Words of Vermiel



According to conventional magick, the Dark Gods can manifest in two ways: invocation and evocation. In the case of invocation, They enter from within the individual (via a realm of Their own mode of acausal time), through a gate – a nexion – opened within that  individual’s consciousness, their very being. Thought – or rather, human apprehension understood through such causal things as images, words, sounds, music, concepts – is one means to open that particular nexus which is the individual, and which is one link between the causal and acausal. When this opening is begun by a willed act of a certain type of magick, the Dark Gods (one or many) may pass through this nexus, and thus into the causal world itself.

This ‘certain type of magick’ is of course the various methods used in Traditional Satanism – most notably the Nine Angles Rite, in its various forms.

When the solo form of this rite is undertaken, the associated chant is a call to the Dark Gods to enter the world via the nexion which is an individual, and the pattern of that chant is not a mere symbolic representation of the relevant energies – but is the actual opening of the nexion itself (assuming that is, the chant is performed absolutely correctly, and under the right conditions.)*

The invocation unfolds in the manner of any natural phenomena: the Dark Gods are a certain aspect of apprehension – and not merely of human kind, but of all kinds: of the Collective Apprehension (or Consciousness) of all Life. There is an intrusion and fusion in the same way a germinating seed breaks through the soil and flowers and interacts with the elements – and a new and natural tapestry thus emerges.

If the individual conducting the rite is fully prepared, the germinating will occur naturally, and feel natural. If the individual is not prepared or not adequately advanced along the Way, the rite will not work. This failure may result in very little effect; or, the Dark Gods may be partially encouraged into the causal. If the flow is halted – because of the intervention of fear on the part of the individual – a separation between Themselves and the Caller will occur, and They will then disrupt and tear to pieces the consciousness/identity/personality of the one daring to call Them forth.

If successful, there will be no division between Them and the one Calling, and thus a new type of Individual is born. Although this successful invocation is described above as a ‘natural unfolding’, it will appear as anything but natural to the un-initiated. For this new type of individual is rarely encountered, since that aspect of the tapestry of consciousness – the Dark Gods – was suppressed and banished many ages ago. The story is well-known, but it bears repeating that a ‘physical’ gate exists near the planet Saturn, and this gate is the prison door which remains still firmly sealed, despite various attempts to open it.

The physical location should be visualized whenever possible, since there is an aspect of our consciousness which lingers around this sealed door – such is the nature of the acausal. (as we are They themselves, waiting for release…)

As previously stated, the Drak Gods may also appear according to the laws of evocation: that is, They can take actual physical and independent forms, to exist physically upon this planet.

The majority of people on this planet – particularly in the ‘West’ – yearn for some type of salvation: some type of intervention by something preternatural which would take control of human Destiny. The two main examples are of course the arrival of a ‘Messiah,’ and significant contact with an extra-terrestrial species.

The Dark Gods are, in effect, a real extra-terrestrial race, and may be called forth without the interminable and uncertain wait required of other such species. Their physical presence on this Earth will change everything forever, and assuming They remain unchallenged, will enable Their aims to be fully realized – as they were only partially realized, some 20,000 years BP.

Evocation involves in particular regular performances of the Chthonic Rite of Nine Angles – by as many Initiates as possible (see relevant Nine Angles MSS)**. It is a fact also that this physical arrival can occur only when seeded by real acts of Chaos in the world, implying events of great suffering. This method of evocation will enable Change on a mass scale, whilst the method of invocation (for civilizations) is a slow – perhaps a centuries-slow – seeping. Either way, if ultimately successful, the consciousness and physical structure of the human species will alter and accelerate exponentially.

Without Their intervention, only gradual and unremarkable decline, decay and extinction awaits our species. Thus the meaning of genuine Satanism: Pandre res alta terra et caligine mersas.


* Many years of chant practice is required (once a day, for one quarter of an hour is the minimum recommendation). The best way to start is by studying the seven sphere chants contained in Naos. If one is not fortunate enough to have a Guide who can provide personal training, then practical experience must be sought by other means – ie. the aspiring Cantor should find a suitable Nazarene Monastery and enter either as a guest, or as a candidate undertaking an Insight Role. This will provide good practice and insight into the methods of the type of singing required (although bear in mind there is some debate over technique – particularly regarding tempo). If the Cantor wishes to transcribe the chant notation into its modern counterpart, it should be remembered that the pitch of middle C has changed quite considerably since the chants were first written down. (This option of transcription is not really recommended.)

** One interesting experiment involves the Natural Form of the Nine Angles Rite, where the Dark Gods are earthed in a child conceived by the participants during the rite. This may also be attempted via the Chthonic form, where the energies are channeled into a priest and priestess by the Master, Mistress and congregation of the Temple. Again this requires great preparation, and the few attempts so far have failed: either there is partial manifestation elsewhere, or the foetus eventually aborts.


Order of Nine Angles 114yf  – Urgan, England


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