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The Mythos of Vindex Part I.

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The Mythos of Vindex

Part One: Vindex and The Defeat of The Magian

Mythos, in the context of this work, refers to an intimation, or intuition, of an aspect of the Numen, presenced as this is in words which relate an archetypal legend or an archetypal premonition/prophecy of some future events.

Vindex is the name of one such numinous prophecy of the near future: an archetypal figure who, by practical deeds, brings-into-being a new way of life and who confronts, and who defeats, through force of arms, those forces which represent the dishonour and the impersonal tyranny so manifest in the modern world, especially in what it is convenient to call “the West”.

Vindex thus represents, par excellence, what is numinous, and restores the balance that has been lost; lost because of the imposition of un-numinous, impersonal, and tyrannical, abstractions. As mentioned elsewhere (for instance, in Honour: The Practical Foundation of The Numinous Way, and The Way of The Warrior ), personal honour is one primary manifestation of the numinous, and it is personal honour that the abstract impersonal laws of all large modern “nation-States” take away, reducing the individual, as such States do, to a mere characterless often debt-ridden lackey or drone who is expected to toil to pay the taxes that the State imposes, which taxes are nothing more than a government run protection-racket, and which taxes keep the whole rotten, corrupt System of corrupt dishonourable politicians, and their flunkeys, going.

Personal honour is the way of the noble warrior – the way of the characterful men and women who have learnt from practical experience, who rely on themselves to solve their own problems and disputes, and for whom personal honour is the only law of true justice. The abstract law of the modern States is the way made for the supine masses who are made to rely on “the State” to solve their problems and their disputes, and who are for the most part manipulated and moulded by a powerful, arrogant, and often wealthy and privileged (not to say innately cowardly and dishonourable), self-appointed elite, which elite – through their use and control of, or influence over, such things as the Media, the entertainment industry, advertising, business, banking, and politicians and political parties – have manufactured the soul-less mostly urban societies of the modern industrialized so-called “democratic” world where some abstract “progress” has become a god to be worshipped and obeyed, where the mumbo-jumbo of usurious banking has hypnotized generation after generation, and where the impersonal manufactured law of mostly corrupt and dishonourable and self-serving politicians is stupidly regarding as representing “justice”.

In brief, Vindex restores to the modern world the fundamental principle of true, natural justice: the personal justice based on the rule of personal honour, which thus gives to the individual a genuine freedom. For it is this natural, and human, justice, which the modern State has usurped, making the individual powerless before “the might of the State”, for there are no so-called “individual rights” which the mighty State cannot take away or suspend or ignore or legislate away, and no area where the State cannot interfere or impose its will, as is so evident by the ever-increasing power and authority given by the State to its minions, such as the Police force and the Security services, which Police force and which Security personnel, can arrest, detain, forcibly restrain, and imprison – that is, take away the dignity and personal honour – of any individual provided some other minion of the State believes or assumes there is some “just cause”, according to the impersonal laws of the State itself, which laws the State continues to manufacture, tyrannical year after tyrannical year. (1)


The Tyranny of The Magian:

The abject dishonourable tyranny of the modern industrialized world – of the modern West – has been manufactured by the Magian, and by the Magian ethos.

The Magian ethos is represented in the victory of consumerism over genuine, numinous, culture. It is represented in the triumph of abstract “cleverness” – particularly abstract “law” – over the noble instincts of the man, or woman, of honour. It is represented in the triumph of vulgar mass entertainment over spontaneous family and small community events. It is manifest by the triumph of urban haste and impoliteness over the possession of rural manners. It is manifest in the triumph of loans and usurious debt over thrift. It is represented in the triumph of indecency and profanity over modesty. But, perhaps most of all, it is represented in the destruction of the slow, rural, way of life – work involving manual labour and/or the labour of animals – and its replacement by the industry and machines of Homo Hubris, made possible by a rampant capitalism and the abject and large-scale exploitation of people and natural resources by modern States and their privileged oligarchies. (2)

For the industrialized nations of the West are the original abode of Homo Hubris: that new sub-species of the genus, Homo, which new sub-species has evolved out of the industrial revolution and the imposition of both capitalism and what is called democracy. This new rapacious denizen – this creation of the modern West – is distinguished by their profane “lack of numinous balance”, by a lack of knowing of and feeling for the numinous; by a personal arrogance, by a lack of manners, and by that lack of respect for anything other than strength/power and/or their own gratification. And it was to satiate and satisfy and to use and control Homo Hubris that the Magian and their acolytes manufactured the vacuous, profane, vulgar mass entertainment industry – and mass “culture” – of the modern West, just as it is the Magian-controlled Media, and the “spin”, the propaganda, of politicians who have been assessed and accepted by the Magian cabal, which keeps Homo Hubris almost totally unaware, and uncaring, of the reality of the modern world and of the sordid dishonourable deeds of the multitude of Magian minions.

