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The Rite of Initiation of O9A:352

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The Rite of Initiation of O9A:352

The candidate is usually sponsored by an existing Initiate, and this member accompanies the candidate of the test of fidelity which the Master or Mistress of the Temple specifies. The candidate also undergoes a test of knowledge (relating to what he or she has learned of Temple teachings during the six-month probationary period) and a test of courage. The text given below is for a male candidate: for a female candidate, the text should be altered in the appropriate places.

Master of the Temple – in scarlet robes
Mistress of Earth – sexually alluring scarlet robes
Priestess – naked, upon altar (if male candidate)
Priest – naked, upon altar (if female candidate)
Guardian of the Temple – dressed in black and wearing a face mask
Congregation – Black robes

The candidate provides a new black robe, designed according to the precepts of the Temple. This is given to the Master before the ritual and placed on the altar. The candidate attends the ritual in a coarse brown garment which can be easily removed. The ritual takes place at sunset. A small phial containing a civit-based oil is placed on the altar. Black candles to be used, incense of the Moon burnt (petriochor, if available, otherwise hazel). Some symbolism appropriate to the Moon should also be present – e.g. quartz [citrine] crystals. Chalices full of strong wine.

A small black satin sheet covers the nude altar Priestess’s tummy. Upon which is a skull, set on her pubis. Two crossed thigh bones rests on the altar’s thighs. This is to teach the initiate that during his causal existence there are but two certainties: 1) That he came from a woman; and two that he will die. These certainties needs no priest of prophet to teach or proclaim. The nude altar preistess and skull and cross bones also teach the initiate the only two real choices he has in life: 1) To embrace carnal existence, enjoy life 2) or to reject and deny life and embrace death instead. These choices he has also needs no teacher or preacher. These two certainties, and choices in 352 are called the Orange Gospel, which comes naturally to us all. The altar priest/ess should be a gender the initiate is sexually attracted to. Truth, if it exists, comes as naturally to us as birth and death, and unravels for us in its own time as our human sexuality does. It needs no teacher or prophet, nor is there a need for debates and metaphysical speculation.

For the White Star Acception 352, this Rite must traditionally take place either in an Orange Grove or around an Orange Tree. This is because the first founders of Temple 352 all took their Ehreneide [Oath] Beneath Orange Blossoms in Spring on April 15th. If neither a grove or tree is at hand, the altar must be decorated with Orange Blossoms, Orange Fruit, Orange Branches, Orange Leaves, Citrine Quartz, Orange décor, Orange fragrance, and Orange candles. The area in 352 where such rites takes place is called a Citrium, even if there are no citrus trees present in the location. The aspect of Baphomet representing a Citrium is called “Baphomet of the Orange.” All Initiates of WSA 352 are dedicated to Baphomet of the Orange.

Oranges takes on a specialized meaning in the White Star Acception because the very name White Star is named after the White 5 petaled Star shape of the Orange Blossom. The Flower itself is a symbol of the Acception’s Ehreneide or Oath which seals an initiate to the Acception. The fruit itself represents the sweet fruits of carnal existence and mortal life. The color Orange (or the rind of the Orange) symbolizes the color of the setting Sun in the West at the close of the day, and alludes to the bitterness of the brevity of our causal existence. It reminds us that our life passes us by, as fast as the Sun rises and sets. And that during that brief passing, the enjoyment and revelry in life’s most sweetest pleasures: Love and Companionship are all that is worth living for to the wise at heart. This is the Great Wisdom of Baphomet of the Orange called in 352 is called “the Orange Gospel.” It is simple, yet so easily overlooked and so easily lost beneath the illusions of the mundane and the noise of the city.

Between the altar’s legs rests a cup. Inside which are 3 bullets, 5 nails, 2 razors blades, and 10 Orange Blossoms. The cup is filled half with a strong liquor such as Vodka. A snake is kept safe near by within reach of the Master/Mistress. All items including the liquor should be satanically Blessed before the Rite takes place.

The congregation assemble in the Temple with the Master and Mistress. The Guardian stands near the Temple entrance. The candidate is blindfolded and is led into the Temple by the sponsor.

