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Auf dem Wasser zu singen

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Auf dem Wasser zu singen: Yet Another Interview with Anton Long


The following is taken from interview conducted by F.D. on a Summer night 114yf/2003eh.

Do you believe the future of the Order to now be in America? If so, would it be right to assume that this would imply the necessity for creating a semi-public presence agitating for disruption and change? Or does the Order remain and grow as it now is, hidden but working away within England – and indeed Ireland?
A: The answer to the first part is yes, and no. Yes, insofar as America should give rise to the first practical, sinister, manifestation of the next stage – a new society, based upon the Law of the New Aeon, and the emergence of Vindex – and will thus become the centre of that practical manifestation; and no, insofar as the esoteric essence, manifest in one way in a physical nexion and in another in a small esoteric teaching community, will remain in Europe. Expressed simply, America will be the home of the outer aspect of the Order, with all that involves, while the inner aspect remains where it is and has been for a long time. However, there will come a time when the inner aspect will need, due to practical circumstances, to be duplicated elsewhere – but even this will not be in America.

A semi-public presence would be one of the manifestations of the outer Order, in America.

In the MS Words of Vermiel there is mention of interacting with a Star-Gate; are there plans – aside from the Star Game – to extend the ONA’s symbolic language into a cosmic one, creating symbols and magickal techniques which are not Earth based?
A:  Yes. But this requires advanced mastery of our Way, and only a few individuals, at present, are capable of the thinking which is required to even begin this.

What is required is a new way of thinking, and a new way of being – a move toward the acausal, by the individual. Conventional magick operates in the causal, using acausal energy. Internal Magick is a move toward the acausal by the individual, and this is the beginning of the being, the thinking, which is required.

In time – of many, many decades – a few more will advance, and learn, and master this new way of being. But this requires many practical changes, in people, in society – it requires the new society of the New Aeon, which in itself means the destruction of the old order and the mental tyranny of the present, not to mention the physical tyranny which the New World Order is creating.

We can now step over the threshold into a new way of being – and so begin the next stage of our evolution. Opening pathways to the acausal continuum itself. Conventional (external) magick, and even internal and Aeonic magick, are but beginnings – there is so much more, which will take us toward immortality, and enable us, by the very nature of the acausal continuum, to travel the Cosmos without the need of physical machines. But it must be understood that last the stage of the Seven-Fold Way is only the beginning of this, and to achieve that Grade takes one individual many, many decades. So far, this century, only one person has achieved it. We have the potential to achieve that Grade – to evolve past even that – but have wasted and are wasting this potential.

Some symbols – or the prototype language, if you prefer – and some techniques, already exist, but to use them, to understand them, requires that apprenticeship which is the Seven-Fold Way up to the stage of Master/ Lady Master. Two individuals, in the old country – one male, one female – are heading toward this stage, but as yet no one in America is near this stage, so there is a long way to go.

Given the proved Astronomical significance of the various stone circles and alignments, is there any received information within the Order regarding the human species originating from somewhere other than Earth? Do you believe the alignments represent a knowledge which is now lost concerning our relation to the stars – or do we, according to the principles of evolution, now know more than we have ever known?
A:  There is no received information about our origins. There is no “lost knowledge” is that sense – although we have lost a great deal through the modern way of living. One thing we have lost is the sense, the intuition (and that is what it was) of our belonging: to Nature, to Earth, to the Cosmos. But we have also acquired many things – one of which is a rational understanding of ourselves; another is a knowledge of how to consciously change ourselves; and another is our ability of empathy, of true magick. Real magick is an empathy – a knowing, a sense-ing, of the matrix of acausality which binds all living things together. 

We – or rather, esoteric Initiates – do indeed know more, or can learn more, than we have ever known or learnt.
Is Satan, for the Order, a supra-personal being with which we can communicate, or an archetype residing in our psyche drawn out into our being via invokation – or both?

A: To fully answer the question one has to understand the true nature of such things as causal, acausal, being, presencing, sinister, archetype, not to mention the nature of an individual and what is “communication”.

An archetype is a particular manifestation of acausal energy in the causal – a living being, but a being with an acausal “nature” (or more correctly a partly acausal and partly causal nature). This being is born (or can be created), lives, declines, and then ceases to exist on the level of existence where it was manifest (our psyche). But there are beings beyond these archetypes – beings which are more acausal, and beings which are purely acausal. That is, which have more acausal energy than archetypes.

What is named as “Satan” is beyond an archetype, just as the “Dark Gods” are.

In the simplistic sense, archetypes are related to the stages up to Adept; the next type of acausal beings we can perceive – or more correctly, which can be accessed in some way, or presenced in the causal – relate to the Abyss and beyond. That is, archetypes cease to have any effect, on an individual who is beyond a certain stage of our Way, and this is one meaning of being an Adept.

There is no communication, but rather an apprehension. This apprehension, for archetypes, is fairly simple. Beyond archetypes, it is much more complex and does not rely on our conventional senses and the way of causal apprehension: which is via sounds, colours, “words”, images, and collocations of these (such as a static Tarot image, such an image used in as magickal way, or a magickal rite), synchronistic or otherwise.

A magickal apprehension is a participation – an expansion of one’s own being, and thus an evolution. Hence, “Satan” is one means of evolution, magickal and otherwise.

