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As he ran towards the dock, Smitty wiped the sweat from his brow and then looked to the East as the sun was rising. He looked at this watch quickly. 5:32 am. The radio blared in its radio holder on his belt.

“Delta-Sierra…Delta-Sierra…What’s your 20?” The radio blared.

Smitty slowed his running down to a walk to get catch his breath.  He pushed aside the botton of his leather jacket and unclipped the radio inside its holder from his belt.

“Central, disregard. I do not have a location of the subject. Advise all units to stand down at this time.” Smitty said into the radio calmly. “I’ll 10-1 in five to ten Mikes. Copy, Central?”

“Ten-Four. Is that a copy, sectors Adam and Ida?”

Smitty heard the acknowledgement of both patrol cars. Then he “saw” a flash of light in his mind. He drew his gun and walked warily towards the empty warehouse on the left. He tried the door and it was unlocked. He peered inside and saw only blackness.

“Fitting.” he said quietly to himself and quickly slipped inside. He got down on one knee and pointed his service weapon, a Glock, in an almost half counter-clockwise position into the darkness. He turned the radio off.

He carefully made his way through the darkness. He knew that It was here. He carefully felt around with his left foot in front of him. He felt a step.

It waited at the top of the stairs for Smitty. It didn’t hear or see Smitty enter the warehouse, but It felt Smitty’s presence. He heard Smitty ascend the stairs. It tightened his hand into a fist and smiled. Its other hand was on the light switch.

The lights went on. Instinctively  Smitty aimed his weapon towards the top flight os stairs and began firing about six shots. He was right and knew that he had hit It all six times. Yet, It just stood there and smiled at Smitty. Then, It leaped from the top of the stairs right into Smitty. Smitty felt himself rolling down the stairs and finally stop unceremoniously at the bottom, but he held on to the gun for dear life.  He looked up at It. It was walking down the stairs slowly and smiling at him. It was taunting him. He pointed the weapon at It.

Smitty looked at It. It had taken the form of the first human that he saw riding by on a motorcycle. The form was that of a large man, 6’4″ and weighing about 310 lbs., Smitty guessed. The form had long shoulder length hair and an unusually long beard, dressed in a black leather motorcycle jacket, black T-shirt with a large, bloody hole in the collarbone area (the grouping of Smitty’s shots), black jeans and large motorcycle boots. Smitty was only 5′-8″ and weighed only 180 lbs. Also contributing to the mismatch was the fact that It wasn’t even human.

“Why’d you call off your back-up, Detective? Stupid human idiot.” It smiled at Smitty.

Smitty crawled on his back hurriedly away from It. He pointed his weapon at It. “I didn’t want any of those cops to get hurt.” Then he fired two more shots at It’s legs. It buckled slightly and smiled at Smitty.

“Very noble of you Detective. Right now, I tire of these games. I’ll make your death quick because I’ve taken a liking to you.”

“Before you do that, tell me who the fuck you are first.”

It laughed. “I’ll humor you since you are about to die anyway. I am something beyond your very comprehension, beyond your very existence. Humans have tried to Presence my kind because they think that they are evolved enough to do so.”

“Then how did you get here, then?” asked Smitty.

“My, aren’t we the intuitive one?” It smiled.

Smitty smiled back stupidly. He saw the irony of It speaking with a gentlemanly air dressed as a biker.


Its smile faded and then he turned somber.

“That I know not, if I may be truthful.”

“It’s because there were some that were worthy.” said Smitty.

“What would you know about that?” It inched closer to Smitty. Then It let out a primal, guttural scream that seemed to make the warehouse shake. “What the fuck would you know about that?!?” It now growled at Smitty as he stomped closer.

Smitty while on his back raised both knees to his chest and kicked out at the charging It. The impact sent It flying abou 5 feet up in the air and then almost twenty feet away, crashing into the wall and cracking the cement. Smitty got up and walked towards It. It looked at Smitty incredulously.

“You’re…one of Us?”

