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A Letter to ‘The Watcher’

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Satanic Greetings from the Order of Nine Angles, U.K.

May I, on behalf of your brothers and sisters here in Great Britain, extend best wishes and support to you on this night of Sinister Solidarity [Halloween]. Whilst facing this current wave of Nazarene hysteria, it is appropriate that we should remember the achievements of Adepts throughout the ages who have suffered greatly in order to create the freedoms that we experience today.

For those courageous enough to continue this tradition, there will never be acceptance, only the pathetic wailing of those who tremble in the face of their own liberation. We endure physical and verbal abuse – sometimes death – for our acts are genuinely black to the blind. Such conflicts are intrinsic to Magickal evolution, developing character and creating the genuine Adept as opposed to those who indulge in child abuse or any wallowing in – as opposed to transcendence of – personal inadequacies. There is no easy path to individual insight – ‘wisdom through suffering’ as the ancient Greeks understood.

The great – and simple – secret of Satanism is that we represent balance and our Dark Prince shall continue to symbolize our adversarial acts until such times exist when Satanism, in Aeonic terms, is no longer necessary (and thus sinister aims are realized on a large scale). Of course, the Aeon of the Dark Gods will not occur for some time – for many of use, beyond our own temporal existence – considering that the majority of people are not very physically developed (I feel it would be accurate to say that 90% of people are stupid).

However, ten years, one hundred years, the timescale of such achievements is irrevelant. We are in a very privileged position, and this must always be remembered; that is, those of us who endure/survive will complete work begun thousands of years ago by our dark ancestors. We all, in our individual ways, actually shape the evolution of the human race. From the majority who are still shackled to maoral abstract illusions, we are dangerous and the disinformation and the fear that currently abounds is a comment on this fact. But for those few who consciously understand, we are the key to the floodgates that will free human nature and take us to the stars.

To the glory of They who are seldom named, Christos Beest, ONA


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Christos Beest, 1998 eh

For several years, in keeping with Sinister Strategy, the Order of Nine Angles has gradually increased its public role, and made itself accessible to anyone who seriously desired Initiation. The accessibility of the Order has been achieved through the publication of teachings which were, up until the 1980’s, genuinely secret. Gradually, via publications such as Fenrir, the real nature of Satanism has been revealed, countering successfully the insipid, tame and established versions, as well as creating a much broader influence within the ‘Occult scene’ in general. This ‘role’ of Occult Order played a necessary part in what is a much greater strategy involving many aspects, some of which are conventionally understood as esoteric; some of which, ‘exoteric.’ The establishment of various websites featuring ONA teachings has fulfilled the strategy regarding conventional Occultism. There is little – the developing Sinister Tarot and the various musickal forms excerpted – that needs to be added to what is now easily accessible to those interested in Traditional Satanism.

To continue to develop the present availability of the Order and its teachings would be counterproductive: the Order would start to become something it is not – a conventional occult organization a la Church of Satan, and would rank alongside all the rest of the ‘esoteric’ Orders that abound today, with their commercial literature and merchandise. In fact, the aura of the ONA is even now gradually becoming diluted – the real Darkness and terror is becoming something of the past. Thus it is time for the Order to finally withdraw from public attention and return to its natural state: that of a genuine secret, esoteric organization. Thus can its various activities (as outlined in the Order MS, A Gift for the Prince, and others) continue to be carried out effectively, and thus can the next stages – the creation of two practical esoteric forms – begin to be implemented.

The ONA will no longer involve itself in any aspect of the Occult ’scene,’ and its members will no longer openly recruit interested individuals according to the policy that has been adopted over the past few years. ‘Rigel Press’ will cease to publish Order teachings and those MSS and items that exist are yet to be created will be circulated amongst Order members only. However, the other individuals/Sinister orders are free to publish and use the teachings as they deem fit. For the next year only one contct point for the Order will remain – the present UK box address.

Thus the real darkness and danger return, as it has as it shall be, for Aeons to come.


Archetypes and Illusions

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The images of baphomet (e.g. by Levi) as a hermaphrodite figure are romatic confusions and/or distortions (patriarchal in nature): essentially of the symbolic/real union of mistress and priest and his later sacrifice. The same applies to the derivation of the suffix of her name with ‘wisdom’ (and a male image at that!) – even the confused Gnostics understood ‘wisdom’ as female. The image of Baphomet as used within Chaos Magick is one of the hermaphrodite, with strong leanings towards the masculine (qv. The Mass of Chaos 8 in Liber Null). Why is that exactly?

A further illustration is the use of the entity known as Atazoth (or, as it is more inaccurately known, Azathoth – Atazoth means an increasing of Azoth, Azathoth is simply a jumble of letters accessed from the inept experiments of H.P. Lovecraft. Whilst purporting to work with and understand ‘chaos’ the structure and practices of the rites of Chaosism are based on moralistic/dualistic/abstract (etc) perceptions as such, Atazoth cannot be used since it is part of the Abyss itself. In one sense, it is more to be experienced, since it affects the consciousness of the individual, and not, by itself in essence, the outcome of a temporal situation. Once again, the individual acts as a channel and the energies manifest according to their nature and the Wyrd of the individual – it is according to the understanding of the magickian as to how forms/outcomes may be realized/distorted by this energy.

