Behind the Mythos



There is mythos, and there is meaning: or, expressed another way, there is a means, of manipulating others, and thus a living, by certain individuals, of life on a higher level: an intoxication in the moment which is ecstatic and which is satanic, in the realness of what that term denotes to those Initiated into the darker mysteries.

Or, from a different perspective, there are plans, strategy and tactics; grand designs. And there is a using of all such things to presence the darkness within and external to certain individuals who create and/or who use – for themselves, and for others – such causal things.

The means do not equate with the essence, which essence is only and ever formless, of Chaos and Darkness, of acausality, and only and ever individual and which may be or become a means to individual development and individual ecstatic – Satanic – living.

Thus a mythos is born, via an individual or a collocation of individuals, to bring Chaos and change – but also and importantly for that individual or those individual to-be, on a higher, esoteric, level, through a presencing by such means, through manipulation by such means. Thus is there joy; revelry, a presencing of the dark. Thus there is Mastery, the Mage, although many will confuse the mythos with the essence; will lose themselves in the words and thus fall to see, to-be, or fail be inspired by, the essence, themselves.

Thus is a mythos but a means; to presence such Dark. And if that particular presencing does not work, so what? Who cares? If that causes Chaos, change, disruption, terror, violence and death, it does, and so what? Some mundanes may have been lost, some movement toward the Dark may have occurred – and some others may or may not have changed; learnt; evolved; or may even have joined in a presencing of acausal darkness and thus become imbued with an ecstasy of life and of living. And if that mythos does not work, there are new forms, new mythos, new nexions, waiting to be born from the alchemical process of Initiated human life. What is important is not some causal form but to presence the Dark in a moment, in a succession of moments, in and through nexions, to thus revel in and so presence and so be life, the very darkness of the acausal, itself.

Thus is the essence, revealed, for those who have the Satanic spirit enough to feel it, beyond all words.


Anton Long
120 yf


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