Esoteric Tradition – Additional Notes


O9A 1998 eh

In the light of recent archaeological discoveries, it is possible that the origins of Albion/Hyperborean culture are in fact much older than dates previously documented in Order teachings.

According to these recent discoveries, it may be suggested that the ethos which gave birth to the civilization of Albion was in existence at least 12-10,000 years BP. Recent findings have included the dating of the very early phases of Stonehenge to 10,5000 years BP, and what could prove to be almost irrefutable evidence that this early Aryan civilization had visited/colonized what is now America [ie. the remains of ‘Kennewick Man’ – dated approx. 9,200 years BP].

It may yet be discovered that this ethos and associated civilization(s?)/culture is indeed much older than the dates quoted above – that there did exist a civilization or culture which expressed in practice the genuine Western, or Aryan, esoteric Tradition at least 20,000 years BP. Whether or not this culture was an advanced expression of the ethos – ie. whether or not one or more of its various phases could be regarded as an aeon with an associated Higher civilization – will remain for the present unknown. However, the present writer is inclined to believe that the evolution of this ethos was slow and organic – and in its beginnings until the time of Albion “primitive” and largely intuitive, not necessarily implying the urge to order that is characteristic of a civilization.

This spiritual legacy, which evolved to inspire the building of several ancient structures across the globe, flourished throughout Albion up until 5,500 years BP, after which time there was a slow decline/loss. The height of this flourishing is identified by Tradition as the Hyperborean Aeon. After 3,000 years BP – at this time there occurred significant social change (possibly in part connected to the influx of the Celts, and the gradual ordering/emergence of the “Druids”) – the “Tradition” (or rather, the remnants of its teachings) was preserved solely in an area of the Welsh Marches [and from thence to 1,500 years BP – inauguration of the Western Aeon – and from there to present day].

It must be remembered that the “Tradition”, this legacy of Albion, is much more than an inherited set of (now fragmentary) teachings. It was, and is, a certain attitude to life (qv. Exeat, Eira and “Aeonics” MSS)

Essentially, the “Tradition” was and is a way of Being – beyond even the structures/histories/images/words associated over the aeons with “the Sinister”. It is ethos: a way still exemplified, as pure as it was in its origins, in the lives and the living of present-day genuine Initiates.

There has been some confusion in recent years concerning the nature of “worship” that characterized the culture of Albion. Knowledge of the stars played a deeply essential role in the social structure for various reasons (some of which are unknown), but this did not make the people of Albion “stellar worshippers”. Here, one has to be clear about the meaning of “worship”.

The culture of Albion was comprised of solar cults for some very simple and fairly ‘non-esoteric’ reasons. The main reason, and thus the true nature of “worship”, is revealed to anyone who hasspent time living a simple and genuine rural existence of self-sufficiancy, or has spent time living thus, alone, in a real natural widerness. What is revealed should be obvious: our fundamental relationship, as living beings who require life, with the Sun.

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