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A Satanic Revealing

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atuII - the high priestess

[What follows is an extract from a letter written by a member of the O9A to an enquirer. It is reproduced here because it further reveals the real nature of Satan and Satanism, and counters the claims of those who do not comprehend the genuine esoteric significance of the Sinister Way.]

Several years ago, in various letters to David Austin [Temple of Set] and to others, Stephen Brown explained that one of the reasons why the O9A published various articles was to be adversarial – to counter what was becoming the “accepted” version/view of Satanism. This “accepted” version was that promulgated by both the Temple of Set and the Church of Satan. We, in the O9A, knew this version was basically imitation or pseudo-Satanism – a playing at ‘wizards’ by often pretentious pseudo-intellectuals or those without any real insight/intelligence and thus without any personal character. These two groups, their members, and others imitating them, had tried to make Satanism tame and safe – there was an awful lot of talk, an awful lot of writings, and awful lot of ‘rituals’. But there was little or no Satanic/sinister/dark action undertaken in the real world.

To counter this pseudo-Satanism we published or made available various articles and manuscripts – not specifically to “teach” anything or even to gain members. Rather, to engender controversy; to create a reaction. This is the dialectic of change: thesis-antithesis-synthesis; yin-yang-Tao. Called by whatever name or names, the process is the same. Thus, an ‘alternative’ version of Satanism was presented, and an ‘alternative’ history or mythos. It was and is up to each and every individual who reads our material or who comes into contact with us, to work things out for themselves. The effort, the challenge, is theirs and theirs alone. Such things – like words themselves (or even mathematics!) – were and are a means, to be used to go beyond them. Those who do or did have the ability to see or understand the real intent/purpose behind such things might go further, and actually begin a real quest along the Left Hand Path, and so develop themselves and perhaps contribute to evolution. Those who could not or would not see or understand, were and are irrelevant anyway. The actual ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ of, for instance, the alternative mythos/derivation/history propounded by us, was and is irrevelant. One of the things that is important about such things, is that they are ‘alternative’. Those who cannot understand this are not important.

Part of our detestation of groups like ToS was because of the religious type of mentality of those groups – trying to make Satanism into some sort of religion, with ‘infernal mandates’, or into a personal cult, with a ‘leader idolized and lionized. We know these are the anti-thesis of Satanism – they are, in effect, Nazarene versions of ‘Satanism’, as is the enervating wallowing in ‘horror’, death, decadence, egotism and so on, which is often (falsely) associated with Satanism.

All these things, however, were for that one intent, mentioned at the beginning. There were other reasons behind the other material that has been published or made available by us. One of these was to offer some individuals the chance to attain a genuine sinister/Satanic Adeptship and beyond – to give them an opportunity to begin and advance along the path, and so for them to not only change themselves but, by interaction, to change others and ‘society’ itself. In effect, to ‘presence’ [or ‘draw forth’] sinister/Satanic forces via these individuals because of the lives/actions of those individuals. This was done because we considered the time was right (judged by what we call our aeonic strategy) for there to be more Adepts of our sinister tradition – beyond the few who had existed hitherto and who had always been taught on an individual basis, from Master/Lady Master to novice. In effect, by publishing all our material, we have given anyone the opportunity of striving for and attaining Adeptship and beyond. But of course, few will do this simply because the Way itself is difficult and dangerous – since each novice is required to actually undertake works of darkness in the real world in order that they can go beyond the illusions of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and so discover that balance which is the essence of adeptship – and yet there are several stages beyond even this attainment. Naturally, some who try never attain this – they may give up, defeated by their inner weakness; they may join another, safer group (it being easier to play at wizards and belong to a group like ToS); they may actually be overwhelmed by ‘sinister’ forces; they may fall foul of various stupid Laws of the country they reside in; and so on…

As I and others in the O9A have stated many times, our Way is quite simple. There are no mystifications, no ‘teachings’. There is only a method which has proved to work. If some individuals want to try – fine; if they do not – fine. It is their choice. Whatever – there is Change; there is joy; there is a ‘presencing’ of ‘sinister’ forces on this planet; there is evolution, however slowly.

In respect of politics, and similar things, such as ‘race’. These are means, to attain or achieve certain goals. What is or may be useful in the history of an aeon (or in creating a new aeon) can and may be used. What matters is that there is and continues to be Change – a dialectic in operation; a generational or evolutionary force. That is, a presencing of what we describe as ‘acausal’ forces/energies. [In conventional terms, one might say – ‘keep alive and aid, the Prince of Darkness’.] There is no abstract “truth” outside a particular aeon – what others regard as ‘facts of history’ (for example, in relation to race) are for us fundamentally irrelevant. What is important is mythos – creating a means or many means to move/motivate others so that these others make history, and thus change evolution. We have set various goals, various things have to be done, and various means used. One has to be practical, not mystical, if one desires to create large-scale evolutionary change. Believing one can produce such changes, is very different from actually doing them. it requires real wisdom, a knowledge of those forces/things which move/change people, as individuals and en masse, and which create/change societies, civilizations and aeons themselves. In one sense, this is what being a genuine Master/Lady Master is all about – it can be and often is, great fun.

Our aims are our own. We are not concerned about the past – with claiming that we existed, long ago, and that various historical persons were part of us, and that we caused great change, or were responsible for spreading ‘esoteric’ knowledge.  As far as I know, no famous (or even infamous) person belonged to us, as we were not responsible for large-scale historical changes/events. We have been simply a small number of individuals quietly and for the most part reclusively working to attain what we now understand as Adeptship, and beyond. What really concerns us, is the future. If I was inclined to be dramatic (and seldom I am) I might write that we will or can make certain futures real, for the potential to so create and make these real exists now, within some individuals – as a consequence of the history, the evolution, the civilizations, that have gone before. Certain possibilities now exist, for the first time in our evolution as a species. Whether or not these will be realized, is another question – but one of our aims is to try and make this so. In this respect, all other ‘Satanic’ are irrevelant, for they know nothing of these things, and thus have no insight into what (or who) ‘Satan’ really is.

What all this amounts to is that we do not use the ideas, jargon, terms, ‘history’, methods or whatever, of others. There is no reference point for us, on the Left Hand Path, because we are unique and genuinely independent. We are a coherent whole, and cannot be compared with any other group. Our ideas, methods, jargon, terms, ‘history’, and so on, will insinuate themselves into the fabric of society and other societies. Indeed, this is already occuring. Furthermore, there will be more uniqueness – that is, more creativity, from within. Further developments, which will also work themselves, sometimes quite slowly (decades, and occasionally centuries), into the ‘mainstream’, thus producing changes, sometimes because of the adversarial dialectic of change. There is and will also be, a real presencing of the creative acausal energies by the very fact of our existence and continuing development.


-Order of the Nine Angles-