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A Letter to ‘The Watcher’

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Satanic Greetings from the Order of Nine Angles, U.K.

May I, on behalf of your brothers and sisters here in Great Britain, extend best wishes and support to you on this night of Sinister Solidarity [Halloween]. Whilst facing this current wave of Nazarene hysteria, it is appropriate that we should remember the achievements of Adepts throughout the ages who have suffered greatly in order to create the freedoms that we experience today.

For those courageous enough to continue this tradition, there will never be acceptance, only the pathetic wailing of those who tremble in the face of their own liberation. We endure physical and verbal abuse – sometimes death – for our acts are genuinely black to the blind. Such conflicts are intrinsic to Magickal evolution, developing character and creating the genuine Adept as opposed to those who indulge in child abuse or any wallowing in – as opposed to transcendence of – personal inadequacies. There is no easy path to individual insight – ‘wisdom through suffering’ as the ancient Greeks understood.

The great – and simple – secret of Satanism is that we represent balance and our Dark Prince shall continue to symbolize our adversarial acts until such times exist when Satanism, in Aeonic terms, is no longer necessary (and thus sinister aims are realized on a large scale). Of course, the Aeon of the Dark Gods will not occur for some time – for many of use, beyond our own temporal existence – considering that the majority of people are not very physically developed (I feel it would be accurate to say that 90% of people are stupid).

However, ten years, one hundred years, the timescale of such achievements is irrevelant. We are in a very privileged position, and this must always be remembered; that is, those of us who endure/survive will complete work begun thousands of years ago by our dark ancestors. We all, in our individual ways, actually shape the evolution of the human race. From the majority who are still shackled to maoral abstract illusions, we are dangerous and the disinformation and the fear that currently abounds is a comment on this fact. But for those few who consciously understand, we are the key to the floodgates that will free human nature and take us to the stars.

To the glory of They who are seldom named, Christos Beest, ONA