Without this understanding and with the belief that an energy can be used purely as a symbolic extension of will, the practitioners, swayed by moral illusions, can become victims of unforseen/unwanted events – it is not a temporal aim/intent (usually ’sigilized’) that is specifically achieved, but the ‘overall’ effecting of causal structure by the acausal counterpart and vice versa. This is very rarely observed or understood.

A further problem is encountered when more than two archetypes (representing male and female aspects of the Temple members) are used within ceremonial work.

Those who wish to establish a temple would be wise to follow a simple formula: image – word – chant. The dictim “use any form and then discard it” is actually counter-productive to anyone who is serious about developing magickal skill. Its ‘chaos’ is uniformed and disposable; that is, there is no real feeling, no direction, no living in the Promethean sense; none that has gone into creating, via the invokation, an insight into how the acausal functions within the fabric of one’s life, and therefore the cosmos. Subsequently, aspects of the ‘unconscious’ dominate consciousness without any real effect. Instead of evolution, there is a circular movement, one step forward, discard that, one step back and so on.

The chaos Magician remains constantly in the foundations as opposed to creating a structure to reach a higher stage. (I use neither the term ‘evolution’ nor ‘higher state’ in the moral sense. What is meant is progress for the individual. Within this development, ‘hierarchy’ can be a useful form to manipulate, the components of which represent certain archetypal energies – hence the nature of a ‘temple’. But the temple is only a small and temporary aspect of individual alchemy, qv. the Septenary Tree of Wyrd).

The genuinely magickal use of Archetypes often provokes a ‘moral’ response from outsiders (not least of all other ‘occultists’) – usually accusations of religious and/or political mania. Forms such as politics and religion simply provide a means to an end by which magickal desires may be achieved. And, in order to infect not only the psyche of the individual, but that of other people. This involves living, not playing at, a certain role until the associated archetype is exhausted (i.e. it is allowed to disperse acausally, ‘as it is’, without form), the desire achieved and therefore, the psyche infected.

It must be stressed that ‘to do’ is not ‘to play’ – to play is to trick/delude oneself that one is doing. Archetypes can be said to be energies experienced during certain events (forming a racial heritage) and earthed by the philosophy of Magick into some causal form to allow conscious understanding and manipulation.

In one sense, they represent a ‘nexion’ – and as such, must be complemented by direct, practical experience: it is the striving to live out these qualities that is the ‘magick’. Those who fail become possessed by the form (believing they are the form in essence); subsequently they fall by the wayside – one of many – having lost sight of their original magickal aim. Such is human weakness.

Ceremonial magick, when undertaken with a genuine understanding of its function, constitutes a significant and specific stage in magickal evolution; a form which, when ‘transcended’, can be discarded or continued, according to the desires and Wyrd of the individual. It is often most helpful to give the temple a limited life expectancy, during which time, certain goals may be set and achieved, the results of which will progressively open a ‘nexion’. This would involve the creation of a causal counterpart to the temple; one which is specifically designed to interact with the outside world (this counterpart may be political, business, creative…) the temple being the acausal aspect. Gradually, acausal energy is earthed in the form – this ‘form’ becoming a ‘nexion’ and, in accordance with Aeonics, the energy manifesting creates change, this change being reverberations and mutations.

Whilst the creation of ‘new’ rites can serve a useful purpose, they should never be seen as replacements for ‘older’, more traditional rites. When traditional ceremonial work is undertaken a link is established with those who have greater Wyrd associated with the causality of the tradition of which the Magickian’s own Wyrd is a part. Hence the importance of ‘traditions’. 

-Christos Beest-

The Sinister Tarot

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pthesinistertarot3This version of the Sinister Tarot was rendered by Richard Moult, aka Christos Beest, a Shropshire based composer and artist. CB was involved with the O9A from 1989ce to 1999ce. Though his artwork is still appreciated and widely used, Beest eventually renounced the Sinister Quest and has even, though not formally, converted to Catholicism.

It was even rumored that the subjects renedered in the Sinister Tarot were in fact, renderings of either purported members of the Order during Beest/Moult’s decade long tenure or members of a Satanic Temple that he organized during his own undertaking of the Sinister Path.


Master – Atazoth

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The depths of the sea

A tunnel of knives

There is a union here

While he directs the Chosen

Rage in the Eye

Of the Goat –

The golden triangle

Stands against a sky of fire05-Master-ATAZOTH


Manipulation – actions based on a knowledge of the Sinister Dialectic as revealed by practical experience: a rational, to some ‘cold,’ observation beyond the stage of Adeptship/Individualization. Control of all the many and varied factors within a situation – individual evolution that goes beyond the personal, and thus implies the ability to initiate Change on a large-scale, perhaps of a civiization.