Satanic reasoning, and the judgement of a ‘thing’, derive from direct personal experience. Thus, for the Satanist, there can be no real understanding of something until that something is lived. Before then, understanding is merely academic, relying as it does on the validity of sources other than one’s own experience. An understanding of a form cannot be acquired through academic research, since one never lives the form – there is only observation within the comfort and confines (morally and otherwise) of one’s own life, in the same sense as a play or a film is viewed by an audience. For the most part, the student is free to be convinced or not by the evidence studied – there is still the freedom, consciously and unconsciously, to believe whatever one feels comfortable in believing. All there is, is ‘opinion’.

With regard to a form which possesses spirit, elan [such as National-Socialism], there can be no crossing over from the life of the academic into that form via academic study, because the form so ’studied’ is a living one; it cannot ever be really known through words and ideas (such as ‘politics’), archaic folk-tales – or even Art and Musick. It is a revolution of the soul, and as such, true understanding via which a reasoned judgement may be derived, can only be developed by living that revolution; by experiencing the reality of those forces as those forces are – by, essentially, living beyond the confines of one’s own self.

With this living, the life of the individual, both inner and outer, is effected and changed by the experience because the experience is dynamic and direct – it disrupts, and unlike a book which can be closed and put away, it lives within and without the individual every second of that experiencing. There is a deeper understanding gained whereby the force that motivates such a form is fully apprehended, and thus, the various causal manifestations (or ‘histories’), are understood from the context of the essence, and are placed in perspective without the interference of contemporary morality and social sensitivity. Essentially, this dynamic method of understanding is the only method relevant to a form that possesses elan. This approach to learning may invalidate the methods by which the majority seek to establish their right to learn and so judge – but that is the reality. One either approaches learning as a consumer via the ‘definitive’, established approach (i.e. investigation solely via  the respected methods of academic bodies – such as ‘universities’), or one seeks the difficult – and sometimes dangerous – path of challenging one’s own reasons for believing (and living!) via practical integration with a particular form. Of course, there are very few who would undertake this direct approach simply because, if they are being honest, they would not wish their lives to be so disrupted – and living life as, for example, a dangerous revolutionary is too frightening a prospect. For the Satanist, it is precisely these reasons which make such an undertaking necessary.

The development of Satanic reasoning is part of the purpose of the Insight Role (qv.). This alchemical method is very hard, as it requires the Satanist to believe in their role – and convince other non-Satanists of their sincerity via practical acts [it is no use just editing a (for example) National-Socialist journal – or writing learned articles for existing journals]. The role usually brings an alienation of occult comrades; family; other friends – sometimes the loss of personal freedom. It severely tests, and thus developes – or destroys – character.

This method is not, as some may perceive, solely a cynical/clever manipulation of a form for selfish ends, whereby all forms are regarded as merely means to be discarded when personally appropriate. An Insight Role teaches empathy – of forces that exist beyond the life of the Satanist, and how they influence the masses, contributing to the evolving of civilisations, etc. There is a real appreciation of the form so lived; an appreciation judged not solely from a ‘Satanic/Sinister’ – or socially conditioned – perspective, but according to the form as that form is, on its own “light” terms. The Satanist is and is not that role: an awareness that is, before Adeptship, quite difficult to live with – and is seldom, if ever understood by non-Initiates.

This is the meaning and purpose of Sinister Magick: to bring a synthesis via the conflict of opposites that exist within and without the Individual. This synthesis is the result of a practical journey, where this bifurcation must still be experienced if the forces that do still exist within the psyche of the Initiate are to be eventually understood, beyond intellectual apprehension, as ‘abstractions’. Thus, the meaning of  Satan and the purpose, for Individuals and Aeons, of the Seven-Fold Sinister Way: to undertake acts of positive opposition, ‘blasphemy’; because without such acts of extreme defiance, there is no genuine inner liberation… and so shall it remain for many centuries to come (see also Satanism, Blasphemy and the Black Mass MS).

An Insight Role thus creates a real understanding of Aeonics – an understanding beyond the self, and thus the cultivation of the faculty of Reason, and the glimmerings of genuine Wisdom. As stated, without this (arduous) experience, there is a staying where one is – despite whatever level of intellectual esoteric apprehension gained – centred around a mostly self-indulgent life-style. Essentially, without experiencing this bifurcation, the psyche will not be changed, thus preventing it from travelling towards those realms that seperate the Initiate from the Adept.

ONA, 1997 eh

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