Is there still a purpose to the traditional Satanic ceremonies – particularly the Black Mass – or are they now outmoded?
A: Yes. A beginning. A learning. A liberation. A moving toward that apprehension wherein is knowledge of causal and acausal, sinister and non-sinister, and what is beyond.

But there will come a time when this beginning, and learning, is not needed any more. This will be after the New Aeon has been manifest for some time, and moved individuals towards the next stage of our evolution.

There will then be the apprehension mentioned earlier – the new language (beyond symbolism) and the new magickal methods, which relate to the Cosmos and not this Earth. But first, we must liberate this world from the tyranny it now endures. First, we need many individuals living according to the Law of the New Aeon, and many individuals becoming Adepts of our Way.
Esoteric chant is, for me, one of the most powerful and original of the ONA’s teachings. Just how important is it for Initiates to master this technique – for their own development, and also in terms of the effects such a technique has in the wider world (and beyond)? Are all the chants now written down, or are there some which have to be taught on a teacher/pupil basis?
A: It is very important, because it is one means of magickal apprehension – a powerful magickal techniques which can open, and create, certain nexions, nexions which are Aeonically necessary. In one sense, it is one step toward one of the new non-Earth based, Cosmic, magickal techniques of the future.

Most of the chants have now been written down.
Is Hangter’s Gate a re-telling of a real event, and if so, were the details of this event originally communicated orally by Master/Mistress to pupil, and will there be more such Traditional Folk tales to relate?

A: Yes, yes and yes.
Is the Order near to realising some of its long term goals – i.e. the founding of some type of rural community/presence?
A: To achieve this goal takes three things – the right individuals at the right level of understanding; the right external circumstances (the condition of our societies – how close the New Aeon is); and the opening of a certain nexion in the area where this physical nexion must be.

It will arise when the time for its arrival has come; and this time is near. For two of the conditions are already fulfilled.

I once read in an Order MSS a reference to ‘alchemical seasons’. What does this mean in terms of Nature, and can these seasons by experienced and lived within, in the same manner as the four seasons?

A: An alchemical season is a natural process which occurs in Nature, and also in we ourselves, who are beings of Nature. They are Change; a natural dialectic; and span several, or many, of the “Four seasons”.

In one sense, the Internal Adept rite is a very simple “alchemical season” in relation to an individual. In relation to Nature, an alchemical season is either a natural, or a magickally-induced, change or evolution. The creation of a physical nexion is one type of created, induced, evolution, and this creation occurs over an alchemical season.

There are also, of course, Cosmic alchemical seasons, some of which we know – in terms of their beginnings and their ending – by various observed astronomical events, often relating to star or planetary alignments, which alignments also, sometimes, signify the length of a alchemical season in relation to Nature.

Some might argue that – esoterically/magickally – the practice of human sacrifice is a little archaic. Why is such an act still regarded as important – what does it create in magickal terms, and why?

A: It is important on several levels. As a necessary means of Initiate learning; as a necessary magickal act – a presencing of the dark: a drawing down of acausal energy, if you prefer. As a means of aiding the Sinister Dialectic; and as a means of removing the worthless, dishonourable dross so manifest in the societies of our time.

Magickally, it aids internal magick (the evolution of the individual); aids Aeonic magick; and opens nexions. It ensures the Order stays esoteric and that its Adepts are genuine Adepts of the Sinister Tradition. And of course it also adds to the aura of the Order itself, and weeds out the dross.


The Sinister Dialectic and the Diabolical Aims of the Order of Nine Angles

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 The Sinister Dialectic and Diabolical Aims of The Order of Nine Angles

I have heard that some people say that a genuine Left Hand Path organization is a contradiction, since they claim the LHP is essentially anarchic and individual. Do you consider this to be correct, and is the ONA a LHP organization, or even an organization?

In respect of the LHP – or perhaps more correct, esoterically, the Sinister Path or Sinister Way –  it depends of course on how one defines this. We have our own definition, and usage, and consider the definition and usage of and by others to be irrelevant.

For us, and as explained in several ONA MSS over the past three decades, the LHP – the true Sinister Way – is the Way of practical experience, of self-reliance, and of amorality, that is without, or beyond, morality. Thus:

(a) the individual learns from direct practical experience, which is both esoteric, magickal, in nature, and also, and vitally, of real-life involving such things as Insight Rôles, overcoming tough physical challenges, being heretical, being a-moral, taking risks and courting real personal danger;

(b) the individual rejects all dogma, the “religious attitude” and all subservience, and seeks to find answers for themselves and work things out for themselves, although they may at times accept a certain guidance, and some advice, from someone who has themselves followed the Sinister Way and who thus can talk and write from personal practical experience; but the individual is free to accept or reject such offered guidance and such advice, with such guidance and such advice being given only when the individual personally seeks it;

(c) the individual accepts that they and they alone are responsible for themselves, and that genuine esoteric advancement requires great personal effort over a period of decades;

(d) the individual understands that the LHP – the genuine Sinister Way – is a-moral; that is, free from all moral restrictions, and that each and every follower of the Sinister Way is not bound by the “laws” of any society but instead consider such “laws” as artificial constructs designed to keep individuals in thrall to some supra-personal “authority”; as such, these “laws” and conventional morality itself are detrimental to the achievement of esoteric Adeptship and esoteric Mastery.

