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Reductio Ad Absurdum

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Historical Addendum: reductio ad absurdum:

The individual responsible for the present codification of ONA (in the form of the seven-fold way, Star Game etc.) does not claim any supra-personal authority for that codification (in the form of Satan/Set or an extra-terrestrial intelligence) or indeed for the creativity, which was its essence. Neither does he claim any authority via having belonged to some ancient and mysterious group whose “Master” taught and Initiated him.

The truth is simple, and a little ordinary. He was fortunate perhaps in spending most of his childhood and early youth in Africa and the Far East where, in the former, he grew up among people who believed in pagan practices and witchcraft, and, in the latter, he came in contact with many and various traditions including LHP Taoist magic and Martial Arts. All this formed a somewhat unusual education (there is no claim to being “Initiated” into any form) and provided a continuing interest in esoteric arts. This curiosity, interest together with his keen intellect, enthusiasm and zest for danger let him to, in later youth, to not only seek out LHP groups in Europe but also into many interesting and diverse experiences, and in the late sixties he was Initiated into some LHP groups/underground Satanic Temples. His diverse experiences then and later (some dangerous, some at variance with prevailing social dogma, many dark, some heretical) provided useful background for an Occult and personal synthesis and led to him taking responsibility for a small LHP group. The teaching of this group were rather garbled, full of mystifications and occasional insights, but they did provide some basis for creative extension. Thus, the new synthesis that was the seven-fold way was created. The original LHP group had no historical significance and did not claim among its former members any person of significance on any level – it was simply a reclusive circle of a few individuals oriented toward the Black Arts whose teachings (such as they were) centred around a septenary approach to magickal alchemy and a “mythology” about the Dark Gods. (It should be noted that the other LHP groups he joined derived their magic from a mixture of Crowley/Golden Dawn/demonism or were rather boring, lacking Satanic zest).

In the early years of the eighth decade of the present century a decision was made to publish the tradition of this small group (the ONA – as it came to be called some decades earlier) together with the new codification. Some of the traditional material concerned Sacrifice and some related to the Dark Gods mythos.

No one within this group believes these traditions and methods are unalterable or invested with “supernatural” authority. As expressed in such published works as “Naos” and “The Black Book” they are a practical method of achieving magickal Adeptship and extending consciousness into the next stage of its development.

Thus the ONA has no structure because no structure is needed – its members may guide others if those others wish, such guidance occurring because those members have themselves undergone (to a greater or lesser extent depending on their own personal development) the tasks of the seven-fold way and can thus offer advise from experience.

It is as absurdly simple as that.


ONA 1989 e.v.