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The Mythos of Vindex Part II

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The Mythos of Vindex

Part Two: The Ethos of Vindex In Historical Context


Introduction: The White Hordes of Homo Hubris:

If we consider the actions of what we have called, in Part One, The White Hordes of Homo Hubris, over the last three hundred or so years, it is quite obvious that they possess and have possessed a certain character, or nature, distinguished as this particular personal character is by a surfeit of arrogance, pride, destructiveness, and greed.

In  addition, The White Hordes of Homo Hubris seem to be somewhat addicted to three things:

(1) to what we may call the way of competition: to the somewhat primitive belief that ruthless competition, between individuals, and abstract constructs such as nations, organizations, corporations and businesses, is not only essential to “society” but also the correct way to produce the type of individual deemed desirable. Indeed, this ruthless way of competition may be said to be not only one of the foundations of capitalism itself, but also to express the very war-like, barbaric, nature of the individuals who, collectively, form The White Hordes of Homo Hubris;
(2) to the idea, the myth, the un-numinous abstraction, of “progress”; in pursuit of which myth they have destroyed not only their own ancestral cultures, but nearly all other ancestral cultures in the world;

(3) to manufacturing machines, the use of which gives The White Hordes of Homo Hubris a feeling of power and superiority, and which use has destroyed their connexion – both personal and communal – to The Numinous.

For hundreds of years The White Hordes of Homo Hubris have ravaged the world; invading lands, occupying them, installing puppet-regimes, and claiming for themselves the wealth and resources of those lands, all the while regarding themselves, and their “European” or “Western” culture, as superior, and all the while demanding that “the natives” adopt the ways of The White Horde.

In the course of these colonial conquests and rampages,  The White Hordes of Homo Hubris have slaughtered millions upon millions of people and, in addition – in their own territories such as Europe, or in their new annexed colonies such as America – they have fought wars among themselves during which at least a hundred million people have been killed. In fact, the slaughter which The White Hordes have brought to the world is unparalleled in human history – from the ravages of Alexander the Greek, to the Empire of Rome, to the wars of Napoleon, to the genocide of the native Americans, to the so-called First and Second World Wars, to the hundreds of colonial wars in Africa, Asia and elsewhere, on to the more recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This slaughter includes some of the most barbaric killings in history – such as the slaughter, in two days, of over 200,000 people in Japan by the dropping of atomic bombs, and the fire-storm in Dresden, in 1945 CE – created by bombs dropped from aircraft – which killed at least 30,000 people in one night.

During all these conflicts – during all this slaughter – the “European” or the “White man”, has saught to change the way of life of the peoples of the world, believing, in their arrogance, that the ways of the “white man”, that the culture of “Europe”, that Western values, were and are superior to each and every other way of life, and these White Hordes have used every means at their disposal – from war, invasion, occupation, economic blackmail, propaganda, lies, deceit, flattery, and bribery to torture and imprisonment – to get their own way.

No wonder, then, that the peoples of other cultures often considered White people from the West to be “foreign devils” who could not be trusted: people who, like devils, were clever, cunning, unprincipled, manipulative and ruthless.

In addition, these “foreign devils” ruthlessly destroyed the mostly tribal way of living, and the tribal culture, which existed in most non-European lands, replacing this tribal way of life with their own manufactured abstraction of “the nation-State” which nation-State has to have, allegedly, what these “foreign devils” called “democracy”. Thus have the interfering, arrogant, prideful, cunning war-like White Hordes of Homo Hubris replaced what naturally grew and evolved in its own natural, local, and numinous way – a tribal way of life and a tribal culture – with soul-less, un-numinous, abstractions which have brought disruption, chaos, corruption, immense suffering, exploitation, inhuman conflict and death, to the world. One has only to consider, for instance, how the White colonists – the foreign devils of Britain and Europe – descended upon and plundered and exploited and changed Africa, to see one legacy of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris. For they replaced fairly stable and diverse African tribal cultures – with their own sense of identity and their limited, local, sparse tribal conflicts – with mostly corrupt “modern nations” composed of peoples of various tribes, which modern “industrialised” nations now pursue agendas and policies made for them by their former colonial “masters” or by impersonal international corporations and the ethos of capitalism. From being self-supporting agrarian communities they have become impoverished, conflict-ridden, “nations” which often depend on the so-called “generosity” of the foreign devils of the modern West, who still covertly and often overtly control them and who still set, by their Whitey abstractions, their aims, and who still, now mostly covertly, plunder the resources of the world for their own benefit.

