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A Note on”Seven”

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O9A 1997 eh



For the West, the Cosmos has always been apprehended as a division of seven fundamental vibrations – a concept which originated from Albion. Throughout the ages, this division has been symbolized by various forms: stars, trees, metals – and planets. The forms so chosen are, for the most part, used in a symbolic sense, rather than a literal one. Thus , with regard to the planets, those associated with regard to the planets, those ascribed to the spheres of the Tree of Wyrd as used within the Septenary System [or ‘Seven-Fold Sinister Way’; Traditional Satanism, and so on] are used purely as symbols to represent the seven fundamental forces of the Cosmos, rather than there being forces literally ascribed to the planets themselves, or the planets somehow creating those forces.

Thus, that there were at one time only seven oservable planets, did not influence the concept of the “Cosmic Seven’; rather, because seven planets were known to exist, they were conveniently ascribed as symbols representing the already existing seven vibrations. The fact that other planets have since been observed is irrevelant, since – those other planets do not change what actually exists – the seven – and are not important esoterically, since the planets are used only in a symbolic sense.

Of course, this is not to say that the planets and the constellations do not to say that the planets and the constellations do not signify ‘effects’ in the esoteric sense, but within a magickal ritual, the usual ‘grimoire’ type approach to their contribution produces perceived results so small to be negligible [and what may exist – fairly negligible in itself – is not recognized because something else is anticipated.

With regard to the constellations, an understanding of their significance within the workings of the Cosmos requires a particular type of living few will undertake today – and that living may span over several ‘alchemical seasons’ (many years). In both cases, the Adept must discover, for themselves, by practical living, the reality of these natural forms – as entirely separate from their traditional use as abstract symbols throughout history.

A form such as astrology approaches nature via an understanding confined within symbolism; magick uses symbolism as means towards a unified understanding, the symbolism [and this includes such forms as the Tree of Wyrd] being discarded once the Cosmos is apprehended as it is, devoid of projections. As always stressed, this apprehension can only ever be created by an alchemical way of living, as enshrined by the practical ordeals of the Seven Fold-Way.

-Order of Nine Angles-