“I am of the same, but not of your kind.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I am not here to drain the humans of acausal life force. In other words, I’m not an extraterrestrial leech like you. I was Presenced here as you were, but I want to know why and what the humans will do with themselves.”

It got up and grabbed Smitty by the collar of his jacket, flinging him. Smitty grabbed back at It’s collar and they both began to fling each other, cracking cemant beams and walls.

It laughed. “You want to see the humans thrive? And then what of us?”

“We are Gods. What would that matter?”

“They are our food! They are a lower life form than us! Beneath us! Fuck their individual Destinies!”

“Fuck you, Leech!” Smitty headbutted It continuously until Its form’s face was a crimson mask of blood.

Smitty then knelt beside the now unconscious It. “Back to where you came from, leech.” Smitty placed his right forefinger to his lips and then on top of Its form’s Adam’s apple. A purple mist appeared and enshrouded It. Then, the mist disappeared. Smitty took the pulse of the form that remained. The human form that It had taken was dead.

Smitty walked outside the warehouse. Workers were gathered outside and looked at Smitty puzzled. Smitty walked up to the first worker and showed him his police shield.

“You. I’ve got an unresponsive suspect inside. Call 9-1-1.”

“Yessir.” the worker said nervously and then started dialing his cellphone.

Smitty looked around at the workers who still looked at him puzzled. He looked at himself and saw that he was covered in blood.

“Any of you guys got a cigarette?” he smiled.

The Meaning of Sinister Initiation: An Initiate’s Perspective

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Order 0f Nine Angles

From “OTONEN – A Guide to the Stage of Initiate”, Vindex Press 1989, 1999.

The Sinister Path

For many non-initiates and, unfortunately Initiates (an indication perhaps of the current state of the ‘Occult world’ itself), it is often misunderstood that the performance of a Rite of Initiation will bring forth immediate psychic change is noticeable in the individual; this itself will most likely be due to the intensity of  the Rite of Initiation. But whether such change has a lasting effect is another question, it being more likely that such immediate change will slowly evaporate as time passes. Another exception is that although there will have been no real or genuine inner change the Initiate will fall prey to one of the many delusions of the Abyss and believe that a change has occurred against all indications that tell otherwise (q.v. The Deceitful Occult Ego). So, although immediate change within the Initiate is possible, a more balanced and natural approach is to perceive Initiation as a process. It may be – and often actually is – physically desirable for the beginning of this process to be symbolized by the outer form of an Initiation Ritual (be it hermetic or ceremonial).

Along the Seven-Fold Sinister Way these Initiation rites (for in one sense all the rituals involved during the various stages of the Sinister Way are initiation rites in themselves) are primarily concerned with presenting the Darkness or acausal component of the psyche in the conscious world, or mind, of the Initiate. This enables the consciousness of the Initiate (that is, where the individual is largely controlled by unconscious desires or impulses) to that of Initiate (where the Satanist begins to comprehend and interact consciously  with these previously unconscious components) and then on to Adepthood where these energies are consciously understood enabling a certain balance to be attained between causal and acausal.

The Path of the Initiate

As each new Initiate progresses along the Sinister Path, it is expected that individual insights will add to the Tradition as a whole (the Heir to the Tradition adding significantly). Whether this does or does not happen is really dependent upon the Initiate and the quality of his or her contact with the Sinister Tradition. If the Path is genuinely followed, that is, if the Sinister is being actively pursued during the daily life of the Initiate (such pursuit or questing being a continuous act, and thereby a development of individual Will) genuine occult transformation will begin to occur. With this transformation it is possible that variations on some Sinister Rituals may arise whereby the Initiate finds a more powerful method of manifesting the acausal during the rite.

The rituals that are of primary concern for the Initiate are the Dark Pathways and the Sinister Pathworkings. Besides these rituals – which will already, if followed continuously, begin to dominate the Initiate’s consciousness – there are the individual sphere chants to be learnt, the undertaking of physical training, the study and practice of the Star Game, the study of Order texts and correspondences, the collation of incenses and the purchasing of specific implements for the future Temple. In regard to this latter aspect, by undertaking such actions these actions themselves will or may (dependent upon Individual Destiny) aid to the manifestation or creation of a Sinister Temple. That is to say, that by purchasing or making items that are specifically for a Sinister Temple, the reality of that (future) Temple is becoming presenced in the causal life of that Initiate.

