Toward Sapanur



One of the tasks of a genuine Satanic organisation, is to bring about practical, physical Change. As stressed in various ONA MSS, this Change is worth striving for only if the outcome occurs on a large scale: if its consequences create a new type of society that enshrines the Satanic vision. Much has been written – and misunderstood – as to how this Change, this New Aeon, may be implemented. The Dark Tradition exists to create a type of being who is capable of making history; of rationally using forms (and individuals) for a higher, Cosmic purpose. The reality is there will always only be a handful of genuine Satanists amongst those who would claim such a title, since a genuine Sinister organisation does not seek a large ‘membership’: to actively do so, would imply a compromise of the Darkness essential for evolution. All that is ever really required, in terms of genuine Satanism, is the working together of the tiny minority who have struggled and suffered their individual ways though the processes of the ‘Forbidden Alchemy’ (for which read Sinister Seven-Fold Way).

That few such individuals exist is not actually a hindrance to the fulfilment of esoteric aims, for it only takes two or three such beings to presence the terror necessary for the future… With the emergence in recent years of Aeonics (qv), allied Occult groups have concentrated on ‘seeding’ energies by subtly distorting/reinterpreting/ infiltrating existing forms, with the aim of gradually altering a cultural psyche towards (what we term) the Sinister. This is of course, a laudable premise: superficially speaking, the more organisations who adopt this strategy, the better – as long as this tactic does not result in a dilution of the Sinister within that cultural psyche. However, the Magickian must take care when using, or ‘flowing with’ what is perceived to be the contemporary trend, or opinion.

 To simply state that the ‘masses’ are putty, should not really come as a revelation. In this densely-populated world of ours, the ‘average person’ is too busy with the basics of living – ie. feeding a family – or too stupefied to worry overmuch about the greater context of society (thus the trust placed in ‘politicians’ and the illusion of ‘free speech’ given by the con-trick of ‘democratic’ elections). Opinions and trends are, for the most part, engineered by the minority who are The System. The public does not exist to be convinced by any ideal that happens to come along, because it simply does not possess the capacity to think and act independent of the prevailing Power. An independent ideal has only The System to face, and unless it fights, it is regurgitated as a commodity and denuded of the power to genuinely transform. In reality, there is very little The System cannot flow with and adapt to – such is the nature of the tyranny that is ‘capitalism’: to turn heresy into fashion. When the tactic is to fight by subtly manipulating accepted forms , the Magickian must be certain as to who exactly is controlling who – whose ego is actually being manipulated – lest the process of ‘seeding’ proves in the long term to have been a waste of time.

To effectively alter temporal forms via such an approach really requires the abilities of an individual who is ‘outside of Time’, who is free of temporal, temporary influences – someone who has passed though the screaming silence of the Abyss: a genuine Master of the Temple/Mistress of Earth. [Thus the practical purpose of the Seven-Fold Way.] Subtle manipulation of forms has its part to play; but if every would-be Sinister magickian opted solely for this, then little, if anything, of significance would be achieved. ‘Seeding’ [which would include the Aeonic technique of mimesis] can only prepare the way – and only then if it is conducted with understanding; rarely does it in itself catalyse Change. When the subtle manipulator believes that s/he, “when the time is right”, will implement a next, more overt stage, they are deluding themselves: practical examples (involving conventional politics) have proved as yet that this does not happen – rather, there is a losing sight of the original aims.

What is significantly missing at present, on the part of Occultists, is an overt declaration of intent in the real world. What we need now are fanatics – individuals who will remind us all of what we, as Sinister Initiates, are supposed to believe: that we can become gods within our lifetime, to the greater glory of our acausal selves. Thus it is vital, for every initiate who would be Satanic, Sinister, to at least once in their life, conduct a practical act of tenor in the real world: an act that does not hide beneath the guise of something else – something innocuous – but one that leaves no doubt as to its Satanic nature. Only by individuals acting thus, by directly aiding System Breakdown, will the Masses grasp the practical possibility of an alternative reality. Let us not fool ourselves any longer: real, significant Change – the bringing of the new aeon – will only occur once The System has collapsed, and society is plunged into the necessary primeval phase where the majority – and Sinister Adepts, for that matter – are constantly reminded of that tyranny of existence which can wipe out an individual life in an instant, and in that instant render that life irrelevant. Until this next phase is reached, life remains too soft to motivate anyone beyond the intellect to implement anything worthwhile. That collapse is much more likely to be reached, not by slow ‘seeding’, but by presencing the Dark: by causing sudden explosions of primal terror. To risk one’s life and liberty requires certainty: belief and vision – the arrogance of the genuine Satanist.

