Baphomet – A Note on the Name III


Tradition tells of a community who venerated the goddess in an area of what is now North Scotland. This community is believed to have comprised of the ancestors of ‘The Picts’, and they were based around the River Oykel. The Latinized form of their name, given by Ptolemy, was Smertae, which means ‘stained’ or ‘smeared folk’.

The name by which this community knew the goddess is not recorded, but in Gaulish inscriptions there is reference to a war goddess named Rosmerta. Her name translates as ‘the greatly smeared goddess’ – that is, smeared with blood. It is quite possible that the Smertae were connected with her worship, and they were said to smear themselves with the blood of their enemies, in her honor.

Interestingly, another community which lived near the region of the Smertae during the same era, was known by a name which translates as the ‘cat people’. (See Note on the Name II)


-Order of Nine Angles-

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