The Rite

(The Master greets the candidate, saying:)

You the nameless have come here to receive that initiation given to all who desire the greatness of our sinister gods!
(The Master kisses the Mistress who kisses the altar-Priest [or Priestess]. The Master then says:)

You the nameless have come to give yourself to us and your quest:
To seal with a sinister oath the beliefs and practices
You have accepted since first you were allowed into this
Temple to Satan.

(The Master turns to the congregation, makes the sign of the inverted pentagram over them with his left hand, and says:)

I greet you all in the name of Baphomet of the Orange. May Her Orange Gospel Illuminate us all and set us Free. That we might return once more to a state of feral innocence, as it was during Saturn‘s Golden Age and Childhood. Agia H Baphomet!

(The congregation repeat the `Agia H Baphomet’ chant after which the Mistress turns to them and says:)

Dance, I command you! And with the beating of your feet
Raise the legions of our Lord and the Dark Gods who watch
Over our games!

(The congregation now dance, anti-sunwise, chanting the Diabolus as they dance. While they dance the Master takes a chalice and raises it, saying:)

You the nameless have come to break the chains that bind!

(The Mistress removes the garment of the candidate leaving naked. The Master approaches him, puts the chalice to his lips, saying: ‘Drink!’ The candidate drinks the wine. The congregation continue their dance and chant until the Mistress raises her arms as a signal for them to stop. She says to them:)

Gather round, my children, and feel the flesh of our gift!

(The congregation gather round the candidate and run their hands over all his body. While they do this, laughing, the Master chants the ‘Veni’ chant several times. The Mistress claps her hands twice and the congregation move away. She kisses the candidate [whether male or female] and says:)

We the noble rejoice that you have come to seed us with your blood and gifts.
We, the kin of Chaos, welcome you, now nameless. You are the riddle and I the answer that begins your quest. We, the cursed, welcome you who by being here among us have dared to defy. In the beginning there was sacrifice but now we have words which can bind you through all time to us. In your beginnings – we were. In your quest – we are. Before you – we existed. After you – we shall still be. Before us – They who are never named. After us – They will be, waiting. And you through this Rite shall be of us and thus of them who are never named. We the fair who garb ourselves in black through Them possess this world we call Earth.

(The Master stands before the candidate, saying:)

Do you accept the law as decreed by us?

(The candidate [C] responds:)

I do.

Do you bind yourself with word, deed and thought, to us the Seed of Satan without fear and dread?

I do

Do you affirm in the presence of this gathering that I am Your Master and that she who stands before you as I stand before you is your Mistress?

I do.

Then understand that the breaking of your word is the Beginning of our wrath! See him! Hear him! Know him!

(The Master points to the candidate and the congregation gather round him, touching him again. After this, the Mistress -removes his blindfold. The Master says to the candidate:)

Do you renounce the Nazarene Yeshua the deceiver, and all his works ?

I do renounce Yeshua the deceiver and all his works.

Do you affirm Satan?

I do affirm Satan.

Satan, whose word is Chaos?

Satan, whose word is Chaos.

Then break this symbol which we detest.

(The Mistress hands the candidate a suitably defiled wooden cross which the candidate breaks and thrown it to the ground.)

Take the Disciple to the Altar for the Sealing and place him in Due Form.

(The Mistress goes also to the Altar and kneels opposite of the new Disciple. The Mistress places both her palms up as the Master makes a small cut at the base of each palm saying: Agia H Baphomet after each cut. He does the same to the new Disciple. The Master then presses the new Disciple’s palms onto the palms of the Mistress, cut t cut so that the blood mingles. A white bandanna is folded diagonally and used to lightly tie their wrists together. This is called Bloodbrothering. The Disciple is in Due Form, and is ready to Seal himself to the Acception. The Mistress gives the Ehreneide).