The average Homo Hubris is obsessed with “power and speed” and with gratifying themselves: thus do they love their hubrismobiles; and thus do they love to indulge themselves with “Khamr” – with that which, with anything, which can intoxicate them and which may or which can free them from either the dull routine of their working, tax-paying, menial, wage-slave, debt-ridden, lives, or from their seemingly pointless life living “on welfare” or on State-benefits.

Little notion – or none – does the average Homo Hubris have of the slower, natural, rhythm, of Nature; little, or no, awareness of their connexion to Nature, to other life, to the Cosmos itself.  No numinous respect. Instead, Nature is for them, at best, a playground, or some kind of tourist attraction, to be gawped at: momentarily, at least, while their interest, or their holiday, lasts.  At worst, Nature is just a resource, to be used, mastered; or interfered with or controlled, mostly – of course – by or through some abstract idea, or based on someone’s clever manufactured “theory”. Nowhere the awareness of, or feeling for, wu-wei…

The average Homo Hubris has no numinous culture of their own, for they have not grown from a living community with an ancestral and treasured and respected heritage. Instead, they have been given or assigned, some abstract manufactured “culture” (which more often than not glorifies the “nation”, or region, of their birth: to the “glory of the State”), or they have accepted one offered to them by the savants and servants of the Magian, for there are indeed a plenitude of such modern, meaningless because un-numinous, manufactured “cultures” to choose from.

The truth is that Homo Hubris has been, for over a century, and still is, the foot-soldier of the Magian: going to fight this war, then that. Dying for this modern cause, then that one. Spurred on by the rhetoric of some politician, or some demagogue, to invade and occupy this land, then that one. Mesmerized by and following one abstract crusade after another; mesmerized by one Magian lie after another. And all the while, the Magian and their savants and chosen acolytes stay safe, and grow and prosper.

In addition – and until quite recently – Homo Hubris has been almost exclusively of Caucasian ethnicity. For is the White hordes of Homo Hubris who have toiled, struggled, and who have fought, to manufacture, sustain, and to keep safe, the world we have today: the world of large industrialized nation-States; the world of large, impersonal, obedient, armed forces whose technological weapons have made war a very dishonourable, unwarrior-like, undertaking; the world of large rapacious trans-national corporations and international capitalist firms based on the principles of greed, exploitation, and the vulgar barbarism of the “survival of the fittest”. And it was the White hordes of Homo Hubris who – under the spell of the Magian – brutally, cunningly, and efficiently, defeated the one resurgence of the numinous, in the West, and the one resurgence of the numinous in the Far East, which resurgence in many ways (but not all) prefigured, and were intimations of, the warrior way of Vindex: the one and only attempt, in the West, to counter and replace the ethos of the Magian with the numinous way of the warrior, and the one and only practical resurgence, elsewhere in the world, to halt the spread of the dishonourable vulgar “culture” of Western Homo Hubris, and to return to a numinous, ancestral, culture and way of life.

It is the still mostly White hordes of Homo Hubris who – under the spell of the Magian and as adherents to the new Magian religion of Shoah – have created the new Empire of the Magian, manifest as this Empire now is in Amerika and its allies and collaborators. It is the still mostly White hordes of Homo Hubris who are toiling to extend the dictat of this new Empire to the whole world, if necessary by force of arms. And it is the still mostly White hordes of Homo Hubris who are striving to propagate the Magian ethos – and the Magian religion of Shoah – to the rest of the peoples of the world, to thus  ensure the world-wide hegemony of the new Amerikan Empire by manufacturing new, non-Caucasian, hordes of Homo Hubris, in thrall to the un-numinous, the decadent, the dysfunctional, ways of the modern West.

It is Vindex, and the new clans of Vindex, who is and who are the only obstacles remaining in the way of the Magian – and their savants and servants – creating an abject world-wide tyranny which will reduce the majority of peoples to the status of slaves, although, of course, the majority of the new hordes of Homo Hubris might not be aware of their true status, since they may well – as the White hordes of Homo Hubris have so amply demonstrated – be reasonably happy with their lot, being kept reasonably well-fed, well-entertained, and believing as they do the myths and lies and propaganda of the Magian, as well as having new religions, such as “democracy” and Shoah, to adhere to and believe in.


The Genesis of Vindex:

Vindex is the generic name for that revolutionary noble warrior who leads the practical fight against the Magian and their allies, manifest as the Magian are now in the so-called mis-named New World Order whose twin centres of power (both ideological and practical) are in Amerika and the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine. Vindex thus prepares the way for the Galactic Imperium, whose practical beginnings lie in the establishment of new communities, based around new clans (or tribes) whose only law is that of Personal Honour. Vindex (who may be male or female) is the embodiment of The Law of the New Aeon of the Imperium, which is personal honour, and who, with his or her victorious warriors, establishes an entirely new type of culture, and an entirely new way of life.

