Advanced Introduction to the Dark Gods: Five Dimensional Acausal Sorcery


Advanced Introduction to The Dark Gods: Five-Dimensional Acausal Sorcery

The fundamental basis of five-dimensional acausal sorcery is acausal thinking: that is, knowing and understanding what the acausal is, what acausal energy is, and how such things relate to our causal phenomenal world, and to us, as individuals.

Explained in a simplistic way, acausal thinking means the following:

(1) Simultaneity – that is, that acausal energy does not propagate in a causal linear way either in “time” or in “space”. Instead, such energy propagates (and can manifest or be presenced) according to the nature of acausal-space and acausal-time. Thus, there is no direct, causal-based, “cause and effect” – events are not, or may not be, separated by a duration of causal time, and are not, or may not be, separated by a physical distance as measured according to causal-space.

(2) Acausal energy implies acausal beings (or “entities”) which exist in both the acausal dimensions/spaces (acausal-space and acausal-time) and in our causal universe. These beings live, according to the type of acausal energy that they are, and their existence is independent of us, as causal beings. Thus, The Dark Gods, of mythos, legend and esoteric tradition, are one type of such acausal entities.

(3) Empathy – that is, knowing and understanding that causal beings (or “entities”) such as ourselves, who have life or existence in the causal spaces/dimensions, are not separate, discrete or even “individual” beings or entities, but are only parts of the matrix which comprises causal and acausal spaces. That is, that such causal entities are nexions, and are “alive” by virtue of having acausal energy; they can be viewed, in one sense, as receptacles, composed of causal, physical elements, atoms and so on, in-which acausal energy can dwell (or be presenced). Our consciousness – and especially magick, correctly understood – is a means to apprehend our true nature as causal entities and can be a means for us to access more acausal energy.

Explained in a simplistic way, five-dimensional acausal sorcery is a means to create, or draw-into-the-causalspaces, acausal beings/entities, and a means for us to transform ourselves (and other causal entities) by accessing/presencing acausal energy and thus possibly move toward a dwelling in the acausal spaces. Furthermore, acausal sorcery works on the fundamental premise of the irrelevancy of causal-time and causal-space – that is, our concepts of cause-and-effect, of spatial distance, of a beginning and an end – of a past, a present and a future – do not apply.

The Nature of Acausal Beings

Acausal beings are beyond our causal concepts and abstractions. Some dwell (and can only exist in) the acausal spaces, while others can dwell or be manifest in both the acausal and the causal, with there being many different types of acausal entities all of which have their own “nature” or type of being. Essentially, they have no physical form, as we define and understand physical form (for example, a body) although some types of acausal being, who can dwell or manifest or be presenced in our causal spaces, can dwell-within, or presence themselves within or be presenced within, a causal form such as a living body or being (including a human being) and some of the acausal beings who can or who have done this are known as “shapeshifters”.  We cannot “see”or detect (by our limited physical senses or by using causality-based physical instruments) unpresenced acausal beings who may be transiting through or dwelling-within our causal spaces (our physical world/universe) if such beings have not accessed, or presenced themselves, in some causal, living, form (or even, in most cases, even if they have done this). However, some of us (and some other life) may sometimes “feel” or be aware of some such acausal beings: for example, if we possess a certain type of empathy or have the esoteric knowledge to detect some such transiting or in-dwelling acausal beings.

Since these acausal beings are beyond our causal concepts and abstractions, it is incorrect to judge such beings according to our limited, causal, “morality”. They are neither “good” nor “evil”. They live according to their own nature, as acausal beings, just as, for example, a wild predatory animal lives according to its wild predatory nature. According to esoteric tradition, there are some acausal beings who are drawn or who have been in the past been drawn toward our causal spaces (our physical universe/world) because they do or have acquired the ability to “feed off” certain types of emotion (or “states of being”) which emotion (or “states of being”) are but types of energy.

Due to the nature of the acausal spaces (and thus the nature of acausal energy) acausal beings do not “die” as we die and do not “age” as we age. Furthermore, our causal concept of physical travel (or movement) which takes causal time is irrelevant to and does not apply to such beings, due to their very nature as acausal beings.  However, most acausal beings are not, by our standards, “all-powerful” and many cannot change or restructure temporal things, just as some cannot transit to (“be presenced in”) the causal spaces, or dwell-within causal beings, without some aid or assistance in opening a nexion or nexions (which in many instances is just a direct connexion between the causal and acausal spaces).

Acausal Sorcery

Among the techniques of acausal sorcery are the following:

(1)  Esoteric chant, especially that involving the use of certain shaped crystals of a certain type. This chant can access and/or produce, certain types of acausal energy (or under certain circumstances, open a nexion to certain acausal spaces to allow certain acausal beings to presence in our dimensions).

(2) Empathy – that is, by direct acausal thinking (or “being”) which implies a particular type of awareness and consciousness and certain abilities. It should be noted that one of the aims of The Star Game, in its various forms, is to provoke such acausal thinking, and to provide some experience of some of the awareness involved. This is the natural creation of a nexion or nexion (or the use of an already existing connexion) and then the attraction of acausal energies or acausal beings (a natural “calling” of such beings).

(3)  Certain acts (which over a certain period of causal time may be said to represent an extended “ritual”) can be done to create a nexion or nexions (or to prepare an already existing nexion or nexions, such as an individual or individual) and to then access or generate or otherwise produce those particular energies which may attract into or through such a nexion or nexions, certain acausal beings whose “nature” is to be drawn toward such energies to then indwell in such a nexion or nexions or to otherwise be presenced in the causal.

What should be understood about all methods is that it is in the nature of certain types of acausal energy to flow through a nexion. That is, once a connexion is established, and such energy or energies accessed, then a causal presencing will begin. Furthermore, certain times are regarded, according to a certain esoteric tradition, as more favourable than others – that is, there a certain causal times when certain “cosmic tides” (caused by the structure of causal and acausal space-time) facilitate the flow of such acausal energy into the causal, and other times when the opposite occurs (when, that is, it becomes more difficult for such energy to be accessed and presenced in the causal). One causal apprehension of such cosmic tides is said to be “aeons” – with the beginning of such an Aeon being a time (in causal terms) when such a presencing, such a flow, is favourable.

The Dark Gods

One of the aims of a certain groups of Adepts is to presence (or, rather, to re-presence) The Dark Gods. That is, to bring these beings (who are mostly shapeshifters) into our own causal dimensions and thus change the life, the living, of our world, and our causal universe. According to one ancient esoteric tradition (to be believed or not according to one’s way of thinking) one such acausal entity – a shapeshifter – is known in mythos and legend as “Satan”, with this acausal being assuming, in former times, various causal forms (or “appearances”).

Beyond Sorcery: Toward The Acausal

According to a certain esoteric tradition, it is possible for us, as individual human beings dwelling (existing) in the causal spaces, to move toward an existence in the acausal spaces. That is, in a simplistic sense, to transfer our consciousness, via a nexion or nexion, into an acausal being and thus begin to dwell in the acausal spaces. According to another tradition, it is also possible for us to create, for ourselves, such an acausal existence – that is, to transit into the acausal. Such a dwelling (living) by a causal-based entity such as ourselves is often regarded as one of the greatest goals of genuine esoteric arts, and the means to do this as perhaps the greatest secret of genuine Dark Arts, the greatest act of natural alchemy (1).

Anton Long
118 yf (Year of Fayen)
Agios o Baphomet

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