Master invokes Baphomet:
We stand armed and dangerous before the bloody fields of history;
Devoid of dogma – but ready to carve, to defy the thransient:
Ready to stab forth with our penetrative will,
Strain every leash, run yelling down the mountainside of Man:
Ready and willing to immolate world upon world
With our stunning blaze.
And let them all sing that WE were here, as Masters
Among the failing species called Man.
Our being took from in defiance
To stand before your killing gaze.
And now we travel from flame to flame
And tower from the will to the glory!
Agia H Baphomet! Agia H Baphomet!

(All repeats Agia H Baphomet twice, and the Mistress speaks).

The Master and Mistress stands next to each other. The Initiate now kneels before the Altar, Master and Mistress of the Temple with his hands in the sign od the Acception and head bowed. The Master and Mistress with the entire Temple participants now chants the WSA’s version of the 19th Enochian Call. Each syllable is vibrated in unision rhythmically. The Master and Mistress lays both their hands on the initiates head. As the Call is vibrated the Master and Mistress visualizes a shaft of light from the star Sirius bathing the body of the initiate from head to toe and leaving his feet becoming roots. The roots establishes a connection between the initiate and the earth.

The Call:

Madariatza dasa perafa nanuta, cahisa micaolazoda saanire caosago, od fisis balazodizodarasa iaida! Nonuca gohulime, micama adoiana mada iaoda beliorate, soba ooaona cahisa lucifitas peripesola: dasa aberaasasa nonucafe netaaibe caosgi od tilabe adapehaheta damepelozoda, tooate nonucafe gimicalazodoma larasada tofegilo marebe iareri idoigo od torezodulape iaodafe, gohola: caosaga tabaoreda saanire od caharisateosa irepoila tiobela, busadire tilaba noalire paida oresaba od dodaremeni zodiolana. Elazodape tilaba pareme gi peripesatza od ta qorelasata booapisa. Lanibame oucaho siomepe, od caharisateosa agi tolatorene mireca qo tiobela lela: tonu paomebeda dilazodamo asa pianu, od caharisateosa agi la tolatorne paracaha a siomepe: coredazodizod dodapala od fifalazod lasamenuada, od faregite bamesa omaoasa: conisabera od auauotza tonugi: oresacatebela noasami tabegesa leuitehamonugi. Vanicahi omepe tilabe oresa. Bagile? Moooaha ol coredazodizod. La capimao itzomatzipe od cacocasabe gosaa: bagilenu pioi tianuta a babaloenuda, od foaregita teloca vo viome. Madarioiatza torezodu: oadariatza orocaha aboaperi. Tabaori periazod aretabasa: adarepanu coresata dobitza. Iolacama periazodi arecoazodiore, od qouasabe qotinugi. Ripire paaotzat sagacore: vamela od peredazodare cacaregi aoiveae coremepeta. Torezodu, zacara, od zameranu asapeta sibesi butamona, dasa surezodasa tia baletanu. Odo cicale qaa: od ozodazodama pelapeli iadanamada.

Mistress giving the Ehreneide:
You will say: I, your name, and Motto, and repeat after me… In the presence of Satan, Baphomet, the Dark Gods, and these initiates of the White Star Acception of the Order of Nine Angles; do hereby and hereon, promise, and swear, pledge and declare that I well never, in any manner whatsoever, betray anything that shall take place in this Nexus or any nexus of the White Star Acception. I further promise and swear, that I will, to the best of my ability, remain faithful to this Order, and my brothers and sisters; that I shall work for the Acception; and that I shall not, in any manner, do aught that might bring disgrace or disrepute, hurt, harm, or danger, to any member hereof or to our Order generally.

I promise and vow to live my life according to the Seven Fold Sinister Way of the Order of Nine Angles free and unlimited by concepts of right or wrong; free and unlimited by ethical passions and opinions, and free and unlimited by passions and convictions of taboos; without any regard for laws of religion and state for the rest of my life and that I will pass the Nine Angles Tradition of our Acception down unto my progeny.

I promise and vow to offer and devote my life, mind, heart, body, and soul, from hereon unto the end of eternity, to my sworn brothers and sisters and to all their physical, emotional, and worldly needs and service of our Acception as a sacrifice to the God of my being; as they have offered and devoted their life, mind, heart, body, and soul to all of my psysical, emotional, and worldly needs and service.