In respect of the ONA itself, we are a living nexion – a causal presencing of the Sinister, of certain acausal energies – and as such we both are, and are-not, an organization and an Order. We are so, because we have a Way, a mythos, a system of guidance, a method, which works, is efficacious, and which when correctly followed, can produce and has produced Sinister Adepts and Sinister Masters/Lady-Masters. We are so, because, by causally-being, we have produced and do produce and will produce certain causal changes and effects. We are-not so, because our essence is beyond all those temporal, causal, forms which makes the living-nexion we are presence itself in manifold ways over a multitude of centuries, some of which forms are “hidden” or unknown to non-Initiates, and even to many Adepts. We are-not so, because the living-nexion which we are and will be is itself limited in its causal-living: to perhaps a thousand years; at most, to one and half thousand to two thousand years, after which there will be – there should be – no need for such a temporal presencing, and – if there is then such a need – another living-nexion will be born, or be manufactured.

Thus, as a living Order we offer a certain guidance, and a system of training, for those who might be interested, just as our Way, our Mythos, can be used freely by others, in whatever way and for whatever purpose, they choose, which is one reason we reject the restriction, the morality, of “copyright”.

You mentioned that the ONA is akin to a living-nexion with a certain causal life-span, of a thousand years or more. How is this related to the esoteric and practical aims of the ONA?

Our aims are of centuries, and more. One of the fundamental aims is to produce more and more genuine Adepts; another is to change a significant number of people by using, by manufacturing, various causal forms and various “archetypes” – by presencing the Sinister in certain causal ways and through certain nexions. Another is to fundamentally alter “society” and produce a new elite, a higher type of human being, and, with and through these individuals, manufacture an entirely new way of living, new societies. All these things will take a certain amount of causal time.

We have already spent three decades in building the foundations for such changes; in establishing a new dark mythos; in manufacturing certain forms; in using certain already existing causal forms; in Presencing The Dark in certain ways. In guiding many individuals to a certain esoteric achievement. There are other such things, already done, most of which are still esoteric, still hidden even to those, outside of our tradition, who consider themselves Adepts.

There are many more things to do, and it is irrelevant to us if people, esoteric-minded or otherwise, understand what we are doing, and why. Their opinion and judgement of us – often erroneously based on some causal form we or some of our Adepts may use or some rôle an Adept or Master might assume – is irrelevant.

Which is why, I imagine, you personally have never bothered with responding, on the Internet or otherwise, to criticism of the ONA?

Correct. Most of the chatter on the Internet is worthless, ephemeral, the product of people with little esoteric knowledge and even less genuine practical esoteric and personal experience, with such people being led or controlled either by their own desires or by some unconscious impulse or by some causal abstract form or dogma they do not rationally comprehend, or by all of these things. Such chatter is almost always immediately reactive, never the product of a reflexion based on experience, and – when it is not simply inane – it is esoterically and/or intellectually shallow; worthless; pretentious.

Genuine esoteric wisdom arises from a reflexion born from personal, direct, practical experience: from an alchemical symbiosis; from that acausal growth that arises slowly over causal time. And it cannot, should not, be expressed in hasty words of the reactive, immediate, emotive kind based upon, dependant upon, some causal abstraction, some dogma, some causal form. Such wisdom is to be savoured; communicated, at best, on a personal basis, and otherwise in some form which enables others to reflect upon it, or judge it, over a period of causal time.

The only value, esoterically, of this Internet thing is that it allows – for the moment at least – the free dissemination of mythos, of causal forms, of various esoteric Ways, enabling people to access such things, and consider them and if necessary act upon or be inspired by them in their own way in their own causal time. Such action and such inspiration, to be esoterically valid, must of course take a certain amount of causal time: months, most usually years. Thus, the immediacy of chattering Internet forums, and the like, is esoterically irrelevant to us.

But haven’t some of your members responded to criticism?

No. Some of our associates may have – and I use the word associates advisedly – occasionally done such things, most usually as learning experiences for themselves. But no one is authorized to speak by or on behalf of the ONA…

Except you –

[Anton Long smiles] Except me, naturally.

Thus, those individuals, those associates, present only their own views, their own perspective, their own opinions, deriving as such things do from that incomplete and sometimes erroneous understanding which abounds among those who are not Masters/Lady-Masters. I have never bothered to correct such errors and such mistakes as have – very occasionally – occurred when such individuals, associated with us over the past decade, have, via this Internet medium, ventured forth an opinion or view of their own. It is for those individuals to learn, and so correct themselves, and for others to have the magickal empathy, the esoteric understanding, to perceive such errors and mistakes for the errors and mistakes they are.

Some associates – and the occasional member – have even occasionally produced and published tracts in an attempt to correct some mis-understandings which may have arisen in respect of our Way. Again, I have never bothered to correct such mistakes as may be found in such tracts or answers. But, as we move now into the third phase of our long term sinister strategy, even such ephemeral, very unofficial, things will cease, since the vast majority of what needed to be published, and said and written, has been, and our living nexion is now so well-established that it does not need such things, and never, in truth, has ever needed them, which is again why I – and those few among us who are Masters or Lady Masters – have never ventured forth any opinion by such means and never bothered with such Internet ephemera.

Can you then explain what an associate of the ONA is?

Technically, there are ONA members, and ONA associates.  A member formally means someone in direct personal face-to-face contact with an Adept or Master/Mistress of the ONA; someone who is being guided and thus following our Sinister Way according to tradition, and thus who is part of an already physical ONA nexion, which physical nexion – in Old Aeon speak – is a Sinister “Temple”.

