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The Sinister Tarot

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pthesinistertarot3This version of the Sinister Tarot was rendered by Richard Moult, aka Christos Beest, a Shropshire based composer and artist. CB was involved with the O9A from 1989ce to 1999ce. Though his artwork is still appreciated and widely used, Beest eventually renounced the Sinister Quest and has even, though not formally, converted to Catholicism.

It was even rumored that the subjects renedered in the Sinister Tarot were in fact, renderings of either purported members of the Order during Beest/Moult’s decade long tenure or members of a Satanic Temple that he organized during his own undertaking of the Sinister Path.


High Priestess – Mactoron

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She rows a boat in a black pool

From her steps:

The Hermaphrodite,

The body drowned.

The Planet of Them

And the first drop

In a white desert

Into clear waters

Aktlal Maka



Beyond the Abyss: the crossing over and Initiation (in terms of awareness whilst still partaking of a causal existence) into the Lands of the Dark Immortals. A self-awareness that transcends temporal understanding – becoming the essence; beyond opposites.

Mistress of Earth – Davcina

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From a mountain of skulls

Blue trees

A rose garden cracks

Two women walk through;

The corpse in a wedding dress

No longer guides

Four waterfalls flood the Earth’And books become ash…



Empathic manipulation (such as ‘enchantment’) to create Change via causal structure – amoral acts that may conventionally be seen as ‘evil.’ Actions provoked by unfettered passions and a reveling in the physical pleasures and challenges of life. “Ruthless ambition.” Creativity and Change via destruction – ie. War, culling.

Lord of Earth – Kthunae

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The Elixir of Recalling

Flows into clear water

The contracting of the Dark Star

The severing of the attractant

The Pool is opened

Go deeper

Against all others

And even Darker, Recall



The nature of the changes in the causal, beyond the actions of those who initiated them; how the acausal relates dynamically to the causal and vice-versa (‘Sinister Dialectic’). The flowing of energies according to the greater Wyrd and Destinies of those directly and indirectly involved – thus, the presence of unforeseen factors and the pitfalls implicit in this which may create errors of judgement. The maintaining of an ethos or ‘tradition’ via timeless acts.


Master – Atazoth

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The depths of the sea

A tunnel of knives

There is a union here

While he directs the Chosen

Rage in the Eye

Of the Goat –

The golden triangle

Stands against a sky of fire05-Master-ATAZOTH


Manipulation – actions based on a knowledge of the Sinister Dialectic as revealed by practical experience: a rational, to some ‘cold,’ observation beyond the stage of Adeptship/Individualization. Control of all the many and varied factors within a situation – individual evolution that goes beyond the personal, and thus implies the ability to initiate Change on a large-scale, perhaps of a civiization.

Lovers – Karu Shamsu

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Sappho dance in still water

Chains and roses in blue

Invoke the Sun

To an arch of fire

Gravestones, butterflies

And rivers of snakes…06-Lovers-KARU-SAMSU


The double tetrahedron a nexion created via the union of balancing forces. The sowing of the seed of Change that which may transform and carry evolution beyond the Abyss, and thus beyond ‘self-image’ – or that coerce to create something beyond ‘self.’

Azoth – Satanas

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The ruby is the password

She of the white robe

Rides the transparent horse

The maiden closes.

On broken legs he step forth…07-Azoth-SATANAS


The Menstruum – the Sinister aspect implicit within the ‘homogenguous metallic water’: the explosive factor in the delicate balancing of life-enhancing elements. Change by adversity – the ‘Accuser.’ The brutal realities that threaten to devour the abstract, the romantic. Insight and control via the understanding of the Primal – or destruction by it.