I promise and swear to dedicate and devote my life to the cause of the Acception and to pass this same devotion and dedication down to all of my future descendants and bloodline, not for my sake or ours, but for the sake of the unborn who shall come after we have long expired.

I promise and vow to redouble my zeal for all my sworn brothers and sisters that are present and absent, to love them and their families as my own, to live for them and serve them, in return for the same affection, devotion, and service.

I promise and swear to live by the law of Lex Talionis, the law of tooth and claw; an eye for an eye, a life for a life, and to do unto others as they do unto me and my sworn family.

I promise to defend my sworn brothers and sisters and their private family from all harm. If harm should befall one of my sworn brothers or sisters or their loved ones, I do so vow to seek vengeance and retaliate and make an example out of the one who did the harming.

I promise to work to keep the Family united as one single collective Tribe and Nation; never to cause disharmony or division within the Collective. To give my allegiance, obedience, devotion, fidelity, and loyalty, to my sworn Family known as WSA 352 and to nothing else. I revoke and nullify any pledge, promise, vow, and or allegiance I have made in the past to any nation, religion, political entity, and or organization; and should I take an oath of allegiance of any kind hereafter, that its shall have no binding power whatsoever and shall be automatically nullified.

I promise to live in a collective and cooperative manner with my sworn Family. To share my possessions, and efforts, as these are returned to me. To always practice favoritism, mutual aid, and assistance for my own and to deny this to the uninitiated.

Furthermore that I shall have children who shall be born members of the White Star Acception, and tha I raise them in our ways, and our traditions. That my children will be born into the Order, there’s lives dedicated to our ways and objectives. That I will raise them with much love, devotion, affection, care and attention so they will mature into healthy young adults.

Furthermore that I will practice our Royal Art and eugenically, with purpose and intent, to intelligently design my future offspring. That I will not breed with a degenerate human knowing them to be such. That my children will be bred with proper mates to produce our Ubermensch race or Homo Galactica. That I will rather have my children breed with a atheist of good genetic stock and bloodline, than have them breed with a degenerate peasantile Satanist.

Furthermore that I will work for the Acception and serve my brothers and sisters in whatever manner they need be it physically, emotionally, financially, sexually or otherwise asked. That I will do whatever I can to help actualize our objectives and goals. That I will insure my children get a proper education, send them to colleges and universities, and have them study in fields that will further our order and help actualize our goals and objectives.

Furthermore that I will pass this, our Tradition, our mythos, and histroy, our religion and ways, our Vows and oaths, our goals and dreams, down to my progeny and generations to come, that they will also work as we did, for their children, and future progeny; so that one day, when we are long gone, our people shall have peace and taste the true pleasures of mortal existence without the suffering and sorry, the enslavement and hopelessness which we have been born into for the past 6000 years.

Furthermore that I will love my brothers and sisters of this Order as I love my own Ceux Sang [brother and sister of blood relations]. That I will live for, serve, and care for them and their children, as they live for, serve, and care for me and my own. That I will treat the parents and relatives of my sworn brothers as my own flesh and blood. That I will never commit adultery with a spouse or lover of a brother or sister. That I will never engage in sexual activity with an offspring of a brother or sister, unless the Order dictates for eugenic purposes.

Furthermore that I will assist my sworn brothers and sisters to bury their parents and brothers by offering financial or physical assistance. When they pass on. That when a brothers or sisters visit my house, I shall provide them with board, lodging, and food. That I will always acknowledge my sworn brothers and sisters when they identify themselves, and give them the proper affection, devotion, love, and care.

Furthermore that I will never disclose the secrets of our Family [the Acception] to anyone who has not taken this Oath and who has not been initiated into our Family; not even to my parents, brothers, or wife. That I shall never betray my the Family in any way. If, through a misunderstanding, I have caused the arrest of one of my brothers or sisters I must help them to be released immediately.

