Victims: A Sinister Expose’


 It should be understood that all acts undertaken by a Satanic novice to gain experience are perpetrated/done against those (the victims) whose character has been revealed to be or shown to be, by their deeds, defective. This character is judged from a Satanic perspective.

The actions of a Satanic novice in the real world arise as a consequence of that novice following, at the time of a particular act, a particular stage of the Satanic way to Adeptship and beyond. Thus, each act has a purpose and an intent which are beyond the moment(s) of that act. The purpose is to achieve experience (and consequently that maturity of character which experience brings), and the intent is Satanic – i.e. the individual is participating in Satanism by their desire to so experience and profit from that experience.

All such Satanic acts are directed and calculating, and as such they arise from a conscious decision, not from a ‘loss of self-control’ nor from a desire or desires which overwhelm the individual. The novice chooses the act or acts, consciously, as part of their training – they are not led into them, by others, nor are they drawn into undertaking them because of some feeling/desire which holds them in thrall and which (mostly unconsciously) motivates them. [Note: We are here concerned with acts involving victims – not acts (e.g. magickal ordeals) which involve the novice alone.]

The acts are part of a particular practical, real-life rule which the novice chooses and assumes for a particular time, and as such the acts are defined by that rule. That is, the nature of the act is defined by the rule. Since this is a rule, Satanically chosen, the act itself expresses Satanism in action. Thus, all such acts involving victims conform to certain Satanic principles, the most important of which is that the victim(s) of such acts are victims of their own nature. The act or acts which may result in them being the victim of those acts, are really ‘natural’ consequences arising from the defects of character which the victim possesses and which are revealed by the defective deeds of the victim.

It bears repeating that all Satanic acts done by a novice to achieve experience and which involve victims, are done against those who have revealed themselves to be of defective character. Of course, it requires some judgement – or instinct – to determine character in others and thus assess them as potential victims. But it is one of the purposes of Satanic training to develope this judgement (and hone the instinct) which arises from maturity. The Satanic practices themselves, and the guidelines established for Satanic acts, enable novices to find suitable victims while they are still developing Satanic judgement and character. One of these practices is the testing of potential victims – the real-life tests revealing the true nature of the target and thus serving to confirm or not the choice of target. It is part of a novice’s training to participate and then devise and undertake such tests which expose the character of a target.

The use of victims by Satanists has been misunderstood. Victims are always carefully chosen following an assessment and judgement of them (usually by a Master or Lady Master) – the victims stands revealed by their deeds and their life. The victims are then tested (usually three times) to give them an opportunity to show potential and reveal their true nature – that is, they are given a sporting chance. Only after these tests have confirmed their suitability – their defective nature – will they become victims. Hence, Satanic victims can never be children: all victims must have done something which reveals their defective nature. This ‘doing’ is always of a certain type: it reveals them for what they are, generally worthless scum whose culling, for example, benefits evolution. That is, the actions/life of the chosen victim are indicative of weakness – of all those traits of character which genuine Satanists despise. Things such as cowardice, treachery, sycophancy, fear, bullying, lack of self-control…

Hence, there is no such thing as an ‘innocent’ Satanic victim: the victims of Satanic acts get what they deserve. Victims are thus instruments of Satanic change – raw material which the novice uses (and often disposes of) to learn from.

Naturally, this Satanic practice – of acts which involve victims – can be and has been misused: used as an excuse by weak individuals in thrall to their desires and passions to justify their actions. But this is irrelevant. Satanic practice is like a gun – it is neutral. It can be used, for noble or ignoble purposes. Like a gun, a Satanic practice is an artefact, a creation, an expression of evolution itself. How the practices of evolution are used depends on the individual – that is, it returns the responsibility to the individual, allows them to make a choice. There is not, nor can ever be in Satanism any authority to ban, to control, such acts – for such restrictions are a denial of conscious liberation, a denial of individuality. They patronize individuals and prevent them developing into higher, self- aware, and wise beings.

Furthermore, there is no responsibility, devolving on persons like myself or any genuine Satanic Master, for anyone who may use Satanic acts for their own, un-Satanic ends – that is, as an excuse for their own weakness and failure of self-control. The practices are as they are – it is up to each and every individual how they are used, or even if they are used. The responsibility of choice is theirs and theirs alone – to deny them that choice, even the possibility of that choice (and thus to deny them the possibility to evolve further, to Adeptship and beyond) is to deny conscious evolution itself.



 Order of Nine Angles 1990 eh.


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