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As he ran towards the dock, Smitty wiped the sweat from his brow and then looked to the East as the sun was rising. He looked at this watch quickly. 5:32 am. The radio blared in its radio holder on his belt.

“Delta-Sierra…Delta-Sierra…What’s your 20?” The radio blared.

Smitty slowed his running down to a walk to get catch his breath.  He pushed aside the botton of his leather jacket and unclipped the radio inside its holder from his belt.

“Central, disregard. I do not have a location of the subject. Advise all units to stand down at this time.” Smitty said into the radio calmly. “I’ll 10-1 in five to ten Mikes. Copy, Central?”

“Ten-Four. Is that a copy, sectors Adam and Ida?”

Smitty heard the acknowledgement of both patrol cars. Then he “saw” a flash of light in his mind. He drew his gun and walked warily towards the empty warehouse on the left. He tried the door and it was unlocked. He peered inside and saw only blackness.

“Fitting.” he said quietly to himself and quickly slipped inside. He got down on one knee and pointed his service weapon, a Glock, in an almost half counter-clockwise position into the darkness. He turned the radio off.

He carefully made his way through the darkness. He knew that It was here. He carefully felt around with his left foot in front of him. He felt a step.

It waited at the top of the stairs for Smitty. It didn’t hear or see Smitty enter the warehouse, but It felt Smitty’s presence. He heard Smitty ascend the stairs. It tightened his hand into a fist and smiled. Its other hand was on the light switch.

The lights went on. Instinctively  Smitty aimed his weapon towards the top flight os stairs and began firing about six shots. He was right and knew that he had hit It all six times. Yet, It just stood there and smiled at Smitty. Then, It leaped from the top of the stairs right into Smitty. Smitty felt himself rolling down the stairs and finally stop unceremoniously at the bottom, but he held on to the gun for dear life.  He looked up at It. It was walking down the stairs slowly and smiling at him. It was taunting him. He pointed the weapon at It.

Smitty looked at It. It had taken the form of the first human that he saw riding by on a motorcycle. The form was that of a large man, 6’4″ and weighing about 310 lbs., Smitty guessed. The form had long shoulder length hair and an unusually long beard, dressed in a black leather motorcycle jacket, black T-shirt with a large, bloody hole in the collarbone area (the grouping of Smitty’s shots), black jeans and large motorcycle boots. Smitty was only 5′-8″ and weighed only 180 lbs. Also contributing to the mismatch was the fact that It wasn’t even human.

“Why’d you call off your back-up, Detective? Stupid human idiot.” It smiled at Smitty.

Smitty crawled on his back hurriedly away from It. He pointed his weapon at It. “I didn’t want any of those cops to get hurt.” Then he fired two more shots at It’s legs. It buckled slightly and smiled at Smitty.

“Very noble of you Detective. Right now, I tire of these games. I’ll make your death quick because I’ve taken a liking to you.”

“Before you do that, tell me who the fuck you are first.”

It laughed. “I’ll humor you since you are about to die anyway. I am something beyond your very comprehension, beyond your very existence. Humans have tried to Presence my kind because they think that they are evolved enough to do so.”

“Then how did you get here, then?” asked Smitty.

“My, aren’t we the intuitive one?” It smiled.

Smitty smiled back stupidly. He saw the irony of It speaking with a gentlemanly air dressed as a biker.


Its smile faded and then he turned somber.

“That I know not, if I may be truthful.”

“It’s because there were some that were worthy.” said Smitty.

“What would you know about that?” It inched closer to Smitty. Then It let out a primal, guttural scream that seemed to make the warehouse shake. “What the fuck would you know about that?!?” It now growled at Smitty as he stomped closer.

Smitty while on his back raised both knees to his chest and kicked out at the charging It. The impact sent It flying abou 5 feet up in the air and then almost twenty feet away, crashing into the wall and cracking the cement. Smitty got up and walked towards It. It looked at Smitty incredulously.

“You’re…one of Us?”

“I am of the same, but not of your kind.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I am not here to drain the humans of acausal life force. In other words, I’m not an extraterrestrial leech like you. I was Presenced here as you were, but I want to know why and what the humans will do with themselves.”