There are also “unaffiliated” members who are working alone, who follow our Way, and who are also being guided by an Adept or Master/Mistress of the ONA.

Each member – when they attain Internal Adept – is free to guide others, and to establish their own “official” ONA nexion, but they still require some guidance to advance further, toward and into The Abyss, from whence they may emerge as newly fledged Masters or Lady Masters, who usually do not require further guidance.

An “official” ONA nexion should not be confused with the Temple – the simple causal construct – that an aspirant Internal Adept constructs as one of the learning tasks of the Seven Fold Sinister Way, which task is associated with External Adept.

An associate of the ONA is someone who is doing sinister work on behalf of the ONA and who is in contact (sometimes not on a face-to-face basis) with an ONA member, but who does and who is free to do their own work, and who usually follows or (more usually) developes their own esoteric way and methods, but who also may propagate the ONA mythos. Such an associate often constructs a new, non-ONA, independent group or organization, which may or may not be imbued with the sinister energies which the ONA itself is using, and which may or which may not acknowledge the influence of the ONA.

Of course, many others are influenced by the ONA in a variety of ways, and may or may not use, directly or indirectly, some aspects of our Sinister Way, our Dark Tradition, in whatever way and for whatever purpose they want, which they can freely do, even if they do not acknowledge the source, the influence. Such influence, and such use – and such a hiding of the source of their inspiration – is natural, and a necessary part of, a necessary extension of, that living sinister presencing which is the ONA and which is the ONA mythos, as, of course, the work of our associates is a natural, and a necessary part of, a necessary extension of, our living sinister presencing.

You – and others among our kindred sinister-folk – will be aware, for instance, of several esoteric groups which have arisen in the last two decades, wholly or partly inspired by the ONA and our mythos. Often, such groups last but a few years, and then decay away, as the interest and enthusiasm of the individual or individuals founding them wanes and dies and they themselves fall back into the mundane world of non-esoteric folk, or even renounce their sinister quest. Sometimes, such groups schism, and new ones are formed, and these may last a few more years. But the ONA endures and grows, slowly, in an alchemical, living way, as is necessary and as befits such a causal presencing of the acausal, as befits such a living-being, imbued with acausal energies. Such is the sinister dialectic at work, and sinister Adepts – and Masters/Lady-Masters – at work, and at play.

I have heard it said that some of the tasks of the Seven Fold Way are not necessary, and should only be taken as a rough guide. I’m referring here to such matters as the physical tasks of an External Adept, such as a man walking thirty-two miles, in hilly terrain, in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least thirty pounds in weight.

Such tasks and tests were designed to physically take the individual to, and beyond, their limits. To develope in them a certain personal character. As such, these physical tasks are – for most modern individuals in the West – hard, and challenging, and require many months of physical training before they can be successfully attempted. They are not meant to be easy, and those who say such things as you mention usually are just too soft, too weak – emotionally, physically, in terms of character – to attempt them, and so make excuses for their failure. We do not care, for thus have they failed this particular selection process of ours.

As I mentioned – and as by now should be somewhat well-known among sinister esoteric-folk – one of our aims is to breed, to seed, a new elite, the prelude for a new human species which has been variously named as Homo Galactica and Homo Galacticus. If some individuals do not wish to join us in this quest, fine; if they do not desire to undertake the selection process, fine; if they have no dream of evolving beyond what they are and of thus becoming the foundation for this new elite, this new species, fine. The choice is theirs. We simply do not care about them, or about their opinions, or about their excuses, or about their judgement of us.

Our tests, our tasks, our Way, is a selection process. Many begin; few succeed. Over the past three decades, some have succeeded, and this number will increase, slowly, and has increased, slowly. There is no easy way to achieve genuine Adeptship; there is no easy way to change yourself – alchemically, esoterically – and so become a part of this new elite.

Our tasks, our tests, our Way, work; the ONA produces sinister Adepts, sinister Master and Lady-Masters. But this is a slow process, which is why we have a selection process, why we are, as a practical-form, reclusive; why we do not “recruit”, and why sheer numbers of members do not, never have and never will, concern us.

The published physical tasks – of, for example, External Adept – are suited to humans who exist, now, in the lands of the West. Suited to those we desire to select, and are certainly achievable by those who may desire to be of-us, as members, as associates, or as individuals inspired by us. Of course, there are some individuals who – being supremely physically fit – will find such tasks too easy, and for them, as our MSS mention, there will be higher goals set. But what we will not do is lower these already achievable, if high, standards.

Yet there may well arise a time in the nearish future when these high goals will have to made higher (not lower, note) if prevailing conditions, in terms of physical health, nutrition, leisure-time, and so on, continue to improve. In the same manner, it may be necessary, sometime in the near future, for the Grand Master (or Grand Mistress) after me to revise some of the details of the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept, just as I myself revised the details I had inherited, to make the task of living alone, bereft of modern comforts, for three months practically feasible in a rather industrialized Britain, allowing thus a tent, and some pre-purchased food, where the original conditions specified building one’s own shelter and obtaining all food by hunting and gathering. But the essential alchemical, esoteric, elements – and hardship and difficulty – always remain, and, noticeably, such hardship and difficulty always incrementally increase, in line with our changing slowly evolving civilization.

Our tests, our tasks, our Way are ours. They achieve and can achieve what we desire to achieve. There are other Ways, other tests, other tasks – but, obviously, they are not ours, not of our Sinister Path, and what such others things may (or may not) produce, or whom they may or may not select, are of no concern to us.