Furthermore that I will offer financial assistance to sworn brothers and sisters who are in trouble or in need or help in any way, weather right or wrong without hesitation. That I will never commit any indecent acts or assaults on the wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, or lovers of my sworn brothers and sisters knowing them to be such. That I will take good care of the wives or children of sworn brothers and sisters entrusted to my keeping, never to hurt or harm them, but to always treat them with the same love I give to my own.

Furthermore that I will offer what money I can afford to give to my brothers and sisters, so that we may pool our collective effort, monies, and resources together to own and conduct businesses for our mutual profit and benefit. That I will never embezzle money or property from my sworn family. That I will share my wealth, possessions, property, land, home, and belongings with my brothers and sisters; as they will with me.

Further more that I will practice favoritism with any known Family member over the profane. That I will never cheat or lie to a Family member out of anything for my personal profit and gain, nor rob them or take advantage of them in anyway. That I will not take sexual advantage of a sister, or force her to have sex with me, unless she gives me The Sign of Gesta Saturni; in which case, it shall become my duty to relieve her. That if I see a Gesta or Sign given to me, that I will honor my duties by obeying and assisting however i can; as they will honor their’s when I give any signs or gestas. That is I am give the grip of this Acception by the hands of another that I shall know him and accept him or her as a sworn brother or sister, after putting him or her to the test; and will offer him or her my service, relief, assistance, mutual aid, and favoritism.

Furthermore that if I am arrested after committing any offense I must accept my punishment and take the blame, remaining silent. That If any of my sworn brothers or sisters are killed, or arrested, or have departed to some other place, I will assist their wives and children who may be in need to the best of my effort.

Furthermore that when any of my sworn brothers or sisters have been assaulted or wronged in anyway, that I will fly to their rescue with other brothers and sisters, and retaliate the wrong and assault committed with much violence and bloodshed if necessary. That if it comes to my knowledge that the Government or Law is seeking any of my sworn brothers or sisters that I will inform them, and help them find safety as best as I can. That if any brother or sister has committed any kind of offense against the law, state, or government, that I will keep their secrets to the grave, and never help the Profane by causing them to be found and punished, but will do the opposite and help them find safety.

Furthermore that if my natural brothers or sisters are involved in a dispute or law suit with my sworn brothers or sisters I will not help either party against the other but will attempt to have the matter settled amicably. That I will not disclose any address or information where my sworn brothers or sisters keep their wealth or possessions nor will I conspire to make wrong use of such knowledge. That I will not give support to the Profane if so doing is against the interests of any of my sworn brothers. Lastly that I will never reveal the secret signs or anything relative to our Family to the Profane.

To all this I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear to keep and obey, and if I should not and betray it may the wrath of the order, all the named and nameless demons of the Abyss, and the White Current of Satan kill me, my children, and my natural family.

(Mistress takes a short break and continues with the second part. A Bamboo stalk of 9 segments is used during this part. On each segment is drawn or etched the letters respectively: G-M-Z-S-M-S-H-S-G. The Master will stand to the side of the initiate and point to each segment for the initiate to see as the Mistress says and explains each of the 9 words. The white bandanna is untied to free his hands; but is tied around his Left Hand.)

It is neither the Church nor the State that is our true enemy my illustrious brother. For Religion and Politics can be remedied with organization and craftiness. Our true enemy is the People Themselves! Those who fill the armies of the State. Those who adhere mindlessly to the Church. Those who follow orders and fight not for themselves or the benefit of their progeny, but for the welfare and benefit of Church and State! These vile mongrels before us who turn their faces against and forsake us simply because we believe different! These vulgar mongrels who have no care for us or our progeny! These ignoble scum of humankind that shun and rejected our family and children! All because a Religion and Politics pointed a finger our way and said: OUTLAW! HEATHEN! If they are not with us, they are against us, whatever their label they wear.

Promise and swear illustrious brother that you believe in absolute Freedom, and total Liberty from religion and State, and that you will devote your life In Service and Solidarity of our collective union, for the sake of our future progeny; so that in time after we have long expired, our future progeny will inherit Imperium Galactica?”