It got up and grabbed Smitty by the collar of his jacket, flinging him. Smitty grabbed back at It’s collar and they both began to fling each other, cracking cemant beams and walls.

It laughed. “You want to see the humans thrive? And then what of us?”

“We are Gods. What would that matter?”

“They are our food! They are a lower life form than us! Beneath us! Fuck their individual Destinies!”

“Fuck you, Leech!” Smitty headbutted It continuously until Its form’s face was a crimson mask of blood.

Smitty then knelt beside the now unconscious It. “Back to where you came from, leech.” Smitty placed his right forefinger to his lips and then on top of Its form’s Adam’s apple. A purple mist appeared and enshrouded It. Then, the mist disappeared. Smitty took the pulse of the form that remained. The human form that It had taken was dead.

Smitty walked outside the warehouse. Workers were gathered outside and looked at Smitty puzzled. Smitty walked up to the first worker and showed him his police shield.

“You. I’ve got an unresponsive suspect inside. Call 9-1-1.”

“Yessir.” the worker said nervously and then started dialing his cellphone.

Smitty looked around at the workers who still looked at him puzzled. He looked at himself and saw that he was covered in blood.

“Any of you guys got a cigarette?” he smiled.

Whose Gonna Run This Town Tonight?

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Whose gonna run this town, tonight? The short answer: we are, however long it takes to undermine by whatever means the societies of the mundanes and replace their rule of law, and their Police forces, with our law of personal honour and our tribal enforcers.

That is the essence of our sinister strategy: to build a new, tribal-based, way of life in the cities, the towns, everywhere; to break down, to replace, what exists now; and to exult in this breaking down, this replacement; to enjoy the thrill of the chaos, the disorder, that we can and should and will cause. For by doing such sinister things we live life on a higher level than the mundanes; we evolve ourselves; we extend and surpass our limits and we most certainly surpass and discard and ignore the limits set by the mundanes and enshrined in their tyrannical laws.

Let us be quite clear (again); let us be understood (again): we are sinister, in real life. We are amoral. We are feral. We are not playing some sinister game or indulging in some esoteric rôle-play. We are, or aspire to be, outlaws, in real life. We can and will and should use any and every means – however such means are described by the “ethics” and the laws of the mundanes – in order to achieve our personal, sinister, aims, and our sinister Aeonic goals. Nothing of the world of the mundanes is forbidden to us; nothing of the world of the mundanes should restrict us.

In brief, we are new sinister species. A new type of human being. The type who scares the mundanes; the type of being that they fear and dread and who may give their children nightmares, or invoke within those youngsters the sinister desire to be of us, to be like us, to aspire to be like us. For it us, and them: us and the mundanes. Their world, or our new, sinister, world.

We desire, we need, real, practical, power: on the streets; in the towns, in the cities, in the villages, the areas, where we reside. We desire to rule, to control, our neighbourhoods, our locality; to establish there our new sinister tribal culture, and we will use whatever means we can and whatever means we desire and which are necessary to establish our feral tribes. We desire in such places to make a name for ourselves; to earn respect and be respected.

We have declared war on the mundanes, for they and all that they have are our resource; and all that supports them and their system – from their laws, their so-called Courts of Law, their Police forces, to their local and national governments – we loathe and detest and regard as our enemy. We are armed and dangerous; and if we are not already so armed and so dangerous, then that is what we aspire to be, and what we should and must be, for we regard it as our natural right as members of a sinister feral species to be so armed, and we would rather die, fighting and laughing and exulting, than submit or surrender to any mundane or to their so-called forces of “law and order”.

The politics of the mundanes – their whole system of governance, their ideologies, their religions, their Institutions – are irrelevant to us. Such things belong in the past; to the mundanes. Our way is the way of personal knowing; of earning, of keeping, personal respect; of personal loyalty to the members of our own local tribe.