Further to previous Order guidelines, a new method of Initiate development advises that the Initiate begins with the Dark Pathways themselves (instead of the Sinister Sphereworkings). The aim is to invoke one Dark God per week, meditating each night leading up to the ritual for no less than fifteen minutes on the respective sigil whilst slowly repeating the name of the Dark God or the World of Power. Combined with this the Initiate should aim to reduce sleep and food until the night of the ritual whilst also locating the respective planetary incense (taken from the bark of the respective tree) and burning this, during this, during the ritual. Once all Dark Pathways have been experienced, the Initiate may then undertake the Sinister Pathworkings, performing the nightly meditations. The  following of the Sinister Path in this manner, implies that the Initiate has already recreated or made conscious the Tree of Wyrd within him or herself, by consciously invoking each of the fundamental archetypes into consciousness. This conscious presenting of the archetypes thean being further developed by the Sphere Meditations themselves.

Initiate Tasks: Other Aspects

Besides the primary rituals that are required for the completion of Sinister Initaition, it is advisable that the initiate purchases – or contracts a jeweler to make – the relevant piece of jewelry to be worn (ring set with quartz for males, quartz necklace for females). The wearing of such an item of jewelry further stimulates the Initiate’s awareness that he or she is a member of a Tradition, one that is far more important and potent than the frankly rather pathetic past-times that most people takes as an interest or hobby. This ring or necklace becomes for the Initiate a ‘Mark of Satan’, a symbol of the Initiate’s quest and a constant reminder of the Sinister in the Initiate’s life, that is the Initiate is constantly aware that he or she is wearing and outward symbol – that others can see – of his or her Sinister Quest.

When all the different factors or tasks of Sinister Initiation are combined the Initiate’s entrance into the Sinister becomes a very potent force, one that is active (by virtue of the fact that the Initiate is consciously realizing or making real the Sinister in his or her life).

The practice of the chants is, as mentioned previously, a further task of the Sinister Way. Although this does not necessarily have to be undertaken during the stage of Initiate, it is advisable to begin to learn these so that once the Grade of Professed Brother or Sister is attained, the Sinister Magickian may be a little more prepared for the running of a Sinister Temple. By virtue of the fact that there are a number of chants that will need to be learned for use during Sinister ceremonial ritual it is usually advisable that the Diabolus is the first chant to be learned. Besides this the sphere chants are probably the next most important (the Agios Lucifer chant being ideal to begin with) since they provide a foundation for a number of rituals, and can be – and have been – used during the Dark Pathways Invokations.

There are of course a number of other tasks that are suggested, some new and some more Traditional aspects. One of the older and more secretive tasks is for the Sinister Initiate to gain some hosts from a Nazarene place of worship and desecrate these either during or after the Rite of Initiation. If one is seeking to join an existing Temple it will be necessary to have attained these prior to Initiation for use during Initiation, such an acquisition further proving the worth of the candidate.

A more recent addition to Tradition is that whilst the Initiate is undertaking the Dark Pathways, he or she draws a Tree of Wyrd in his or her Magickal Diary or ‘Sinister Book of Shadows’. This map however should only be added to once a Dark Pathway has been concluded. Thus, the Initiate begins by drawing the seven spheres, in appropriate sphere colors. Then, once the Noctulius Pathway is completed this is drawn in, then the Shugara Pathway is drawn in and so on. This in itself adds (albeit in a minor way) to the conscious integration of the energies being brought forth as enabling the Initiate to see – in physical terms – how the Pathways are connected to the spheres and one another.