We are not now, and will not be, and do not wish to be,”popular”, nor “accepted”; and this will only slowly, very slowly, change – if, that is, our diabolical plans succeed, our sinister magick works as it should, in accord with the sinister dialectic. But even then, it will be at least another hundred years – and probably somewhat longer – before we are understood, appreciated, by a minority, never mind by the “majority”, and when this minority understanding does occur we will have, exoterically, metamorphozed, in a sinister way, into many other causal forms, while our real essence remains – as it should – esoteric, hidden, heretical, and with we ourselves thus enabled to continue our diabolic work, in secret.


Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen

Legends, Myths, Tests – and Laughter

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Let us not forget that the Sinister Path involves a lot of fun – a lot of laughter and pleasure – as well as a certain dark, and sometimes even grim, striving. There is and should be ecstasy; exultation – as there must be, beyond the stage of novice, the ability, as I have wriiten elsewhere, to not take one’s self too seriously: to have fun at one’s own expense.

It is one of the many signs of the failures – of those who pose at being Satanists – that they take themselves too seriously, and can become obsessed, with themselves, with others, with “things”. Our way means self-understanding and self-honesty – we have to know, and admit, when we are wrong and so – knowing and admitting – we can move on, learning from our errors of experience.

Those along our Way should always test themselves – as those, being guided, will sometimes be tested. Always, there should be questions, a striving to understand, to know, to not be satisfied with what is given, or read, or shown, or told. What is important is the practical experience, the following of the Way, the learning that results – nearly everything is a form, a presencing, and thus only a beginning, a move toward that genuine understanding which is beyond all causal forms.

Thus, legends, myths, traditions – even those of the ONA! – may be interesting and they may (or may not) possess some aspect or aspects of a certain causal truth, often limited to a certain causal time. Mostly, such things are tools, a means – to create what is beyond them, which is of the essence from which such “things” derive. All these things should therefore be related to this, their context. But it is up to each and every novice, and Initiate, to study such things – to analyze them, and to form their own conclusions about such things. Their conclusions may be wrong – but so what?

There is a real truth in the seeming riddle that the ONA is, and is not, a tradition. Like a numinous musical creation, there are many layers, just as many and diverse “meanings” can be projected onto the ONA. But in the end even the ONA, public or esoteric – what is found or given or discovered by each new Initiate and Adept – is but one means to take us from this lowly causal existence to the realms where true magick and real living begin….. And what fun can we have on the way!

“One of the least-known but important signs of a genuine Adept of our Dark Tradition, our sinister way, is the ability to not take one’s self too seriously – to laugh, at one’s self, and especially at others: those who fall for the japes, the games, the riddles, the tests, that we as Adepts set for neophytes, for the poseurs, for the supine masses. For we revel in such things, in such games, which we create and play for our own amusement, and that of others like us, just as we love to be changelings and cause confusion, misunderstanding, doubt, uncertainty – and, occasionally, the light of insight, dawning as it can and does upon one person possessed of our own evolutionary and magickal abilities, perchance propelling that person towards us and our ways…” (The Laughter of the Adept)

Anton Long

The True Way of the O9A

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Let us be quite clear what the Way of the ONA involves – it involves practical experience, manifest in undertaking the Grade Rituals [see the Order MS A Complete Guide to the Seven-Fold Way], and their associated tasks, as well as Aeonic Insight Roles: tasks which through direct, challenging, dangerous, experience breed personal character, self-insight, and the beginnings of Aeonic understanding. “Theoretical study” is only ever a beginning; a prelude; a mere means to inspire action in-the-world, for it is action which breeds experience, tests and creates real individual character. The Way of the ONA involves real heresy – it involves defying the norms, the laws, of the society the individual finds themselves in: it involves a quest to transcend beyond the labels, the isms, the categories, the restrictions, imposed upon us by governments, by laws, by organizations, by “ideas”. The Way of the ONA involves striving to change, to disrupt, society, other individuals, governments – any and all forms – so that by such practical presencing of the sinister, genuine sinister change and thus evolution will occur.

The Way of the ONA involves the individual working mostly unaided – with perhaps some guidance from someone who has followed the Way. That is, it is a true Left Hand Path Way, unlike nearly all other “ways”, groups, organizations, which claim to be sinister and which lyingly claim to be breeding individual enlightenment:

The LHP in its methods is non-structured. In the genuine LHP there is nothing that is not permitted – nothing that is forbidden or restricted. That is, the LHP means the individual takes sole responsibility for their actions and their quest. This makes the LHP both difficult and dangerous – its methods can be used as an excuse for anti-social behaviour as they can be used to aid the fetishes and weaknesses of some individuals as well as lead some into forbidden and illegal acts. However, the genuine Initiate of the LHP is undertaking a quest, and as such is seeking something: that is, there is a dynamic, an imperative about their actions as well as the conscious understanding and appreciation that all such actions are only a part of that quest; they are not the quest itself. This arises because the LHP Initiate is seeking mastery and self-knowledge these being implicit in such an Initiation. Accordingly, the LHP Initiate sees methods as merely methods; experience as merely experience. Both are used, learned from and then discarded.

