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The Sinister Calling

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Wyrd non est aliud, quam halitus
aquae, terraeque, solis calore
exacte attenuatus et coctus, a
frigore secutae noctis in unum
coactus, densatusque . . .



The aim of the following ceremonial ritual can be either (a) returning to Earth those 'negative, chaotic, sinister' forms/energies dark legend knows as 'The Dark Gods';(b) drawing forth from acausal dimensions chaotic energies, directed towards a specific goal/aim/intent or channeled into a particular individual(s)/group/temporal form. The main difference between the two is that in (a) the forms/energies are left to disperse/create conditions according to their nature. If insufficient preparation/desire is present within those performing this Calling, (b) can become (a) - sometimes to the detriment of those Calling. The rite of the Sinister Calling is a traditional ritual -perhaps the most sinister ritual that exists. The rite assumes willing Sacrifice.

An isolated hill top, sunset, with Saturn rising - or a sinister Temple/cave.

Master of the Temple - purple robes
Mistress of Earth - purple robes
Priestess - naked, upon altar
Priest - black robe, tied with white cord/girdle
Congregation - black robes
Guardian of the Temple - black robes with face mask


1) Seven days before the rite, the congregation assemble in the dwelling of the Master or Mistress. Here they stay until the rite is complete. During the seven days they are forbidden to speak, wear only ceremonial robes, will abstain from intoxicating drinks and sexual pleasures and eat no meat (this is a 'Black Fast'). During the hours of darkness no lights except black candles are to be lit and at sunset on each day they gather in the Temple to chant the Diabolus nine times. During the seven days no contact with outsiders is allowed, and no music or intrusive sound, save for the Diabolus and the Atazoth chant is to be heard. Both the dwelling and the Temple is to be incensed with Saturnian incense. According to tradition, the robes worn will contain a hood/cowl which is to be worn during the hours of daylight, these hours being taken up with walking within the dwelling grounds (or a suitable, isolated location nearby) for at least three hours together with such diversions as the Master or Mistress will arrange. (Note: These diversions - which in recent times include playing the Star Game - are so chosen so as not to destroy the black tranquility of the fast.) In the past they have included study of alchemical MSS, silent Tarot readings (using sign language/drawn symbols for the reader to express meanings) and practice in performing esoteric chant (Diabolus/Atazoth chant - fourth/fifths and so on), this latter in the Temple if the Calling is to be performed there.

2) The Temple is prepared seven days before the rite (this applies to the site chosen - which should thereafter be guarded by appropriate energy). This consists of the Master and Mistress incensing the area with Saturnian incense while chanting seven times the 'Sanctus Satanas'. They then unite in sexual union, the Mistress visualizing the nexion to the Dark Gods as being gradually opened, though remaining partly closed.

One planetary hour before the Calling begins on the seventh day, the Temple/outdoor area is made ready by an Initiate chosen for this task. A black cloth is laid on the altar and seven black candles placed upon it and lit. A large quartz crystal is placed in the centre of the Temple, on an oak (or wooden) stand. (Note: It enhances the energies if this crystal is shaped as a tetrahedron. Whatever the shape the crystal should be as large as possible.) The Master brings the Sacrificial knife. An image of Baphomet according to sinister tradition (for example, Atu III of the Sinister Tarot) may be present in the Temple but no other artifacts, furnishings, signs or symbols.

The congregation et al gather outside the Temple, robed as described, and are led into the Temple by the (naked) Priestess at the beginning of the Rite.

3) As the Congregation assemble on the seventh day before the Rite (they will have been informed some time before by the Master or Mistress of the date of the Calling, its purpose and intent being explained) lots are drawn to decide which man among them will be chosen. The one chosen by the drawing of lots is free to then accept or decline the honour. If this honour is declined, another lot is held, and the one so chosen may also decline. After this a further lot is held, the result of which is binding. The Opfer so chosen by lot is then led by the Guardian(s) to a secure, secluded place and resides there until the Calling begins. Each night and in this place, the Opfer receives the Priestess for the length of one planetary hour, the Priestess being chosen from among the Temple to be at this period capable of conception. If the Master or Mistress so desire, another lady in addition to the Priestess may be chosen and received by the Opfer during the days before the Rite, and lead him to the Temple for the Calling.

The Rite:

The congregation precess into the Temple, led by the Priestess who is assisted onto the altar by the Mistress. The congregation gather in a semi-circle before the altar, the Guardian(s) holding the Opfer by the entrance. The Mistress greets the Master with a kiss, saying: 'To you it is fitting, Master, to speak to our gods for these many. With your own eyes see how we seekers of darkness await this calling forth of our gods!'

The Mistress gestures with her hands, and the congregation remove their hoods/cowls. She says: 'So shall we rejoicing dance!' The congregation begin to dance counter-sunwise around the altar chanting "Binan ath ga wath am".

The Master lays the S.Knife on the womb of the Priestess while the Mistress places her hands on the crystal and joins the Master in chanting the Diabolus in fourths while visualizing the nexion opening. This chant is repeated seven times while the congregation continue their dance and chant.

After the seventh chant, the Master claps his hands nine times as a signal for the congregation to gather round. The Guardian brings the Opfer forward.

The Master gives the Opfer a chalice of wine, which he drinks. After this, the Master says to him: 'We greet our honoured guest with a kiss'. He kisses the Opfer, followed by the Mistress and the congregation who kiss the Opfer in turn.

The Mistress then removes the robe of the Opfer and begins to raise his secret fire with her lips, while the Master gestures to the congregation as a sign for them to remove their robes. They then begin to dance again - chanting 'Atazoth', Satanas and/or shouting/laughing/screaming as they whirl faster in ecstasy and frenzy.

As they dance, the Guardian lifts the Priest upon the altar while the Master takes up the S.Knife. The Priestess holds the Opfer in sexual union and visualizes the nexion opening as she draws by movement the secret fire from the Opfer. She then releases him and on this sign the Mistress signals to the congregation who begin an orgiastic rite according to their desires.

The Mistress then touches the crystal with her hands visualizing/intoning the aim/intent of the Calling, ad libitum according to the frenzy/energy generated in the Temple. As she touches the crystal, the Guardian(s) assist the Opfer from the altar and with the Master (who takes the S.Knife and the empty chalice used by the Opfer) leave the Temple and go to a secluded place (which may be the place used by the Opfer during the preparation period).

In this secluded place, the Master vibrates 'Nythra kthunae Atazoth' while the Guardian(s) hold the Opfer. After the vibration, the Master uses the S.Knife, collecting some of the elixir in the chalice. He then returns to the Temple and the Mistress symbolically washes her hands in the red elixir before herself chanting 'Nythra kthunae Atazoth!' Following this, she and the Master chant in fourths the Diabolus, directing the chant towards the crystal.

The Rite is concluded by the Master assisting the Priestess down from the altar. She departs from the Temple, returning with trays of food and wine which she offers to the congregation - then revelry continues until desires are fulfilled. The Priestess herself withdraws after offering the food and drink, as the Master and Mistress do.

After the final Diabolus chant by the Master and Mistress, if an aim/intent is intended, this is visualized/voiced by them according to magickal principles before they depart from the Temple. Should they wish, they may combine this with their own sexual union. Should no intent/aim be desired, the dark forms/energies are left to gather/disperse according to their nature. The Guardian(s) are sworn to secrecy, and after the red elixir is produced, they secrete/bury the empty vessel in a location prepared beforehand.