The System, however, allows us the luxury to believe exactly what we want, and to find many convincing reasons why not to act in truth. But to know the reality is to know that which is beyond yourself, and until Sinister Initiates strive to embody the current of Change necessary, then the holiday that is individual life will carry on its slow, meaningless journey, deathwards. The New Satanic Aeon What is this far-off Satanic purpose described as the ‘New Aeon’? It does not matter that, for most, a clear answer cannot be given; only that there exists a desire to practically create a new form of existence – that the stagnation of the ‘norm’ is countered, destroyed, and laid to rest. If life is to be lived right, there must always be, for individuals, a dream, a vision-splendid to strive and most likely die for. It does not really matter if various Sinister organisations disagree over the tactics involved in bringing this Change, as long as effects can be discerned – as it also does not matter whether or not there is Sinister “unity” between those various organisations. What matters, in the presencing of this ‘new aeon’, is that individuals strive to act with nobilty and out of duty to the furtherance of a Cosmic force beyond the personal. They must rely on their own judgment in this, regardless of consequences; and whatever mistakes are made in the process, are gifts by which further personal insight may be attained.

The loyalty of a Satanist is to the Dark – to Satan, and the forces beyond Him, by which civilisations are reminded of their unique Destiny. Because what is certain, is the suffering and death that will be required to allow the difficult transition from this dying Aeon, to the next: only through a crucible of Darkness will the “Light”, the positive upward trend of evolution, flow forth.

Regardless of contemporary beliefs, human beings are not born inherently ‘good’: true ‘goodness’ must be cultivated – and such a creation only occurs through suffering. This suffering will be because we must as a species re-integrate with what is for us, the reality of Nature – a reality from which we are progressively and deliberately distanced: our natural role as hunters. The New Aeon will be Satanic, because it implies the synthesis achieved through the conflict between Nature Herself and The System, and the triumph of Nature implies the creation of a higher type of human species – a truly free individual who needs neither politics or religion.

 A Note on “Vindex’

It is generally true to say, for the Esoterrorist, that it is the Path of their occult journey that is important, rather than the forms encountered or used during the way. However, it is a mistake to believe that this is the rule for all in the broadly esoteric field, and thus that all forms ‘ipso facto’, are simply a means to be discarded when appropriate, since no form can ever express the essence. For some unique individuals, in unique circumstances, there is no living of a form whilst hiding the “esoteric reality”, the esoteric wisdom – the ‘Occult’ aspect. There is no clever deceit, no skilled manipulation, because the form created is the reality, that esoteric wisdom made real and practical. This form is usually of a ‘religious’ nature, and is what it is because it is open about what it represents, regardless of societal prejudices. In an important sense – which few will understand – the form (”organisation”) so created, is not a nexion to channel or presence the essence – it is the very essence itself: the essence evolving as it must evolve in causal time and space [hence also the continuing relevance of ‘Satan’ as an archetype] This is the domain of Vindex, that much misunderstood embodiment of creative Change. Vindex does not really need ‘the Occult’ in conventional terms, to presence, or access the numinous ideals that s/he represents. Such things, in this case, only obscure the essence of Change, of evolution – as they can often distance a person from the creative numen which can and does provoke such an evolution.

However, this aspect of bringing Vindex can cause dismay to some Occultists, who might view this stance as a betrayal of ‘occultic principles’ perhaps previously championed. The reality is, what must be done, must be done if it is to be lived – over and above the perceived “truth” of some forms (and a Satanist should always be their own opposite, and beyond …). All Vindex needs, is already what is innate, and a Will made powerful by it being grounded, or presenced, in what is – now and in the future – numinous and great in evolutionary terms. Vindex can embody what is necessary: not particularly in the sense of some popular charismatic leader (a Caesar type figure), but in the sense of creating and maintaining the form which embodies the numinous ideals in the realistic way necessary. And this is the real Magick…

1996 e.h., Order of Nine Angles


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