Star Gates



The stars were everywhere to be seen, amidst the unknown blackness that begged to be conquered. One in particular shone through with vibrancy unmatched. It was neither the brightest, closest, nor largest star. But now its glow reached much further that the eye, it extended into the very core of the being, of the initiate who stood beneath it. A lifetime of light-years away, yet revealing itself as destination.

There was no gate, he knew, linking his consciousness to that of the cosmos. For they were already intertwined, via thousands of gates. Woven together through initiation and the stripping of illusion that is the Dark Tradition, he was the Cosmos, and he let himself be directed by its Will. This intertwinement, between Causal and Acausal, was the core of his being. The Acausal Charge, understood by lesser men as a “divine spark” was also the single factor for by which organic existence was made possible. It was into this, the Nexion within his consciousness – both latent and realized – that the light of the star extended into, penetrated, and became.

Standing enthralled with the energy this star has produced – just as the sun did in Aeons past and Worlds long forgotten – the Sinister Initiate understood it as embodying Wyrd. It had itself given life, meaning – numen, to his deeds even before its light came into view. Far off as it was, it had no form – no answers to be bestowed without the seeking of a lifetime through those portals of being and non-being, that must be discovered before even the faintest form could be identified. This he accepted.

Transferred now from his world, to limits hitherto black, he floated weightless among the galaxies of time past and time to come. But time did not matter there – it did not flow, but rather produced chaos to the point of nothingness. And he among it saw the stars close to his – a thousand destinies woven into one galaxy which transcended all thought and reason. For it was only the stripping away of such things, to reveal a genuine intuition that naturally excelled further past the confines of conscious mind.

Blinding light then encompassed the Initiate, in an instant blaze. A satori then incomprehensible at any level spoke in still incomprehensible ways, until the initiate was hurled into the visions of fallen leaders, bereft of their destines – as was necessary to bring forth the wyrd of a thousand others. And the Cosmic Being nodded to the initiate, in recognition.

Back on his homeland, the formless remnants of bloody war scorned at his feet. Detached in a way that was more aware than it was illusory, the initiate had no feelings. There was no despair, no horror, no compassion. But simply an understanding of why it must be. A black cloud spread about the ground , and moved slowly through the land, as a nameless god brought him these insights – and the Dark Gods manifest themselves throughout the rest of the world in the form of bloody war. But he took no notice of the visions sent to his conscious – of the people themselves, who were sacrificed to the galactic will. For such sacrifice was necessary, in the continuing flux of life – and all that deserved notice were the changes taking place, and the greater achievements of life to follow. Most others would not believe them to be for the better, but those others were simply the pawns.

Once these intrusions subsided, he was left among cold nothingness; with only the leveled remnants of a world – to be built anew before him. In front of him stood the past – a manifestation of nobility and determination he had in this life yet to match. The soldier stood as not only his past, but the past of his destiny, and others whose destinies were to be brought together under cosmic wyrd. Each destiny individual, but woven into the will of the cosmos.


The soldier needed no words. For they communicated solely through self-insight, more effectively than could otherwise be. The soldier of the past brought startling insights to the futureand of times gone, for which the present was but a narrow road between. He saw in the eyes of the soldier only lifeless chaos.

Looking back to the sky, he again identified his nameless star. The soldier was now gone, and the initiate was left only to ponder the worlds he’d just traveled – somewhere between the Moon and Saturn – but far outside and beyond the galaxies and star systems in which they reside. Deep into the unknown blackness his star shone through, emanating with Wyrd awaiting fulfillment. One day he should again join the mysterious soldier, with matched qualities of the determination, honor, and destiny he represented – on that lone planet that orbits his star.


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