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Doctrine of Satan by GM Blackwood

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Doctrine of Satan I:


On the windy coastline of Michigan I stand looking out into the vast lake known for its beauty and roughness.

I stand alone, sword skyward over the flames of a burning pit calling to The Lord and Master Satan.

“Oh Lord and Master Satan I call forth into the lands for you to deliver a message to share with mankind.”

“I am of you Lord MasterSatan, devoted and committed to your cause and in understanding of your prowess and power over humankind.”

As I begin to enter into mediation, the winds increase and suddenly I am pushed to the sandy ground with a force from an unknown direction.

“Satan I feel your power and feel your intellect coming over me”.

I began to see darkness befall the beach and clouds cover the sun, my head has began to pound from a sudden migraine and I began to utter the words.

“I welcome your return and welcome your words of wisdom, Oh Lord Master Satan.”

I quickly removed my parchment from a nearby bag and began to write the following edicts and words that come from a message delivered to my mind from Satan.

1. Satan desires devotion and learning from his disciples and ministry.
2. Satan desires strength through study and constant challenge by others.
3. Satan desires destruction of the Moon God Idolatry Allah.

4. Satan requires absolute allegiance to his causes and desires of ones personal goals and ambitions to further his cause and not the causes of ministry dedicated to him.

5. Satan most all desires a large army to further his intentions.

I became comatose and began to drift into deep meditation shortly thereafter I clear the circle to Satan.


Relatively quickly I begin to feel the migraine drift away the flames of the camp fire go out, the winds calm and it is apparent Satan has gone, as quick as he came he is gone again.

“Oh Master Satan I thank thee for the insights and so begin the journey for you.”

I take the parchment and after I close it seal it with wax and leave the beach, driving home I begin to feel sick and pull over only to find myself staring at a black misty figure standing in the road shouting at me, in what is presumed to be some angelic or demonic tongue.

Getting out of the car, the figure drifts into a nearby woods and vanishes and quickly as it appeared and so begins the journey and so comes the idealogy known today as Real Satanism and its edicts to change the world for Satan.

Over the next several weeks I will spend time with revisits to the site however I am unable to re-invoke Satan, over and over I will try, but my calls grow silent to the Master and then after six I begin to drive home and rest most of the day until I am awoken by the same figure I saw in the road weeks before, grasping at my neck and somehow choking me uttering some unknown language.

Grasping for air I somehow manage to push the entity off and bolt outdoors into the night uttering.

“Satan protect your servant from the dark force that comes.”

The force has never returned, and the scars of the encounter have drifted from my mind.

It is often thought that one has illusions and suffers from some sort of hysteria when one encounters figures cloaked in darkness, this is further from the truth, Satan permeates society and has for thousands of years finding himself amongst the masses of devote Christians and Muslims that taint his words and make him into something he is not.

Satan is immersed in folklore and mystery and thus has enjoyed the ability to remain hidden amongst the proverbial shadows of society remaining inactive until an accomplished adept is able to summon him from the darkness and receive his words, not in person or from a entity through mysterious and mystical means.

Satan emerged from somewhere in the Middle East during the times of Sumer, it is still unclear and requires definition not yet theorized by experts in Archeology and or experts in Middle Eastern Studies.

From Milton spawned the name Lucifer, however the name was wrong and Satan found himself gleaning titles and terms that he often endeared and often held with distaste all the while remaining in the shadows of darkness and secrecy.

Satan has never desired the “quote-unquote” underground attitude that those has rained upon the masses interested in Satanism, the leadres of his cause have remained often times misguided and caught up in ego motivated decisions and actions that actually have damaged his throne.

Satan however is displeased with those in Satanism not yielding to his desires, however his vision remains clear as far as moving the religion forward and bringing back his dominion over the masses, this can be accomplished through a unwavering mission that includes these finer points.

Editor’s Note: Any criticisms or comments would only serve to obscure the essence of the ‘doctrine’s’ author’s stupidity.