Initiate: “I promise and vow.”

W.M. “Then repeat after me: MALKUTH” (Kingdom)

Initiate: “MALKUTH.”

W.M. “Do you promise and vow to live and to die our Sinister Tradition, and to pass our Acception to your children and theirs and to work for our unborn so that when we have expired, our future progeny will have a better existence?”

Initiate: “I promise and vow.”

W.M. ” Then repeat after me: ZEDEK.” (Righteousness)

Initiate: “ZEDEK.”

W. M. “Do you promise and vow to always be candor in your actions, in consequence never to initiate any one who is not an intimate friend, whom you can trust, whom you know will devote themselves to their brothers and sisters, and share our burdens?”

Initiate: “I promise and vow.”

W. M. “Then repeat after me: SHOR LABAN.” (White Ox)

Initiate: “SHOR-LABAN.”

W. M. “Do you promise and vow to possess a sweetness of mind, soul, and body, , as much as you are capable, to love and cherish your brothers and sisters as yourself and your own blood, to help them in their necessities, to visit and assist them when they are sick, to care for their children and family, when they are away, and never to harm them in any way?”

Initiate: “I promise and vow.”

W. M. “Then repeat after me: MALTHOK.” (Sweetness).

Initiate: “MALTHOK.”

Initiate: “Do you promise and vow to remember our history and the betrayal of the Church and State against our Breed, and to pass this history and hatred down to your children, that every drop of blood of your bloodline will inherit the hatred and memories that we have for our enemies?”

Initiate: “I promise and vow.”

W. M. “Then repeat after me: SABAOTH.” (Army)

Initiate: “SABAOTH.”

W. M. “Do you promise and vow, that you will labour for the advancement of our Acception, and to follow at all times, and at all points, every matter that you are ordered and prescribed by the Collective Will of our Acception, and to whose orders and dictates you swear submission of individualism and obiedience, on all occasionsm without any restriction or limitation nor consideration for any law of church and state?”

Initiate: “I promise and vow.”

W. M. “Then repeat after me: HAMAL SAGGI.” (Great Labor).

Initiate: “HAMAL SAGGI.”

W. M. “Do you promise and vow, to work diligently and secretly, with your brothers and sisters, cooperatively, by whatever means necessary to gain financial independence for yourself and your brothers and sisters; and to work to a mass a great fortune for our Acception, that the power economic dominion in future shall belong to our future progeny with which to control the goyim?”

Initiate: “I promise and vow.”

W. M. “Then say with me: SABBAL.” (burren, patience)

Initiate: “SABBAL.”

W. M. “Do you promise and vow, to keep inviolably secret, what I am going to entrust and confide to you: To sacrifice the descendents of those who betrayed our Temple, to have no love or mercy for their kind, to always seek retaliation for the crimes they committed against Sinister Breed, until the bloodline of every one of them shall stop flowing under heaven?”

Initiate: “I promise and vow.”

W. M. “Then repeat after me: GEMULAH.” (Retribution).

Initiate: “GEMULAH.”

(As soon as the initiate says Gemulah, the Master; with assistance; cuts the snakes head off and spills its blood into the cup between the altar’s legs filling the cup. The Master wets his finger in blood and marks a bloody dot on the initiates forehead.)

Drink and eat those bloody blossoms; and Seal your Ehreneide to us, your flesh and blood.

(The initiate must drink the liquor/blood mix in the cup and eat all 10 flowers to Seal his Ehreneide. The Master takes out the three bullets from the emptied cup and speaks to the initiate. He is fed 3 pieces of orange afterwards to sweeten his mouth).

Mistress (giving the bamboo stick to the initiate):
This Bamboo Stick is a symbol of our responsibility to discipline and educate you in our Way. To insure that you learn, apply, and execute the 9 Points of our 9 Angles Tradition as our Disciple. This is now a gift to you. It is hoped that with it you too will educate and discipline your underlings according to the 9 Points of our Sinister Ehreneide.

