American Gothick



The Widow

She was light and Darkness simultaneously;

Beyond opposites, I was captivated nonetheless.

Her almost jade-like eyes and almost obsidian black hair,

The intoxicating scent that followed her.

She told me that her profane name is Jenna;

Yet she is known as someone else, possibly something else.

She became the muse for my work;

The paint seemed to kiss the surface of the canvas.

She showed me things, things that my mind wasn’t ready for;

A place of Darkness where “They” existed,

An almost nightmarish landscape to the untrained eye,

A haven for the enlightened.

Yet my new knowledge made my dreams

and my edge of consciousness become “haunted.”

It was said that my “Darkly beautiful” creations become renderings

That only the insane could create or comprehend.

This Dark New Day enlightened me…

Yet it drove me mad and I was committed

With others that society deemed sociopathic…

Still she comes to me at night…In dreams;

My immortal…



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