Manipulation II


Manipulation II

One of the fundamental principles of Black Magick is elitism: the belief that the majority are essentially beneath Initiates in terms of understanding, intelligence and ability. This gives the foundation for manipulation – both on the personal and the magickal level. The Black Magick novice is generally scornful of others – until and unless worth has been proved or shown. However, as explained previously (Manipulation I) an experienced novice will have learnt the subtlety of manipulation: direct confrontation as a mode of manipulation will seldom be used(unless a person or group deserves to be so treated: or such an approach is magickally necessary). Instead, there will be the “flowing with” approach-manipulation without the person or persons being aware of it. Quite often, this approach is “psychological”; at other times it may be psychic (e.g. directly magickal) – or perhaps via the charisma of the magickian overpowering the personality of the person(s) in question.

Whatever, there will be an arrogance based on the belief of one’s own superiority – and thus an isolation. For a true Black Magickian is essentially a strong individualist who finds his or her own company preferable to that of others – unless those others can be useful in some way. That is, there is no dependence of any kind, particularly not emotional. on any other individual or individuals. This, of course, is what the novice strives to achieve. It cannot be achieved quickly – or even by “will” alone. Rather, it is a cumulative process – an alchemical change, a re-orientation of personality, and such changes take time.

In the seven-fold sinister way, these changes occur during the stage of External Adept and are a necessary prelude to the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept. One of most important aspects of this change is that involving the companion – the initial emotional involvement gradually changing, ceasing to be a dependence but rather a partnership- a mutually evolved understanding; the passion (both sexual and emotional) which possessed the novice giving way to a maturity. The arrogance of the Black Magickian is not an empty one: it is not a posturing. Instead, it arises from within: from the knowledge and insight the novice has gained into him/her self – by having achieved in both the personal and magickal sense. Thus the magickal and practical goals which are set for novices – they develop self-assurance, a pride and that arrogance which is truly Satanic. The training for and achievement of these practical goals usually takes the novice to the limits of physical and mental endurance -and this builds character in a specific way [or defeats the novice who gives up and either lets self-delusion triumph – “I don’t need such things: they are out of date/unsuited to me; I have achieved enough anyway… – or abandons the magickal quest perhaps later to try another “method” (which is easier) or find another “teacher”]. Initially, this arrogance is outward and expressed by manner, attitude and perhaps appearance. Later, when Adeptship becomes achieved, it becomes cloaked – except in the eyes and in that charisma which marks a Black Magickian. Initial manipulation is often of the external kind – an adjunct to external magick – later, it becomes “internal” (concerned with the internal goals of the External Adept) and still later, aeonic (bound up with supra-personal, acausal energies). [qv. Deofel Quartet for examples of the various types appropriate to Initiate and External Adepts.]


1990 e.v., Order of Nine Angles


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