What this amounts to, in summary, is that The White Hordes of Homo Hubris have have committed and are still committing the error of hubris: of insolence; for they have consistently and for many centuries been the destroyers, par excellence, of The Numinous, and have, due to their character and nature, brought chaos, suffering, death and destruction to the world on a scale hitherto unknown, replacing as they have the mythos of the numinous with the mythos of materialism: the mythos of pleasure, greed, dishonour, indulgence, luxury, and ruthless competition. It is no wonder, then, that The White Hordes of Homo Hubris are, and always been, the natural allies and servants of The Magian.

To understand the perfidy of the Magian, and their allies, one only has to understand how the peoples of the West – and now, the world – have been shamelessly manipulated by the Shoah myth, and how this myth, has now become a sacred dogma the questioning of which is punishable by imprisonment. To know, to feel, the dishonour of the Magian, and their allies, one only has to consider how the governments of the West shamelessly invented lies – such as Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction – in order to further their expansionist agenda; and how the foot-soldiers of this ignoble alliance treated and treat Muslim prisoners in places like Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo Bay. Indeed, the treatment of captured Muslims uncannily reflects the treatment, the torture, meted out by the Western allies to many, many, captured German National-Socialists – particularly members of the Waffen-SS – at the end of the First Zionist War (1939-1945 CE). Then, there were the show trials at Nuremberg and elsewhere; now, there are the show trials of Muslims in Amerika, and others lands; show trials of those who have dared to defy the pro-Magian status quo and who have taken up arms against this ignoble tyrannical status quo. The same dishonourable ethos is behind this; and the same methods, the same type of propaganda, have been used. Consider how the peoples of the West were deluged with anti-Taliban propaganda before the Western invasion of Afghanistan, and how the same type of propaganda was used against Saddam Hussein before the invasion of Iraq. There are striking parallels with the propaganda used against Adolf Hitler and NS Germany before the First Zionist War.

Consider how the Magian and the Amerikans and their allies can slaughter, by bullets, bombs and missiles, tens upon tens of thousands of Muslims – women and children included – in places such as Filistine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and then brazenly lie or make excuses for these murders, for which killings no one is held accountable and for which murders hardly anyone is ever tried in a Court of Law; and then consider how the Zionists and the Amerikans behave when a few Jews, or some other people, are killed by Muslims in revenge for this continuing slaughter and the continuing occupation of Muslim land. The Zionists and the Amerikans and their allies demand ‘justice’ and vow the “hunt the terrorists” down, and generally behave like the zealous utter barbaric hypocrites they are.

The simple reality is that the Magian and their allies are lying, deceitful, hypocritical, dishonourable bullies, while the majority of Islamic fighters, the Mujahideen – as were the vast majority of the soldiers of the Third Reich – are honourable warriors fighting for a just, and numinous, cause. Contrast, for instance, the dignity and honour of Mullah Umar – or Major General Otto Ernst Remer and SS General Leon Degrelle  – with the posturing and the lies of a Bush, or with the smirking of a lying Blair and a clownish Gordon Brown – and it is quite easy to see the difference in personal character. Mullah Umar, for instance, fights, lives, on the battlefield, with few possessions and is a true man of honour, while the likes of Bush, Blair, Brown and Obama send other people off to fight their wars, hide behind bodyguards, a massive security apparatus, and enjoy and indulge themselves with all the pleasures and luxuries of Western capitalism. In the same way, both Otto Ernst Remer and Leon Degrelle – both warriors who fought on battlefields – remained honourably loyal to the man to whom they had sworn an oath, on their honour, and both, through their actions both during and particularly after The First Zionist War, were exemplary examples of honourable men, men of natural dignity and of manners, in complete contrast to the uncouth, profane, barbarians of the White Hordes of Homo Hubris.

