The Darkness

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Those who practice the Dark Tradition do so to attempt to make history while rationally using forms, and at times, individuals, for a higher, Cosmic purpose. In this new Satanic Aeon, the stagnation that exists within the ‘norm’ is to be destroyed. The ultimate goal is the Presencing of this new Aeon, the furtherance of a Cosmic force beyond the personal.

The Dark Ones are indeed shapeshifters in character as well as in life, the real world. Their actions are performed with Insight and ruthlessness and the doer is often detached, thus causing Chaos, defying and seeking to ‘go beyond’ restrictive forms, structures, laws ans institutions whose purpose are to hold people in thrall.

The Way of the Satanist, the Way of the Dark Warrior is to oppose the oppressors, who are usually of weak character and herd mentality, to fight all who seek to stifle our potential and evolution.




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Take me out and bleed me

As our love burns in effigy.

My head spins, my heart quickens

Chest heavy as the air around me thickens.

I lay here but sleep will not come.

Thoughts of hate and loss and harm to some.

A thief ravages the temple as I seeth helplessly.

The lovers’ silhouette embedded permanently.

The world goes on as I come apart;

Never again to have a place in her heart…