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Stephen Brown to Dr. Aquino

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P.O. Box 700 Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

9th September 103yf

Dear Dr. Aquino,

Enclosed please find a copy of a reply to a letter by Mr. Austen here in the U.K. With this letter, he included a copy of yours to Mr. Bolton in which you made mention of me. Thus, I consider a letter from me to you to be in order.

Apropos of sacrifice. To the material originally published, to which you took exception, there has now been added much more – and some of the MSS are enclosed since they might be of interest. You will probably regard the publication of this material as ‘mistaken’ – among other things.

I however, regard it as necessary at this moment of time, for three fundamental reasons.

1. It expresses what traditional Satanists regard as Satanic practice: i.e. Satanism in action.

2. It restores to Satanism that darkness which belongs to it.

3. Such distribution of such material is a part of sinister strategy – an exoteric aspect of this being an obvious dialectic: opposition, synthesis, change.

If you study the literature we have made available on this subject, you may appreciate that what is stated is rather different from what most assume or believe is stated. (I refer to the MSS “Culling – A Guide to Sacrifice II”; “Victims – A Sinister Expose”, “Guidelines for the Testing of Opfers” and so on.) We are expressing the philosophy of the noble and the strong in forthright terms – not shying away from difficult issues, not pretending we, as Satanists, are some kind of altruistic, pacifist, kind folk who are ‘misunderstood’. The fundamental principle behind the action is that some people are worthless – and, because of their deeds and character, do not deserve to live. In fact, that their demise is healthy – akin to an act or acts of ‘natural justice’. This is a statement of genuine Satanism – as isĀ the statement that opfers are human culling in action. The MSS make it quite clear that opfers – victims for Satanic sacrifice – deserve what they get: they have been judged, tested, and found suitable. Thus, no victimcan be ‘innocent’ or a child. It is the deeds of those chosen which condemns them.

It is to be expected that you will not find this acceptable. I could give many examples of creatures who by their actions have shown themselves to be worthless – who deserve to die. Any individual who possesses a noble character, who understands the concept of ‘honour’, will know what is meant here – they will have a healthy instinct, not to be perceived by the sickness of the Nazarene, and so will possess real judgement. Accordingly, I will give a general examplein the hope of explicating the matter. [A few specific examples are given in the MSS.]

Those who adhere to the real philosophy which underliesĀ Satanism [to be precise I suppose I should say ‘philosophy of life’ rather than just ‘philosophy’] accept the battle, war. Combat and conquest are necessary – the strong thrive, the weak perish. And perhaps most important of all, through struggle, character is bred – and individuals exposed for what they are: noble or ignoble, brave or cowardly. In battle, there is no hiding place – words are no good, it is deeds which count. Intellectual sophistry is of no avail – one either is noble, or one is not. In facing death, there is truth – within each one who faces death. I quote from a fragment of an ancient Greek poem which is of interest here (my translation):

“Noble and glorious is he who fights

For his folk and family against the foe.

Since death comes when chosen by Fate –

Bringing to an end the thread of life

Go forward with spear held high and shields shielding brave hearts

When battle is joined:

There is no flight from death, for that Destiny comes to all mortals

Even they claiming descent from the gods.

Many from the battle fury of roaring javelins have fled to their home –

But even there, their fate of death awaits:

And they die unloved and unmourned by their folk

While both the high and the low born lament for the brave.

All of a community weep for the courageous, who die:

And if they live, they are hailed like a god,

Exalted by those who behold them

For the deeds of the many, they did alone.”


In battles, people die. Someone kills them. In an important sense, a battle is a culling – a test, a trial by the gods. A warrior society (such as that of ancient Greece or Rome) is one where I call ‘Satanic’ values are upheld. There is no guilt about certain things, no morbid ‘ethics’ to condemn certain things, like conquest and combat. There are warrior gods – gods to whom sacrifices are made. In a sense, those slain in battle are offerings to these gods.

Of course, some of these attributes are instinctive – certain deeds and beliefs arise from a ‘thinking with the blood’ rather than from cerebral contemplation. As such, they describe the individual of action rather than the gentle Nazarene mystic or the monkish philosopher. The morality of such a society represents natural justice – a balance, and as mentioned above, a part of this is that some people are worthless.

As you are aware, this morality, this natural balance, has been supplanted by a morality deriving from the Nazarene – in the societies of the West, at least.

I state what I understand to be Satanic truths openly and honestly – for example, what Satanism means and implies both for the individual and aeonically (particularly this latter) – while the Temple of Set seems intent only on creating a ‘good public impression’, with promoting an ‘image’. This ‘image’ is of a respectable, ethical religion. Of course, I have heard it said, that the real work of the Temple of Set ids hidden from those who have not proved themselves loyal members – or something similar. If this is true, then who is being deceitful? Who is using duplicity? If it is not true – that is, similar. If it is not true – that is, there is nothing beyond this ‘image’, this playing at Satanism then the Temple is meaningless, in aeonic terms, and probably in personal terms as well. I hide nothing – the ONA hides nothing. All its teachings are now accessible. There are no ‘secrets’, no doctrines for an ‘inner circle’ of trusted acolytes. The only thing that is secret, is connected with the identity of members for obvious tactical reasons. This brings me to the ONA itself. It is not a fictitious organization used as a front by myself. Its members are few, and for the most part stay well away from the ‘occult scene’ and other organizations. But I imagine you and others in the Temple will continue to claim otherwise, and repeat ad nauseam your claims. Personally, I do not care – the other members do not care, for we all know such claims bolster the image of the Temple of Set.

On the personal level, I do not hide behind a claim like having an Infernal Mandate. I cultivate no personal, demonic image. I do not claim that what I teach and write is sanctified by the Prince of Darkness Himself. What I teach or write is the result mostly of my own experiences, my own creativity, my own insight. It should be judged on that basis – whether it is useful, it works, is significant. It should be judged by otherson its merits. I did inherit some teachings from she who instructed me before and after one of the many Satanic Initiations I underwent. But even these are to be judged on their own merits – they are not sanctified. Some of them are merely fables. Some derive from other sources and traditions (e.g. the alchemical one).Some, like Esoteric Chant, seem original. Whatever, it does not really matter. They are all means; steps to something beyond. They serve a purpose and then are mostly discarded. It is for each and every individual to judge them. Maybe a fruitful dialogue will result from this letter. Maybe not. One trouble with playing a role, and maintaining a standing in an organization, is that it is often difficult to admit one is mistaken – and that someone, or some others, may be just as ‘advanced’ as oneself. One strives so hard not to ‘lose face’.

I, unfortunately, can just be myself. I am not infallible, have no position or even ‘authority’ to defend. Accordingly, I send you my best wishes.

Regards, Stephen Brown [signed]