Self-honesty and Sinister Occult Development

It is important to remember that, as an Initiate you have made a pledge to Satan and the Dark Gods to follow the Sinister Way:

‘Now receive as a symbol of your new desire and as a sign of your oath this sigil of Satan. This sign shall be the Power which I as Master wield shall always be a part of you – a symbol to those who can see and the Mark of our Prince.’

‘I….(state name chosen) am here to begin my Sinister Quest. Prince of Darkness, hear my oath! Baphomet, Mistress of Earth, hear me! Hear me, you Dark Gods waiting beyond the Abyss!’

(The Black Book of Satan)

It is easy in times of anger or tiredness to say to oneself that it doesn’t matter too much if a meditation is missed, or you don’y have a ring, or you don’t bother with the physical aspect, or that the Initiation Rite doesn’t need to be undertaken, or the Grade Ritual of External Adept isn’t really too important. That, because you know you could do it, it isn’t necessary to prove it to yourself.  And so on and so forth. And yes, it is easy to say such things because it means that you don’t have to make an effort. But, the Sinister Path is hard and demands commitment. It is only with this commitment, with this continuous effort, with this continual personal act of Will, of individual defiance, that such changes will occur. So in the context of Sinister Pathworking:

‘…faithful repetition is important, because by following the procedure exactly the required changes in consciousness are produced.’


How easy it is to miss these simple statements that describe the very means to achieve Sinister Adepthood. Perhaps if more Initiates actually did what was said by virtue of an act of Will then there might be more Sinister Adepts in the world. But things are as they are and human weakness is usually the cause of a waste of life, of potential. So, it is necessary, if the Sinister Initiate truly seeks an understanding that cannot be taken away from him or her, to follow the way as stated in numerous Order MSS. It is necessary to face the challenges that are set before the Initiate. At this stage there is no need to look too far ahead. Rather it is better to keep ones mind and thoughts on the current stage, because it is by following this stage now, and then the stage of External Adept, that the heights of the stage of Sinister Adept may finally be approached.

Thus, with all this in mind although the Initiate may have a tendency to say that it is not necessary to meditate upon the sigil of the Dark God each night prior to the Dark Pathways Invokations, such meditations really do enhance the energies brought forth and, after an unspecified amount of time has passed (dependent of course upon each Initiate) the Initiate will start to feel the acausal body surrounding the causal body.

The Dating of Esoteric Tradition

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Received tradition (as given to the present writer by his teacher – an Adept of the esoteric “Albion” tradition: for which read ‘Seven-Fold Way’/Septenary/Hebdomadry/Traditional Satanism and so on) places the origin of the Hyperborean Aeon and thus the civilization of Albion at least a thousand years before the dates given in ONA MSS.

Thus, received tradition gave the origin of the Hyperborean Aeon as between 79,000 to 6,000 BC (that is, 11  nine to eight millenia “before the present” – this ‘present’ being c. 1975 eh). Also, the ‘Primal Aeon’ was given as arising between eleven to ten millenia ago. This placed the origin of the Hyberborean Civilization (Albion) at around 6,000 or 5,000 BC and thus dated Stonehenge to between 4,500 and 3,500 (the later date – 3,500 – being favored).

After a thorough study of these received traditions and a review of present archaelogical/historical understanding, the present writer decided the traditional dates were out by at least a thousand years. When the ONA MSS were written (mostly after 1975 eh) to consolidate what had been – apart from a few MSS such as the ‘Black Book’ – a mostly oral tradition/teaching, these “new” dates were included.

However: the present writer admits that this revision may well be mistaken, and that the ‘traditional’ dates may yet be proved correct.

It is to be hoped that some time in the future further evidence for the civilization of Albion will be found, perticularly in regard to accurate dating and the confirmation of esoteric tradition concerning the sea-faring natuer of the communities (particularly the links with Iceland/Greenland/Canada and the later migrations southward: Greece, etc.), the technological advances made and so 0on.

