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I shall be honest – Satanism has been hijacked.  By posers, by pseudo-intellectuals and by gutless weaklings who like the glamour and danger associated with it in the public mind but who do not have the guts to be evil – to do dark deeds.

 These modern days so-called ’satanists’ are really Nazarene scum in disguise – worms in dead snake-skin.  They prattle on about ‘morality’, puff themselves up with titles and perform verbal and intellectual gymnastics.  They think being Satanic involves calling yourself a Satanist and dressing up like Dracula or Mephistopheles or a vamp.

 Well, I am sick of these imposters.  Those who get a thrill from playing the role but who never actually do anything evil, who never go to the extremes, who never stand on the edge – or climb down to the darkness of the pit of Hell.  Those who have never experienced the limits of themselves in love, in war, in living – these weaklings trying so hard to impress.

 What, then, is real Satanism all about?  First, it is about rebellion – against the conformity of the present.  And I mean a real rebel, a real outlaw – someone who cuts a dash, who has charisma, whose very presence makes others uneasy (and who does not have to wear some stupid ‘costume’ to do this).  Second – try something to see if you get away with it.  If not – tough, you failed.  There are plenty of others…  If you succeed, try again, until you know your limits.   Choose a good cause, or a bad one or no cause at all, and really live, intoxicating yourself with life, danger, achievement.  Do not rest and never be afraid to face the possibility of death.  But in all that you do be honourable – to yourself.  Carry this honour with you everywhere like a favourite concealed weapon.

 Third, learn from your experience – like you would learn from a ‘bad’ woman (or man) in your youth when sex was still something of a mystery.  A real Satanist does not often do magick – they are magick by the very nature of their dynamic, zestful existence.  It is experience which teaches, from which you learn – you cannot learn Satanism from books (although some may guide you aright to begin with), it cannot be taught by ‘Masters’ and never involves cosy little discussions with ‘friends’ or others.  Anyone who accepts a ‘Master’ and grovels before them – however slight that grovelling may be – is not a Satanist, just a sucker who sucks.  Accepting some ‘authority’ is a sign you are weak:  a sign you need emotional crutches:  a sign you are a wimp.

 So, get off your arse, you suckers, and make Satan proud.  Learn to do evil.

 What is evil?  All that restricts life – all that tries to constrain the possibilities.  Doing evil means breaking these restrictions and constraints – and taking the consequences of your actions.  Just do – just discover, just smash the chains that hold most others in thrall, and never bow down to anyone about anything:  smash them first, or die rather than submit.  That way, you will learn how to live – and laugh at the weak.

 Of course this is dangerous – for others, and yourself!  Satanism was never easy – or for wimps.

 See you in Hell!


Anton Long

Order of Nine Angles