Each of our sinister tribes is a law, a realm, unto itself. They set their own limits. They make their own rules; devise their own codes of behaviour. They have their own, individual, tribal aims. They all have their own means, their own ways, of making their mark; of acquiring what they need; of gaining respect and wealth. But they all – each and every one of them – are of us, part of us, by virtue of the fact we are family: a new, growing, thriving, spreading, species; an extended sinister family bound by loyalty to our own kind; bound by sharing the same sinister ethos, the same sinister and feral nature: the same desire to excel; to exult; to grow, to acquire by whatever means whatever we need to survive, to prosper, to live life as it should be lived. We are a family who knows our own kind; who knows who our enemies are, and who are our brothers and sisters.

Thus, we are the darkest, most sinister, sorcery of all; Presencing The Dark by our very lives.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen

The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way

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The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way

(Note: While this MS assumes some knowledge of the LHP and magick, it may be useful to non-Initiates/non-Adepts.)

The True Nature of Magick:

Magick, correctly defined and correctly understood, is the presencing of acausal energy in the causal by means of a nexion. By the nature of our consciousness, we, as human individuals, are one type of nexion – that is, we have the ability to access, and presence, certain types of acausal energy.

The symbols and rituals of genuine conventional magick (as represented by the ONA) are simply a means to access, or re-present, certain types of acausal energy. Thus, and for example, the Tree of Wyrd, as conventionally described (”drawn”) and with its correspondences and associations and symbols, re-presents certain acausal energies, and the individual who becomes familiar with such correspondences and associations and symbols can access (to a greater or lesser degree depending on their ability and skill) the energies associated with the Tree of Wyrd. The Tree of Wyrd itself is one symbol, one re-presentation, of that meeting (or “intersection”) of the causal and acausal which is a human being, and can be used to represent the journey, the quest, of the individual toward the acausal – that is, toward the goal of magick, which is the creation of a new, more evolved, individual.

However, such a symbol as the Tree of Wyrd (ToW) – to be a correct and thus useful re-presentation – must be understood (”viewed”) in both causal and acausal terms. As conventionally described (”drawn”) the ToW is but a static two-dimensional object. A more accurate re-presentation is three-dimensional. A yet more accurate description is four-dimensional where the symbols are understood to “flow”/change according to their nature – and here, the transformations of the pieces/symbols of The Star Game are the key. The best – most accurate – description of such a symbol as the ToW is five-dimensional, for Time has of itself “two” dimensions, or components: a causal one (the “flow”/change)  and an acausal one, which acausal aspect cannot be understood, or viewed, or even symbolized, by conventional four-dimensional means. Thus, each individual symbol, or “association” or “correspondence” is not static and not isolated – they are but individual, causal, emanations of what is a changing aspect of some acausal energy, which acausal energy cannot by totally contained (or “described”) by some finite, causal re-presentation.

That is, there is an acausal aspect to all magickal workings, rituals and “re-presentations”/symbols, which acausal aspect cannot be re-presented by a mere four-dimensional description or symbol.

Of course, the astute reader will realize that not only is the ToW itself but one causal, emanation of what is a changing aspect of some particular acausal energy, but also that we, as individuals, are such a “thing”.

The failure of pre-ONA magick is the failure to understood, to know, the four and five dimensional nature of genuine magick. On a somewhat basic level, that is why, for instance, in the ONA Way, there are no such things as stupid “banishing rituals” – because the individual is a nexion, before, during and after some causal ritual, which ritual involves acausal energy.

The Seventh Way of the ONA:

The Way of the ONA is a Way which allows the individual to experience, to get to know, acausal energy, and to begin the process of understanding such energy via acausal symbolism. All magick – external, internal and Aeonic – is but a means to apprehend, experience and presence acausal energies, and thus create/provoke Change. That is, the conventional magick of the ToW, of books such as Naos, of rituals, is but a beginning – through such things, the individual Initiate acquires experience and knowledge, and also develops as an individual: in terms of character. In the simplistic sense, they move, through the Grades, beyond “The Abyss”, toward The Goal, which is the transformation of the individual and the emergence of a new type of being, beyond the Adept. In such a moving, such a development, they acquire a knowledge, a knowing, of the acausal, which knowledge usually begins during and after the stage of Internal Adept – and which is often glimpsed, in some causal way, by some External Adepts who may thus intuitively grasp the essence of the sinister. Also, in such a moving, they cause/provoke changes in the causal: that is, they undertake Aeonic Magick.