Because of this, the LHP is by its nature ruthless – the strong of character win through, the weak go under. There are no `safety nets’ of any kind on the LHP – there is no dogma or ideology to rely on, no one to provide comfort and soften the blows, no organization, individual or `Being’ to run to when things get difficult and which will provide support and sympathy and understanding. Or which, just as importantly, takes away the responsibility of the Initiate for their deeds. (The LHP – An Analysis)

The follower of the Way of the ONA must find their own contacts; must form their own ceremonial group; must find their own “magickal partner”. That is, they must put into practice the philosophy, the ethos, of the sinister Way itself: the Way of the elite, of those strong defiant individuals who desire to exult in life and who desire to change, to evolve, to achieve more than ordinary mortals.

The Way of the ONA also and most importantly involves striving to change others, society – striving to provoke change; striving to disrupt; to presence the dark, the sinister itself. That is, it is not a reclusive Way – it is and is meant to be dangerous; it is and is meant to encourage genuine and open defiance of norms, of laws, of governments, of all those things that keep individuals in thrall and which prevent them from exulting in life and taking themselves to higher levels of existence.

As has been said and written many times, all these, and other, things make the Way of the ONA difficult. Many become interested; some may even begin to follow the Way. But few continue once difficulties arise. Individuals begin to make excuses for their failure to throw themselves, Satanically, into life, for their failure to exult – for their failure to challenge themselves in all the way they can and should and must be challenged to exult, to learn, to evolve, to inspire others.

Some of these failures indulge themselves with fantasy – too afraid for instance to do an Insight Role or take themselves to their limits in physical and moral terms. Some of these failures indulge themselves with trying to make-up their own easy “way”, cobbled together from all the theories, ideas, forms, or whatever, that they have imbibed – cobbling such a “way” together because they simply do not have the guts to be sinister in real life. Some of these failures – who have never done anything Satanic, let alone tried to follow our Way with sincerity – even begin to criticize the Way of the ONA, perhaps hoping thereby to detract attention from their failure to live in a sinister way, shouting in their childish way that “you don’t need to do such things anymore…” – especially in reference to the culling of opfers; Insight Roles, such things as the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept, and disrupting society in a practical, revolutionary, way. Some of these failures like the Satanic, the sinister, ethos – but do not have the inner strength, the sinister intent, to defy the norms, the laws, the forms, of “society”, of governments, by doing real heretical deeds – by being a genuine revolutionary, for instance.

Whatever – there are as many excuses for failing to act Satanically as there are failures. Such people, such failures, will be around for a long time yet – but the Way of the ONA, with all of the techniques and teachings and methods now fairly openly available, gives those who dare the chance to excel, to defy, to strive, to take themselves, and others, to the dark realms beyond from where Chaos, Change and evolution arise.

Anton Long


The Deceitful Occult Ego

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It is indicative of the sorry state of most occult paths – and the people who follow them – that there is an abundance of dis-information, deceit, mystification and cultivation of egos.

Consider a typical case: a young man develops an interest in occult arts, and eagerly seeks information and contacts. Books and articles are read, contacts made, perhaps a group or three joined. Soon the young man is part of the ‘occult scene’ and one of three things usually happens: (1) he accepts some system or person, for awhile and tries to follow what is expected – then, after some ‘practical’ work, decides it is not right for him and moves on to another system or person; (2) after a little while he comes to believe he has attained his goal (and thus is an ‘adept’ or ‘Master’ or whatever) – usually after engaging in a few rituals and a lot of conversations and meetings with others; (3) after e short or intermediate period cultivating and fawning upon others (and thus assisting them in their endless campaigns to ’safeguard’ their own reputations by attempting to discredit others via rumours and so on) he establishes an identity for himself – exaggerating his own achievements, knowledge and contacts. In short, there is the perpetuation of old Aeon traits and values – contra what the occult in general is supposed to be achieving.

Two things are involved in this process: the desire (mostly unconscious and natural) for self-importance and self-delusion. Part of this self-delusion occurs because of the ‘intellectualisation of the occult’ – there is too much talk, too much acceptance of what others say (particularly about others) without first-hand knowledge, too much theory and too much ego-domination where ‘cleverness’ (particularly in words) is rated above practical experience. Too much concern for someone’s ‘past’.

The result is almost inevitable (and a waste of the potential of occultism) – the young man achieves no real progress, no real insight no real occult abilities. He has become infected with the ‘occult disease’. Instead of going within, into the wilderness, to lose all illusions and delusions and begin the hard and solitary path to Adeptship by practical work, there is the camaraderie of being ‘in the know’, of ‘being accepted’ or working (mostly in intellectual or pseudo-intellectual ways) in a certain ‘niche’ and thus becoming self-satisfied in a comfortable way. The occult thus becomes a ‘habit’ or an interest- a source of self-congratulation (perhaps even of material income) and a place where a ‘role’ is obtained and lived out. Some ‘practical’ work may be done – but the end result is the disposal occultists so familiar from the recent past and the present: the attender of meetings (or the more modern ’symposia’ or ‘conferences’), the seeker after and spreader of gossip and rumour, the pseudo-intellectual dilettante writing articles and books (and perhaps even editing a magazine) not from direct, personal experience but rather from hearsay, from self-opinion and from intellectual aridity and cleverness. Or, perhaps, the plagiarist enjoying a cliquey success and amateur adulation – or t he self-appointed ‘master/adept’ who may need the mystique of an organisation to mask his lack of character or charisma or who may be so self-deluded that he actually believes he has attained his goal. Then again, our young man may turn out to be one of those many failures who hang around the ‘occult scene’ – flitting from one group to another, one ‘master’ to another, and talking, worshipping (both ‘gods’ and ‘masters’) and talking again and accumulating a mass of useless information, ‘lore’ and ‘grades/degrees’.

