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The Mythos of the Dark Gods: Beings of Acausal Darkness

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The Mythos of the Dark Gods:
Beings of Acausal Darkness

According to the Sinister Tradition of the ONA, The Dark Gods (a.k.a The Dark Ones) are specific entities – living-beings of a particular acausal species – who exist in the realms of the acausal, with some of these entities having been presenced, via various nexions, on Earth in our distant past. These beings are shapeshifters, and can assume a variety of living causal forms, in the realms of the causal, including human form. The fictional stories Sabirah, and Jenyah, deal with one type of such acausal beings who have assumed human form – describing their need for the acausal energy (the “life-force”), possessed by humans, in order to sustain and maintain their shapeshifting causal form. The aural Sinister Tradition of the ONA holds that both Baphomet (the female entity as described by the ONA) and Satan are memories of, and manifestations of, two particular acausal beings, two particular Dark Gods. By the nature of the acausal (see Note 1), such acausal entities are – viewed from our own limited and mortal causal perspective – “formless”, ageless and eternal, although if and when they venture forth into the causal dimensions, their living-there, the causal form they adopt, are subject to causal change. Hence, for example, their need to return to the acausal, or to regularly find some source of acausal energy (in the causal).

However, aside from these specific entities known to us, or esoterically remembered by some of us, as the The Dark Gods species, there are other acausal entities, other acausal living-beings, other acausal species, who and which have been manifest in our causal Space and causal Time, or who and which can become or may become manifest in our causal Space and causal Time, many of whom are not shapeshifters, and many of whom cannot exist, for long (in terms of causal Time) in our causal Space and causal Time.

In addition, there are some entities who and which only live, exist, in those twilight realms, those strange dark worlds, where the causal and the acausal intersect or meet – that is, in the nexions which manifest such intersections, and thus the flow of acausal energy into the causal. There is an aural Sinister Tradition that what have been incorrectly termed “demons” are some of these acausal entities existing, or which have existed, in those twilight realms where causal and acausal intersect.

To understand, and appreciate, The Dark Gods – and all acausal entities, including those dwelling in the twilight realms where causal and acausal meet or merge – one has to understand the true nature of nexions, of those “gates” or openings or “tunnels” where there is, or can be, either a flow of acausal energy (and thus acausal entities) from the acausal into our causal Space and causal Time, or a journeying into the acausal itself.

The Nature of Nexions:

Basically, there are three main types of nexion. The first is an actual physical nexion – a place or region, in causal Space and causal Time, where there is a direct physical connexion to acausal Space and acausal Time; a particular place where our causal Universe is joined, or can be joined, with the acausal Universe. According to the Sinister Tradition of the ONA, there is a physical nexion in our Solar System, near the planet Saturn, as there are other physical nexions in our particular Galaxy, and elsewhere in the Cosmos.

The second type of nexion is a living causal being. That is, all living-beings, in our causal Time and causal Space, are nexions – they all possess, by virtue of being “alive” a certain acausal energy, the amount of which varies according to the type of life, with a human being considered to possess (by virtue of possessing consciousness) more acausal energy than the other life on this planet of ours. In addition, it is considered, by Adepts of the Sinister Tradition of the ONA, that most human beings possess the potential to expand the nexion that they are, with this expansion – this increase in our acausal energy – being one of the esoteric aims of genuine sinister magick.

All living causal nexions, however, are limited in causal Time. That is, they possess only a limited life-span, a limited causal duration, although some sinister Adepts have speculated that it is possible for an advanced practitioner of the Dark Arts to not only increase their life-span, through esoteric means, but also to “transcend” to the acausal itself: to become an acausal being who is ageless and eternal. This, however, is said to require not only a bringing forth from the acausal such entities as The Dark Gods, but also to “become one”, to merge, with Them (or with one of Them) by either transferring consciousness to one of Them, or having Them create an acausal vessel/form for such consciousness.

The third type of nexion is a magickal creation: that is, some form in-which acausal energy is presenced or “channelled into” by a sinister Adept, with this form being either already organically, physically, living, or which, through a sinister transformation, becomes living in the sense of being possessed of, and manifesting or channelling, acausal energy.

In the magickal sense, our consciousness, our psyche, is a region where causal and acausal meet, or rather, where they can and should meet and intersect, and it is one of the aims of genuine esoteric Orders, groups and Adepts, to guide Initiates into this realm, often through utilizing symbols and forms, such as the Tree of Wyrd and the associated “correspondences”, which are guides, maps, of such a realm, and a means to access and develope acausal energies and thus transform ourselves into Adepts, and beyond.

Manifesting The Dark Ones:

One of the aims of the ONA is the presence The Dark Ones: to return, to our causal Space and our causal Time, The Dark Gods. To unleash these entities upon the world and so cause Chaos, and that Change and evolution which will result. Thus will the Old Order – a now ever-increasing tyrannical order – be destroyed, and thus would a New Aeon begin. Thus will there be a significant evolution of ourselves, as individuals.

Such is the nature of the Cosmos – of causal and acausal, of the “Cosmic seasons” – that every two thousand years or so the Cosmic spaces are aligned such that it is easier then to draw forth, into the causal, acausal energies. Traditionally, according to Aeonic Magick, these times mark the beginning of a New Aeon, and, currently, we are within a few centuries of such a change – and thus at a time when more and more acausal energy is available to us, if we know how to access and presence such energy.

Such energy – and the living-beings of the acausal – can be presenced in several ways. First, by various rituals, such as those associated with the Nine Angles, where a specific “named” (see Note 2) entity may be called forth, or where unformed (unformed, at least, as discernible to us) acausal energy is/are accessed and released into the causal.

Another way is preparing a suitable living-receptacle (which may be a host human being or a collection of such beings) and then presencing, via ritual or other esoteric means, the acausal energies (or being, named or unnamed, or both) into such a host or hosts. That is – in one sense – making such hosts available to such entities, should They choose to accept and inhabit and use such hosts, possibly only on a temporary basis until They have found their own or have acquired sufficient energy to be able to sustain themselves, as shapeshifters, in the causal.

A Mythos of Times Past:

The aural Sinister Tradition of the ONA mentions that, at the dawn of our consciousness as human beings, some of The Dark Ones came forth to Earth through a physical nexion, which nexion most probably existed on this planet, Earth. There has been much speculation about, and some legends regarding, the location of this physical nexion – which, if it exists as tradition asserts, would be viable again now or soon, given the Cosmic cycle we are currently in.

There has also been speculation about, and some aural legends regarding, how long these dark acausal entities stayed, in our causal Time and Space, and much speculation regarding why they left, with one aural legend asserting that a few of them have, as shapeshifters, survived and hidden themselves among us, feeding, waiting for the stars to be aligned aright again and for sinister Adepts to bring forth their kin.

Anton Long
ONA, Year of Fayen 119


(1) Acausal: The acausal is used, as a word, to refer to what, correctly, is that Universe which may be described, or re-presented, by acausal Space and acausal Time.

This acausal Universe is part of the Cosmos, which Cosmos consists of both the acausal and the causal, where “causal” refers to the Universe that is described, or re-presented, by causal Space and causal Time.

(2) Names of The Dark Gods: The names which we “know”, as recorded in the Sinister Tradition of the ONA, are those which have been transmitted to us aurally: a memory (perhaps corrupted or only half-remembered) from an ancient causal time, when some such entities were once presenced on this Earth.

However, the given “name” only “re-presents” (that is, names) a particular acausal being when it is chanted (or vibrated) in a particular way under suitable conditions, which often means in association with a certain crystal of a certain shape, which crystal and which shape enhance such chant or vibration.