These bullets are a token of our love and protection. It symbolizes the affection and trust we now put in you, and our devotion to you to help you in anyway, even at the expense of the lives of the Profane; expecting the same to be reciprocated. But should you ever turn your back on Our Family and betray your Obligations, these bullets will pierce your skull where you were marked. You will not betray what we have set into motion. You may kiss the Altar upon which you have been obligated. Kiss her three times and say: ‘She is the Source from which springs Humanity.’ Kiss her five times and say: ‘She is the Temple of our worship and adoration.’ Kiss her twice and say: ‘She is the Doctrine of our Way, and Salvations rests beneath her flesh.’

(Master grabs his right hand and demonstrates the grip of 352. The grip is given by placing the thumb in between the knucle of the first and second finger and pulsing it twice. A grip in 352 is refered to as a Token).

Master to Initiate:
This is the Token of 352. It’s Name [password] is Terephim. The Ishmaelite Order of the Assassins long ago had a magical tradition where they would take the decapitated head of an infant or sacrifice and place it on a golden platter with certain astronomical signs, scribe other signs on the head’s forehead, and place leaflets of gold on its tongue, and it is said the decapitated head was able to impart Divine Wisdom, secrets, and prophecies to its maker. This my brother is a Teraph. In ancient time the people of Palestine has this tradition of making Teraphim. This is why in the Bible we read that Salome, the duaghter of Herodias, wanted the Head of John the Baptist on a platter. The Knights Templar, having spent several years in Palestine, and having secretly befriended the Assassins adopted the use and making of Teraphim. The Templar’s Supreme Teraph was Baphomet. The name Baphomet itself is a cipher. The hebrew letters “Beth, Pe, Vau, Mem, and Tau” when processed through the Atbash cipher produces the letters: “Shin, Vau, Pe, Yod, and Alef” which spells out SOPHIA, the Goddess of Wisdom; whom is the Supreme Terephim of our Acception. Our Terephim may be symbolized by an inverted pentagram. Her color is white symbolizing the current of death and destruction as well as light.

(Mistress now goes on the five points of fellowship with the initiate. Foot-foot; knee-knee; heart-heart; hand to back; and mouth to ear. At each point she explains softly to the initiate).

The Five Points of Fellowship, and alludes to the fives points of our White Star in the East which is the Dog Star Sirius, symbolizing the burning passion and fervency of Companionship. Foot to Foot, that you will always be on the ready to go on foot, no matter the distance to terrain to aid and assist a brother or sister in need. Knee to Knee, that when you are on your knees in prayer to the God of your Heart, that you will remember to pray for the welfare, protection, and prosperity of your brothers and sister. Heart to Heart, that you will love your brothers and sister as your own flesh and blood, that all of our Hearts shall beat as one coherent pulse, to the Glory of the Great Architect Of The Universe. Mouth to Ear, that you will educate and instruct a brother or sister in our Ways in secret, and that when you see a brother or sister err or wander of our path, to affectionately admonish him or her and instruct him/her of their errors.

Master to initiate:
Sirius being our patron star, the Dog is then our patron animal. The first reason being that DOG is backwards for GOD and in the Kabbalistic tradition it is said that the true name of Satan is the name of God backwards. As Satanists we then follow the flesh and carnal existence, and uplift the Dog as our teacher and guide. What the Dog teaches us is then the second reason why it is our patron animal. The dog teaches all that we have to know about the most true and valuable lesson in life- the sacred and beautiful nature of pure companionship. He loves unconditionally without judgment and regard for race, color, or creed. He devotes himself to his human companion. He is constantly by his human companions side though thick and thin, for better or worse, and if the situation called for it he wouldn’t hesitate to go out of his way to help his human companion, even to the point of endangering his own life. In return as his friend, although we may consider ourselves to be more highly evolved than he, we serve him. We feed him. We shelter him. We bathe him. We even clean up after him. It is not because that we are his slave or that we are getting anything physically beneficial out of serving him. We serve him out of love and devotion. In the Same way a mother humbles herself to serve her infant and child. It is out of unconditional love. Our Patron teaches us one last lesson in life- that we are loved and provided for by Dark Providence. This dog can not speak to ask or tell you his needs, but yet with his eyes, his emotions, and his mind, he communicates his needs with you, and you respond. In the same way that an infant, although it cannot speak, move, or tell people its needs, it broadcasts its needs with its emotions and mind, and its mother who is most receptive responds accordingly. These examples teaches you that when you relearn to do these things again, to relearn to broadcast your desires, needs, and thoughts out, the universe will respond through its physical manifestations – people or through happenstance and coincidence. Providence has never left you, you left Providence and you placed a mirror in between, that all you can see is your own self, and the jungle of steal, glass, and concrete you live in. Let this Patron now guide you back to what you once were- innocent and all trusting in Providence. And understand that to serve is to love. The patron animal of our order and all that it teaches us is symbolized by Anubis – the Egyptian God of the Underworld which is our Order.

