark, timeless, and truely sinister.

Magick – according to our Dark, Sinister, Tradition – is simply the presencing of acausal energy in the causal by means of a nexion, and one of the primary aims of the ONA is to return The Dark Ones to Earth, and so disrupt and destroy the current status quo, to replace it with something sinister, and thus to breed a new human species.


The Mythos of the ONA

The mythos of the Order of Nine Angles is both complex and original: that is, hitherto, genuinely esoteric, especially in its details. This mythos consists of the legends and stories regarding The Dark Gods (The Dark Ones) – of the acausal species which includes those, exoterically, named as Satan, and the Dark Mistress, Baphomet. The mythos consists of various traditions such as Esoteric Chant and the use of certain crystals in conjunction with such chants to open various nexions to the acausal. The mythos consists of The Seven-Fold Sinister Way: a practical guide to attaining Adeptship, and beyond. It consists of various esoteric techniques to not only presence – or return – Dark Entities to our Earth, but also of how we, as individuals, can aspire to and even attain an acausal existence for ourselves.

Apart from these traditional elements, the ONA mythos now includes not only certain new techniques and refinements (such as The Star Game) but also the new rational apprehension introduced by the current Grand Master which places these traditional elements in context thus enabling greater insight and more efficacious magick (External, Internal, and especially Aeonic), with this new rational apprehension being based on the cosmogony of acausal and causal Universes, on nexions, on magick as the presencing of acausal energy in the causal; on the division of magick into External, Internal, and Aeonic; on archetypes as living, mortal, beings in our causal psyche; of the Tree of Wyrd as one causal apprehension of the nexus that is our own consciousness and psyche; and on many more such things.

This mythos – with its complexity, depth, and especially with its new rational apprehension – is thus now a very practical and useful means whereby sinister changes can be wrought, and brought-into-being, in our causal world, our causal Universe, and an undogmatic liberating means which individuals can use to change, transform, and so evolve themselves, in a unique and sinister way. As such, it not only makes genuine Adeptship, and beyond, open to most human beings, it also liberates us from the slavery of all that enervates and all – such as governments, tyrants, laws, societies, morality – that restricts our development and evolution as unique human beings.


Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen


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