The Sinister Creed

  1. Satan in particular and the Dark Gods in general are a means to self-fulfillment and self-understanding.
  2. Only by journeying through the darkness within us and without can we attain self-divinity and thus fulfil the potentiality of our existence.
  3. Our rites, ceremonies and practices are all life-affirming, and show us the ecstasy of existence and the self-overcoming of the true Adept.
  4. We are feared because we defy and seek to know and thus understand. We rejoice in living: in all its pleasures but most particularly in its possibilities. We thus extend the frontiers of evolution while others sleep or cry.
  5. We detest all that enervates and would rather die than submit to anyone or anything – this pride is the pride of Satan, and Satan is a symbol of our defiance and a sign of our life-enhancing energy. Others see our way of living and our way of dying and are afraid.
  6. When we hate we hate openly and with arrogance, and when we love, we love with a passion to match this arrogance: always mindful never to love anyone so much that we cannot see them die, for death is a natural changing of energies.
  7. We prepare – through our magick and our ways of living – for the Age of Fire (the Aeon of the Dark Gods) which is to come, when we elitist few shall reach out toward the stars and the galaxies and the new challenges they will bring.
  8. Our way is difficult and dangerous and is for the few who can truly defy the matrix of illusions – of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ – that stifle the potentiality of our being.
  9. What does not kill us, makes us stronger. ona3

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