Despite the interest in recent years in the techniques or ways of the occult – despite all the many words written and spoken – there has been little or no real achievement on the personal level: no increase in the very few adepts. Instead, almost the opposite has occurred – an increase in self-delusion, in glorifying the ego at the expense of gaining insight; a turning away from effective experience to the glorification of the vapid, the intellectual and the ‘non-directive’ sensation-seeking, temporary, ‘mind-expanding’ experience. In short, there has been less real self-discipline and more ego-biased stupidity and stimulation. Adeptship, and the wisdom that lies beyond that, is obtained by a slow, hard process which requires self-discipline and the self-overcoming of hardships. There is no path to it which is not without difficulties and which is not solitary – which does not require the discarding of all those props which most require to survive: a dogma, friends, ideas, companionship, lovers, material security, ‘masters’… There is no potion to obtain which when taken will suddenly give insight or wisdom, no sudden revelations – from god or mortal – which instil wisdom, no technique to be used a few times a week, no ritual or rituals which will give personality or character or self-development.

This process requires years & involves certain ways of living – & often a certain guidance. It requires also the desire to reach the goal, to not give in when things become difficult or confused – a tenacity to follow the chosen path to its ending.

The occult knowledge and insight of an individual is shown most of all by their bearing – by the way they relate to others. But this bearing is not the assumption of some ‘role’ (such as ‘master’ or ‘guru’ or whatever) – rather, it is genuine and spontaneous, full of individual character: neither affectation nor pretension. This is so because the knowledge and insight is within, acquired from experience. Where there is lack of real knowledge end lack of insight, there is pretension, artifice, the “I must preserve my own ego by doing down all others” syndrome, and the inebriated laughter of the ill-disciplined, ill-at-ease discussion machine.

Our young man would do well to try and find some guidance from an insightful individual – and be prepared for a hard and long journey. Perhaps then, in time one new adept will arise, and the ‘New Aeon’ will be brought a little nearer.

Anton Long

Order of Nine Angles

What Lies Beneath

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“How can the acausal be presenced, now, on this planet which is currently our only place of causal residence? Is it still relevant for the acausal – the Dark Forces, the Dark Gods – to be so presenced?

Yes – it is still relevant, still necessary, for all those who belong to our Dark Tradition, and all those who aspire to belong, to so presence the Dark: still relevant, still necessary to do both magickal and practical deeds which glorify the Sinister, which presence the Dark Forces. This is Aeonic Magick – and a Magick which aids, or which can aid, both the Internal and External Magick of each Initiate and each Adept. Words, ideas, symbols, writings, and all such transient causal forms, are only intimations; perchance the beginnings of inspiration. Beyond such things – a necessary beyond – are the deeds, the acts, the magick, that each and every Initiate and Adept must do to presence the Dark: the practical experiencing which alone breeds the knowing of the Sinister.

Those who decry such practical things – such action, in the world, such dark deeds – are feeble; they are not of-us. They belong to the Old Order, which festers still, which still infects the world with its cosmic-denial, its pathetic anti-evolutionary materialism, its vapid egotism, its dogma of duality, of “good” and “evil”, and its limiting of each and every individual. We, on the contrary, proudly defy – as we proudly announce that we know we can be, we should be, more than we are – that we have the potential to change ourselves, to reach out into the Cosmos; to evolve; to become like gods… They of the Old Order stifle the potentiality of our being while we who pledge ourselves to bringing the acausal down to this Earth are of the new Cosmic Order yet to be: we, the future, who despise everything that belongs to, that clings to, the little ones of the Old Order who scurry about in their vanity and material concerns. We have the strength to dream great dreams – to be bold in our visions, in our quest; while they would have us all go back down to their low animal level. We have the strength to know we are a new race, a new breed of human beings, taking evolution ever upward by our magick and our deeds.

So, how do we bring the acausal down to this Earth? By Aeonic Magick, using our skill, our knowledge, our nexions, our dark forms. By practical deeds which disrupt the Old Order and all its forms, ideas, organizations, groups and societies. By practical deeds which glorify the dark and which take us, as individuals into and beyond defiance and which make us new archetypes to inspire others and future generations. By creating nexions to draw forth to this world, and to its peoples, the darkest of Dark Forces – the Dark Gods, and the Chaos of the Acausal Itself. By championing anything and everything which can challenge and disrupt the Old Order with its Magian magic and its Magian ethos (of which the Nazarene ethos is a part) and its desire for lower everyone down to the lowest level. By causing, inspiring revolution; evolution. By creating new and newer forms to presence the Sinister and so restore the balance, thus re-enabling the dialectic which powers Change and evolution. By championing those forms which actively now, and in the recent past, have challenged and even threatened the old Magian order, which forms they who belong to the Magian (and their lackeys and agents) fear.

What we always must remember is that what others think of us – what labels, what names they attach to us – are irrelevant. We are beyond such things – we, who are the future.