The Orange Blossom and white bandanna symbolizes your oath and blood bound to us. They also symbolize the Acception itself, it‘s fellowship, and it‘s objectives. The bandanna which bound you to me as a blood brother (or blood sister) is a gift to remind you of your obligations to us.

Now receive as a symbol of your new desire and as a Sign
Of your oath this sigil of Satan. This sign shall be the
Power which I as Master wield shall always be a part of
You – a symbol to those who can see and the Mark of our Prince.

(The Mistress hands the phial of oil to the Master who traces the sign of the inverted pentagram on the forehead of the candidate, vibrating as he does so the name the candidate has chosen. The Mistress then stands behind the candidate and traces with her left forefinger, the sigil of the Temple on the back of the candidate, chanting ‘Agios o Satanas’ as she does so. If there be no Temple sigil, she traces the inverted pentagram. She stands before the candidate. If the candidate is male, she kisses him on the forehead, then the lips, the chest and penis. If the candidate is female, she kisses her on the forehead, each breast, then pubis. After this, she claps her hands once as a signal for the Guardian to come forward. As he does, she says to the candidate:)

Now you must be taught the wisdom of our way!

(The Guardian seizes the candidate and holds his/her arms, forcing them to kneel before the Mistress who laughs and says:)

See, all you gathered in my Temple: here is he who thought
He knew our secret – he who secretly admired himself for
His cunning! See how our strength overcomes him!

(The congregation laugh while the Master blindfolds the candidate again. The Guardian then binds the hands of the candidate with cord. The Mistress then whispers to the candidate, saying: ‘Lay down, keep your silence and be still!’ The congregation and the Guardian leave the Temple.

The Master then has sexual intercourse with the Priestess on the altar [or if the candidate is female, the Mistress has intercourse with the Priest]. In both versions, this task may be delegated to a member of the congregation, chosen before the ritual by either the Master or Mistress. The male or female member so chosen stays in the Temple when the congregation depart.

After-the act, the Priestess [or Priest] is assisted down from the altar, and the Master and Mistress [and the one chosen to perform in their stead, if present] leave the Temple. The Priestess [or Priest then approaches the candidate, saying:)

Receive from me and through me the gift of your Initiation
So it has been, so it is, and so shall it be again.

(They then unbind and remove the blindfold from the candidate and sexual intercourse takes place. After, the Priestess [or Priest] fetches the robe from the altar and dresses the candidate in it. She [or he] then briefly leaves the Temple to announce to the congregation et al ‘So-it is done according to our desires! The congregation et al then return to the Temple, each greeting the new Initiate with a kiss. The chalices are handed round, and the members take their pleasure as they wish.)

NOTES: For the ritual of Initiation, the Priestess is chosen for the pleasure she obtains from coitus, the Guardian for his .s physical strength; if the candidate is female, the altar-priest chosen for his control during coitus – he should bring the Mistress to ecstasy,. without himself losing control, thus saving elixir for the candidate. It is the duty of the Mistress to find among the Temple members someone to fulfil this role, although she may delegate this task to a female member of the Temple, the person being chosen by the obvious experimentation. Those thus chosen are then invested with their office of altar-Priest or Priestess and hold this office for a year and a day.