Used as the name of an individual, Vindex means “The Avenger”, and while it is traditionally (and semantically) regarded as a male name, with the Anglicized feminine form being Vengerisse, Vindex is now often used to refer to either the man or the woman who is or who becomes this revolutionary warrior leader.

While it is possible that, as I myself once wrote, Vindex will arise from one of the nations of the West (which includes Russia, the United States and the lands formerly referred to as Eastern Europe) – and be of Caucasian (European) ethnicity – it is also possible that he or she could arise elsewhere in the world, and be of mixed, or of any, ethnicity. For what is fundamental to Vindex is that he or she is a charismatic and revolutionary leader who inspires absolute loyalty; that he or she fights, in a practical way through force of arms, the forces of the Old Order, manifest in the power of the Magian; and that he or she triumphs in the final battle, enabling the establishment of new communities free from the now broken and discarded and tyrannical Magian ethos.

Perhaps there is still time for the needed number of people within some land or lands of the modern West to arise, reclaim their ancestral warrior heritage and culture, and take up arms against the Magian, the Amerikan Empire and the vassals and lackeys of that Empire. But, perhaps not, for we have waited for well over a half century for this to occur. Indeed, given the almost total subservience of the majority of the peoples of the modern West to the ethos, myths, and new religions of the Magian, it does seem increasingly likely that Vindex will arise, and first engage the forces of the Magian, in non-Western lands, and thus be of non-European ethnic descent, especially since even those, among the peoples of the West, who know and who understand the power and influence of the Magian, and who refuse to accept the new religion of Shoah (which new religion has aided the mental conditioning of Homo Hubris), are doing nothing practical and have done nothing practical, for decades, to directly engage the Magian and the allies and servants. For it is as if these Westerners lack that inner vitality, that instinctive feeling for honour, which was so manifest in many of their ancestors and in their former warrior cultures, and which so briefly flourished again in one Western land less than one hundred years ago before being defeated by the White hordes of Homo Hubris.

True, there have been a few individuals, in the West, who over the past fifty years have directly and heroically engaged the forces of the Magian. But a few individuals do not make a real, genuine, sustainable and continuing fighting, warrior clan or clans. It is as if the very knowing of and feeling for the numinous – the true way of the warrior – is no longer within most of those Western “people who know”, so that their words are only words, and their knowledge and understanding is the empty knowledge and the feeble understanding of those too world-weary to care, anymore; as if they are the last dying remnants of a once heroic, but now broken, people.

For what distinguishes Vindex and the new warrior clans of Vindex is their vigorous, and living, warrior belief that honour is more important, more valuable, than their own lives, so that they are ready, eager and indeed more than willing to fight and if necessary die in pursuit of an honourable duty they have sworn to do. Thus, in these clans, the culture of honour lives and thrives; the culture of honour, loyalty and of duty. The numinous culture where life is lived according to an unchanging Code of Honour, and where loyalty to a person, once given, is given unto death. This is the culture of the honourable individual, who refuses to bow down to any external abstract “governmental” authority, and who has an instinctive and natural love for the true freedom that personal honour brings. The warrior culture whose fundamental principle is that every individual has a right and a duty to bear and carry weapons, with each warrior individual prepared to use such weapons in defence of their own honour and in defence of the honour of those whom they champion or to whom they have given a personal pledge of loyalty.  The culture of the clan, and of the tribe; of personal knowledge of friends and foes, where combat among warriors is regarded as honourable, and where the impersonal war of modern armies is regarded as dishonourable and cowardly. Indeed, this is the culture of those new outlaws on whose heads the governments of the Magian – the governments of the new Amerikan Empire – have placed bounties, and who, in their typical dishonourable way, want them “dead or alive” for the so-called “crime” of defying the un-numinous and tyrannical laws and ethos of modern, Magian-led, nation-States.

-David Myatt



(1) Just consider, for example, how, in a modern Western State such as Britain, the Police have been given the “authority” to smash their way into the private home of an individual, at any time of the day or night; and have the State-given “authority” to use whatever force – and however many Police officers – they deem necessary to subdue and restrain (and thus humiliate) an individual; and contrast that with the respect for the individual still somewhat evident in a non-Western nation such as modern Thailand, where the Police cannot enter the private home of an individual, unless invited to do so, although – of course – it will probably not be long before the people of Thailand, desirous of imitating the West still further, have a government that will manufacture and enable such laws as give their State and their Police the tyrannical powers of modern Western nations.

(2) An excellent depiction of this now lost pre-HomoHubris way of life, in the West, is given in Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson.