Satanic Amorality

Satanic Amorality

The essence of Satanic amorality – insofar as the individual Satanist is concerned – can be simply expressed: a Satanist makes an assessment of others, judging them, and then decides whether those others, on an individual basis, are suitable victims. If they are suitable, as victims, then the Satanist acts accordingly – e.g. by manipulating them, using them and so on.

The judgment is based on character – i.e. does the person who is being judged possess a weak character? Are they dross, worthless? If they are judged to be so, by the individual Satanist, then they are suitable subjects. It is one of the aims of Satanic training to cultivate Satanic judgment on the individual level. However, it should be noted that there are two forms of Satanic judgment – the personal, and the Aeonic. The Aeonic is a refinement of the personal, the person being judged not only via their character but also via aeonics, in terms of their usefulness in attaining sinister goals in accord with the sinister dialectic of history.

This MS is concerned with the personal type of judgment – other MSS deal with the second kind. The cultivation of Satanic judgment – the assessment of others – is an essential quality, and one which a Satanic Adept must possess. This cultivation is basically a learning experience – sometimes, the novice makes a mistake, but this is learned from. Once a judgment has been made concerning another person or persons (and with experience, this becomes instinctive) the Satanist can act ruthlessly, if action is necessary or required – e.g. to achieve a personal goal or aid the dialectic. The act or acts can and do involve what others [the weak majority] regard as immoral and/or evil deeds.

Some case-histories from the secret files of members will best illustrate Satanic morality, although it should be remembered that these (with one exception) represent the novice stage of Satanic development. As such, they represent primarily a learning experience for the particular Satanic novice involved, although such actions often aid the sinister in general (as in the first example).

(a) A young man desires to experience some of the pleasures of living and so seeks money to enable him to achieve this. He decides to go into what is called ‘drug dealing’ – supplying various drugs to others. He reasons, quite correctly from a Satanic point of view, that those who take such things or need such things because they are addicted, are weak – they have made their choice. They are life’s natural victims, and show by their choice and actions they are basically worthless.

Our young novice reasons that if the drug-takers do not have the strength of character to resist taking such things, or if they become addicted, they are failures – a quite obvious Satanic assessment. Accordingly, he develops contacts and after a while has a very profitable business. Thus, he is able to indulge in most of life’s pleasures and so further his Satanic education. Naturally, as a Satanist he is cunning and careful in his business – it is only a means to an end. Further, he is aware that by so aiding certain things, he is advancing the sinister in general – aiding the dialectic by culling, and by weakening ’society, and so perhaps creating opposition and thus creative change.

(b) A young female novice, recently moved to a new city, finds her quality of life destroyed by loutish, loud neighbors. She assesses them as scum. Her first action is to try and talk to them – but this is a gesture which she knows is probably doomed. It is, but it condemns her neighbors. She assails them by magick – aiming to cause illness, disruption, perhaps a death. This has some effect, but does not cure the problem [as often happens in real life when novices employ magick]. So she decides on more drastic action. She seeks out a suitable partner, whom she attracts by her Satanic guile and by using her sexuality. This man is a real mean person and has some friends just slightly less mean.

Our novice is careful not to let her neighbors know of her involvement – her new partner and friends harass her enemies continually, using their own tactics. There are some fights, a few ‘accidents’ to the house, the cars outside, and so on. It is not long before her enemies decide they have had enough and move away (one of them has been hospitalized). Essentially, the novice controlled the situation, from the beginning – she used and controlled others, by Satanic means, to achieve her aim after making judgments.

(c) A man approaching middle-age, initiated for a year, runs a small business. He wants to achieve more success. There is a rival firm – the owner of which is a typical arrogant, characterless businessman who is trying to edge-out the novice and takeover his business. So our novice decides to act – he assesses his rival as a suitable victim. This assessment also includes the man’s wife and young daughter, whom our novice judges to be obnoxious, having had experience of their dealings. All are judged and condemned by their actions. Our novice seduces his rival’s wife – and then his daughter, using various Satanic skills and wiles to achieve this.

He then introduces the daughter to some people, who deal in drugs and prostitution – she seems keen enough, and is soon involved in the ‘party-scene’, taking drugs and generally misbehaving. Compromising photographs are taken and she becomes a drug-addict. She takes to stealing to pay for her habit, then prostitution. She is arrested. This is distracting for her father. Our novice infiltrates some people into his rival’s business and they create some disorder – losing files, losing some business, upsetting the staff.

His rival’s wife is introduced to another, seemingly romantic man, and she falls for his charm. They have a brief affair. But he spurns her [this is all planned by our novice]. She takes to drink and tries to commit suicide. All this proves too much for the rival ~ his business declines. Our novice puts in a bid, which is accepted. So his goal is achieved, at some human cost. But this does not concern our novice – the victims were victims of themselves, of their own weaknesses.

(d) A Mistress of Earth who has run a successful Temple for many years, desires an opfer. There is a candidate for Initiation whom she senses might prove suitable – he has certain desires which he finds hard to control, and a rather weak character. She arranges for him to meet some people involved in distributing adult pornography. Soon, he is deeply involved in certain things, of his own free choice. She gives him several chances to make something out of himself, but he does not take them. She arranges several tests to prove his character – and he fails them all.

She cautions him, but he finally breaks with her and her Temple, full of self-delusion about his own abilities. Thus, he become a potential opfer … All the above examples (mostly trivial) illustrate Satanic morality in action on the individual level – i.e. they are concerned with judgment and with the Satanist acting on that judgment to achieve some practical goal which they desire. This is a learning, an expression of dark forces presencing on Earth via individual Satanic acts, and thus the making, or breaking, of Satanic novices and hence the creation of Satanic Adepts. The Illustrations should serve to show that such morality is individual, that it is unique to the individual Satanist.




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