“I, and others like me, are the darkness which is necessary and without which evolution and knowledge are impossible. I am also my own opposite, and yet beyond both. This is not a riddle, but a statement of Mastery, and one which, alas, so few have the ability to understand.” -Anton Long, ONA, 116yf

“It is important to realize also that the name “Satan” is not his real name, it is a convenient epithet, used because it expresses part of his nature. There is, in fact, no real ‘name’ as we undertand names – […]. In a sence which few people will understand, Satan is the essence of the acausal: the cosmic force of Chaos whose intrusion into our causal demention disrupts the entropy that linear time produces.” -ONA, Aeonic Magick

These hints made by the ONA regarding “Satan” is a very important concept within the White Star Acception. ‘Satan’ and mythos associated with ’satan’ are sinister strategies required to purge our minds and lives of the Nazarene Ethos and paradigm, and to liberate ourselves from the hold that the Magian has had on a vast portion of humanity, which prevents us from progressing humanity forward. But to lose oneself in the mythos and strategy; that is to believe in the actualy being of a satan; is conterproductive because not only is this satan a mythic being of the Nazarene Matrix itself, but it is also reactionary.

The Genuine Progressive Satanist of the Dark Tradition who has insight, undersatnds that satan is merely a descriptor used to describe a more esoteric phenomena- the Acausal, or Force of Chaos; which we in 352 symbolize also with Azagthoth- the blind force of Chaos, that is the center and fundamental substance of the Cosmos.

This Acausal Force of Chaos may be likened to an ocean which crystalizes and condenses into a different form in certain areas- ice burgs. Althought the Ocean and Ice burg are essentially the same fundamentl essence in two different form; they are very different and do not naturally mix. In otherwords – this material Cosmos we physically exist in is a materialization or crystilzation of acausal chaos in a very condenced and coherent strucure. Thus, this Dark Force, which Life Force is but another of it’s manifestations, lies beneath all things.

This crytsalization phenomena is esoterically hinted at with our use of Crstyals during our ceremonies, which helps open nexions. Crsytals themselves are the condensation of energy and elements into a tightly coherent patern. The energy cannot be experience in a crystal, unless one brings two quartz crystals into a dark room and physically rubs them together, thus producing a very visible release of light and energy. Releasing this energy in a way, is similar to the act of opening a nexion and bringing down acausal energy.

The opening of a nexion which draws down acausal energy into our material universe, may be illustrated by holes being drilled in an ice burg to draw sea water down into the ice burg. This drawing down then brings us to the esoteric meaning of the word ’satan.’ In Sanskrit the word “Satana” actually means: “causing to fall,” “bringing down;” as well as to “destroy,” “wear out,” or “remove.” That is to say that we Presencing the Dark, or “drawing down” acausal energy into our material world to gradually destroy the old aeon to manifest a new future one. This is perfectly congruent to the Dark Tradition of the ONA.

This process of actively using our minds to form chaos into order is illustrated by Yug-Sothoth ordering Azagthoth into form, as we desribe in the very first Chapter of Opus Vrilis, as well as within our initiation ceremonies.

Thus within our White Star Acception “Satan” is understood on many levels – esoteric and exoteric. On one level he is a mythos of the Nazarene Paradigm used for certain sinister reasons; on another level ’satan’ to us represents Nature in all its forms – primal, cosmic, earthly, animal, and human nature; and on a more esoteric level ’satan’ is the very acausal force we are presencing to manifest change and progression.

This is very important to understand because our Dark Tradition is not a reactionary thinking process like the profane satanisms which either worships a literal being of the Christian Paradigm, or uses the name ’satan’ as a mere symbol of 9 statements. There is more to our religion than just reacting. Those profane stagnant satanisms would not exist without the Judeo-Christian mythos, or without the ’satan;’ but our Dark Tradition would still be in tact even if we chose to abandon the satanic mythos and stopped using the word satan. The acausal is still the acausal either way; and the Dark Gods- those ‘entities’ of the acausal – are still the Dark Ones; with or without our usage of satan and his mythos. – Chapter XLII; OV:352

Anton Long and the Internet

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“Their opinion and judgement of us – often erroneously based on some causal form we or some of our Adepts may use or some rôle an Adept or Master might assume – is irrelevant…

Most of the chatter on the Internet is worthless, ephemeral, the product of people with little esoteric knowledge and even less genuine practical esoteric and personal experience, with such people being led or controlled either by their own desires or by some unconscious impulse or by some causal abstract form or dogma they do not rationally comprehend, or by all of these things. Such chatter is almost always immediately reactive, never the product of a reflexion based on experience, and – when it is not simply inane – it is esoterically and/or intellectually shallow; worthless; pretentious.

Genuine esoteric wisdom arises from a reflexion born from personal, direct, practical experience: from an alchemical symbiosis; from that acausal growth that arises slowly over causal time. And it cannot, should not, be expressed in hasty words of the reactive, immediate, emotive kind based upon, dependant upon, some causal abstraction, some dogma, some causal form. Such wisdom is to be savoured; communicated, at best, on a personal basis, and otherwise in some form which enables others to reflect upon it, or judge it, over a period of causal time.

The only value, esoterically, of this Internet thing is that it allows – for the moment at least – the free dissemination of mythos, of causal forms, of various esoteric Ways, enabling people to access such things, and consider them and if necessary act upon or be inspired by them in their own way in their own causal time. Such action and such inspiration, to be esoterically valid, must of course take a certain amount of causal time: months, most usually years. Thus, the immediacy of chattering Internet forums, and the like, is esoterically irrelevant to us.”

Anton Long, ONA