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The Return of Pseudo-Satanism…

Posted in Sinister Perspectives with tags , , on August 4, 2009 by cosmion



As the Fetching One stated in ‘Sinister Times’, Anton Long never left. Unfortunately, neither has Pseudo-Satanism. Upon Long’s  “return”, who should crawl out from his mother’s basement and conveniently make his “return” as well? G[rand] M[asturbator] Blackwood! What more can I say that hasn’t already been said during the past year?

Tom, hasn’t your mother ever told you to shut your mouth when the grown-ups are talking? We don’t believe in the fairy tale Satanism that you believe in. This is about Presencing the Dark through real world actions. Rites, ordeals, you know, not the pretend Dungeons and Dragons Satanism where you play with yourself and state that Satan whispered in your ear while you held your sword pointing to the heavens and He told you what needs to be accomplished in the “community” and how to worship His Greatness that is Satan.

Your way is not the Sinister Way, so there is no possibility that you could ever claim any involvement with excellence that is the Nine Angles or its various Nexions. The Satanism that you preach is profane and is only inverse Christianity.  “Yahweh bad….Satan good. Read the profane buy-bull backwards. The Satanism that lacks any real Insight and enlightenment. How does one evolve personally simply being a follower of your delusions? Is it because you, who lacks true Satanic character, say so? It sounds a bit iffy Tom. Even if one doesn’t choose to live the Dark Tradition, it is plain to see that the Tradition is but a means to Progression and Evolution, not simply devil-worship.

The Traditional Satanism that is the O9A is about being honour-bound and numinousity. Progression and Evolution. Words that you will definitely have to google because you have never experienced or attempted to experience them.

I feel no need to explain the practice of the O9A Traditional Satanism because all you need to do is click and point like you always do, Tom. Ctrl X, C and V are the Temples of Satan’s tools to worship. How do you think you were first noticed last October? You simply cut and paste Chloe and Kayla’s MSS and offered one sentence criticisms, which were flat, at best.

Anton Long “returns”, Tom. Don’t raise your infernal sword when you here gunfire. That’s just plain dumb of you. Could we have expected any less from you?

That goes for the species of homo-hubris who feels “brave” enough to mindlessly banter about the Sinister Way in this profane outlet. We make use of the internet to render ‘copyleft’ material for those who wish to travel the Sinister Path [which quite frankly, remains esoteric because of the majority of “Satanists'” lack of comprehension]. All manuscripts are there, but only a few “get it.” If you don’t get it, please refrain from letting your insecure nature rear its ugly heads.