The basis for the Seventh Way is, firstly, the understanding of causal, acausal and nexions, and, secondly, the realization that we, as individuals, can evolve ourselves in a conscious and rational way. Esoterically, the name itself – the Seventh Way – is not that important, and in essence serves only to donate some-thing which is different from what has existed hitherto. Exoterically, it refers to the seven-spheres conventionally described by the ToW – that is, to what has been called the septenary system, which itself is but one causal, and convenient, means to describe the nexion which we are and the nexion which is the intersection/meeting of causal and acausal in our phenomenal world.

What, then, is the acausal symbolism which can aide the process of understanding and which in itself is an act of magick, a presencing of the acausal? In its most simple form it is The Star Game – or rather, the advanced form of The Star Game. But even this is only a beginning – a mere four-dimensional manifestation. In another form, such acausal symbolism is The Dark Gods – not as some “name” or “names”, and not even as a vibration/chant of some collocation of letters/names (which vibration/chant is a more accurate re-presentation than a mere “name”). Rather, the symbolism is/are The Dark Gods and the energies (the “forces”) They Themselves re-present. (1)

But what does all this mean, in practical terms? It means that to presence such energies the individual has to go not only beyond the “symbolism” but also go beyond all those things which militate against the “flow” of acausal energy to the causal. That is, they have to open the nexion that they are – they become not just some “channel” or “gate” but rather an aspect of the acausal itself, while such presencing is done, and while some of its acausal manifestations manifest themselves in our causal time-and-space. This is the essence of what it means to go “beyond the Abyss” – achieved by following the Seven Fold Way.

In addition, and of crucial importance, in the practical sense it means that the effects of genuine magick are not purely causal – they are not limited to a specific “ritual” or action, and cannot be contained within a chosen causal form, such as a static image or some artefact. In a very simplistic sense, genuine magickal energies are “five-dimensional” – they are akin to “living-forms” which thus change, may grow (or decay) and which may cause or provoke changes, in causal time, according to their “nature”. (2) Thus, to consider one very noviciate-like example, when a conventional ritual is undertaken, the energies involved are presenced both in causal and acausal time – novices (and even, sometimes, Adepts) usually only consider or feel or are aware of the causal presencing and the causal effects, which they often assume they can “control”. What they seldom if ever consider are the acausal effects.

The Nine Angles – Esoteric Meanings:

The Nine Angles have several meanings – or interpretations – depending on context. In the exoteric, pre-Adept, sense, they may be said to re-present the 7 nexions of the ToW plus the 2 nexions which re-present the ToW as itself a nexion, with The Abyss (a connexion between the individual and the acausal) being one of these 2 “other nexions”. It should be remembered, of  course, that each sphere of the ToW is not two-dimensional (or even three-dimensional) and in a simple way each sphere can be taken as a reflexion (a “shadow”) of another – for example, Mercury is the ’shadow’ of Mars.

In another exoteric sense, the nine are the alchemical process of the 7 plus the 2, which 2 are the conjoining of opposites: and, in one sense, this conjoining can be taken to be (magickally, for instance, in a practical ritual) as the conjoining of male and female (hence what is called one of the Rites of the Nine Angles) – although, of course, there are other practical combinations, just as each magickal act involving such Angles should be undertaken for a whole and particular alchemical season: that is, such a working should occupy a space of causal-time, making it thus a type of four-dimensional magick which can access the fifth magickal dimension, the acausal itself. A somewhat more advanced understanding of the Nine – in relation to a ritual to create a Nexion – is hinted at in the recent fiction-based MS Atazoth.

Beyond this, the Nine Angles are symbols of The Star Game which itself is magick – that is, one nexion which can presence the acausal. But even this is only a beginning – a re-presentation, in symbols, of what is, in essence, without symbols: a useful means for Initiates, and Adepts, to move toward the new five-dimensional magick embodied in, and beyond, the ONA.