NS Germany and the Bushido of Japan:

As mentioned in Part One:

” It was the White hordes of Homo Hubris who – under the spell of the Magian – brutally, cunningly, and efficiently, defeated the one resurgence of the numinous, in the West, and the one resurgence of the numinous in the Far East, which resurgence in many ways (but not all) prefigured, and were intimations of, the warrior way of Vindex: the one and only attempt, in the West, to counter and replace the ethos of the Magian with the numinous way of the warrior, and the one and only practical resurgence, elsewhere in the world, to halt the spread of the dishonourable vulgar “culture” of Western Homo Hubris, and to return to a numinous, ancestral, culture and way of life. “

The currently unpopular and often censored truth of our times is that National-Socialist Germany – what it had evolved to be by the beginning of The First Zionist War – was a modern mostly unconscious expression of the numinous, honourable, warrior ethos, and stood in complete and stark contrast to the materialism, the hubris, of the Magian and their allies and servants in the West, represented by the arrogant, profane, White Hordes of Homo Hubris. Furthermore, had NS Germany not been defeated by The White Hordes of Homo Hubris and by the machinations of the Magian, there is almost no doubt that it would have evolved further to become the genesis of a new numinous resurgence, and restored to the West, and other lands, that connexion to the numinous which centuries of plunder, exploitation, greed, abstractions, and dishonourable war had severed.

Similarly, that natural ally of NS Germany – Imperial Japan, with its underlying Bushido ethos – was also a modern mostly unconscious expression of the numinous, honourable, warrior ethos, and would also have evolved further to become the genesis of a new numinous resurgence in the Far East, and elsewhere.

For what distinguished both NS Germany and Imperial Japan was a return to the Code of the Warrior – to that numinous Way of Life where personal honour is considered more important than the life of the individual, and where culture is not a personal indulgence but rather a profound extension of the attitude to living which a true instinctive warrior embodies: the culture of Haiku, of Geisha, of the Samurai sword; the culture of Blut und Boden, of the SS ethos… This type of dignified culture is entirely alien and even abhorrent to the Magian and their allies, such as the uncultured barbarian White Hordes of Homo Hubris, for whom “culture” means indulging themselves and being profanely entertained by some vapid effusion of the modern Magian “entertainment industry”…..

A New and Numinous Ethos: Beyond the Tyranny of the State and the Abstractions of Politics:

Both NS Germany and Imperial Japan were fundamentally instinctive and natural reactions to the dominance of the Magian ethos, and represented a mostly unconscious expression of the numinous, honourable, warrior ethos. That is, they were akin to the natural healthy reaction of a human body invaded by some debilitating virus; an instinctive attempt to restore that natural balance which the Magian and their allies had disturbed.

But, as I have stated several times in various writings, we have now arrived at the stage of our human evolution when we can not only, and for the first time, consciously understand ourselves, but when we can consciously decide how we are to react, and what it is that we should do. That is, we have become much more than thinking animals who possess the faculty of speech, for we possess the ability to conscious change, and to consciously control, and evolve, ourselves. Or, expressed, another way, we now know how to – and have the opportunity to – access and to presence, the numinous itself; to access and to presence that which refines, dignifies, and evolves us; that which makes us human, which can enable us to live numinous lives, and to fulfil the potential latent within us and so take us out to live among the star-systems of our Galaxy and of other Galaxies.

Personal honour is both the essence of the natural, instinctive, Way of the Warrior, and one primary manifestations of the numinous itself, and it is Vindex who restores personal honour to its rightful place, as the basis for both law and for that tribal way of life which has been, and which is, our natural human way of living, a natural and human way that the abstractions of both the Magian and The White Hordes of Homo Hubris have undermined and destroyed.
Thus, the duty – the wyrd – of Vindex and of the clans of Vindex is not to strive to try and restore some romantic idealized past – or even be in thrall to some perceived wyrdful, often numinous-filled, past way of living, such as that which Adolf Hitler brought to Germany – but rather to establish an entirely new and conscious and thus more potent expression of the numinous itself. This new and numinous way of living replaces the impersonal tyranny of the State with the way of the clan and the tribe; it replaces the abstraction of politics, and of democracy, with personal loyalty to an honourable, noble, clan or tribal leader…..

-David Myatt

[The above text is taken from Part Two of The Mythos of Vindex, by David Myatt ]