The Seventh Way and Satanism:

For the current Aeon, the Seventh Way, exoterically, is the way of Satanism, expressed in its most obvious way by opposition to the religion of the Nazarene and by an affirmation, through rituals and similar constructs, of the energy/archetype commonly known as “Satan”.

As explained in various other Order MSS this Aeon (3), left to itself, will persist – that is, its outer forms and ethos will continue to be manifest and still hold people in thrall physically and mentally – for at least another few hundred years, even though some of the energies of the next Aeon (energies manifest in groups such as the ONA) are manifest now and will become increasingly manifest. In the practical sense, this means that individuals, organizations, groups (and so on) will continue to be influenced/controlled by the forces of the Old Aeon, and that the forces of the New Aeon will not achieve significant change, in such forms as “society”, for several hundred years, which change will mark the real arrival of the next Aeon.

Furthermore, there will come a time when the ONA – and the individuals who are part of it or who are influenced by it – will outwardly shed the rhetoric, the images, the forms of “Satanism”, for such things are causal emanations tied to a particular Aeon; they are not the supra-Aeonic acausal essence which we, through the progression of Aeons, are moving toward and which it is the purpose of genuine Occultism and magick to move us, as individuals, toward experience of and understanding of. What will also change are the means – the magick – to presence the acausal. Thus, there will be a move away from ritual, and from overt Old Aeon symbolism – and especially from “words” and “names” (4) – toward a much darker magick: a magick which manifests the acausal without the need for causal forms, and certainly without the need for “names”. One type of the new magick is The Star Game (the magick of “Thought”) and another is that which returns the Chaos which is, and which is not, The Dark Gods – but there will be many other types of this new five-dimensional magick, some of which are already known to, and used by, genuine Adepts of the Dark Tradition.


Anton Long
Morning Rising of Arcturus
(Black Rhadley Nexion) 116yf

The Sinister Predator

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Notes on The Sinister Predator

 One important area of the Sinister Dialectic – of Sinister strategy – has remained rather neglected, despite the fact that it not only expresses the essence of sinister presencing, but also is important for our evolution toward higher beings. This area is that of the Sinister Predator. Basically, the Sinister Predator culls our own human species. In effect, the Sinister Predator is a natural and necessary evolutionary mechanism: a means to weed out the human dross and to keep our own human species in check, ensuring it does not reach the point of significant unbalance. 


There are two aspects to the Sinister Predator – the personal, and the Aeonic, and both of these aspects aid the Dialectic. However, the changes caused by the personal are, usually, not so great as those caused by the Aeonic for the simple reason that the personal usually involves the culling of individuals opfers, as mentioned in the various Order MSS concerning opfers.

The Aeonic aspect involves such things as war, armed conflicts, combat and “disasters”. From the viewpoint of the Sinister Initiate and Adept, this aspect involves encouraging, participating in, aiding, and creating war, combat, and those things – such as acts of “direct action” [what the unenlightened often call “terrorism”] – which can aid, or begin, or continue wars, armed conflicts, combat and “disasters”.

We Sinister Initiates and Adepts are the natural balance – the natural predators – which and who not only aid evolution, but who and which can direct that evolution toward the goals we know are necessary. We cull the dross; we create, inspire, and ensure that our species remains healthy – that it has the competition, the darkness, the opposition, the heresy, and especially the predators, necessary to ensure health. What we do to ensure and maintain the balance necessary is a true Presencing of the Dark, just as this doing itself enables our own personal evolution.

At this moment in our development, it is important that vast numbers of the human species are culled, on a regular basis, for otherwise our species will over-run this planet before we can develop sufficient means to live elsewhere in the Cosmos. This over-running will destroy many – if not all – of those things which are necessary not only for our own survival, such as the land required to produce the food we need,  but also for us to remain in balance with both ourselves and Nature, since this personal balance between the light and the dark is itself a nexion – a necessary stage – to what lies beyond the opposites implicit in all concepts and all “ethics”. It should be obvious to all Sinister Initiates and Adepts that the suffering, deaths and trauma caused by the Sinister Predator are irrelevant from the perspective of the Sinister Dialectic.


Anton Long