While some evidence for the ‘advanced’ agriculture of the later period is emerging (eg the ‘Butzer’ Farm Project) and the astronomical nature of Stonhenge is now well-established, there is still the view of Albion during the the period in question as a rather basic ‘Neolithic semi-nomadic society’, rather ‘backward’ in comparison with the “civilized” societies of Sumeria and Egypt. The acceptance of this view is not surprising, given the paucity of evidence, the lack of archaelogical excavation and an almost total lack of ‘professional’ interest. Part of the lack of evidence stems from the fact that a lot of the sites have been almost continually inhabited/cultivated, with the consequential loss of material/patterns; another is the use of wood in the construction of artifacts – this is rarely preserved and there has been a rather silly tendency to use pottery remains (its ’sophistication’ etc.) to judge/date the communities associated with it, whereas the fact at the time pottery was probably considered an inferior material to wood/leather etc. Another stems from a lack of written records – in Egypt, Sumeria and elsewhere there are well-preserved reminders.

Esoteric Tradition – Additional Notes

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O9A 1998 eh

In the light of recent archaeological discoveries, it is possible that the origins of Albion/Hyperborean culture are in fact much older than dates previously documented in Order teachings.

According to these recent discoveries, it may be suggested that the ethos which gave birth to the civilization of Albion was in existence at least 12-10,000 years BP. Recent findings have included the dating of the very early phases of Stonehenge to 10,5000 years BP, and what could prove to be almost irrefutable evidence that this early Aryan civilization had visited/colonized what is now America [ie. the remains of ‘Kennewick Man’ – dated approx. 9,200 years BP].

It may yet be discovered that this ethos and associated civilization(s?)/culture is indeed much older than the dates quoted above – that there did exist a civilization or culture which expressed in practice the genuine Western, or Aryan, esoteric Tradition at least 20,000 years BP. Whether or not this culture was an advanced expression of the ethos – ie. whether or not one or more of its various phases could be regarded as an aeon with an associated Higher civilization – will remain for the present unknown. However, the present writer is inclined to believe that the evolution of this ethos was slow and organic – and in its beginnings until the time of Albion “primitive” and largely intuitive, not necessarily implying the urge to order that is characteristic of a civilization.

This spiritual legacy, which evolved to inspire the building of several ancient structures across the globe, flourished throughout Albion up until 5,500 years BP, after which time there was a slow decline/loss. The height of this flourishing is identified by Tradition as the Hyperborean Aeon. After 3,000 years BP – at this time there occurred significant social change (possibly in part connected to the influx of the Celts, and the gradual ordering/emergence of the “Druids”) – the “Tradition” (or rather, the remnants of its teachings) was preserved solely in an area of the Welsh Marches [and from thence to 1,500 years BP – inauguration of the Western Aeon – and from there to present day].

It must be remembered that the “Tradition”, this legacy of Albion, is much more than an inherited set of (now fragmentary) teachings. It was, and is, a certain attitude to life (qv. Exeat, Eira and “Aeonics” MSS)

Essentially, the “Tradition” was and is a way of Being – beyond even the structures/histories/images/words associated over the aeons with “the Sinister”. It is ethos: a way still exemplified, as pure as it was in its origins, in the lives and the living of present-day genuine Initiates.

There has been some confusion in recent years concerning the nature of “worship” that characterized the culture of Albion. Knowledge of the stars played a deeply essential role in the social structure for various reasons (some of which are unknown), but this did not make the people of Albion “stellar worshippers”. Here, one has to be clear about the meaning of “worship”.

The culture of Albion was comprised of solar cults for some very simple and fairly ‘non-esoteric’ reasons. The main reason, and thus the true nature of “worship”, is revealed to anyone who hasspent time living a simple and genuine rural existence of self-sufficiancy, or has spent time living thus, alone, in a real natural widerness. What is revealed should be obvious: our fundamental relationship, as living beings who require life, with the Sun.

Eira: A Satanic Guide to Future Magick

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This present volume has been compiled from the most recent writings of a member of the Order of Nine Angles. It serves as a pointer towards the future – of Magick, and of Western evolution.

The author is well aware that written works such as this are merely shadows of what cannot, at present, be adequately expressed. And yet, via these writings the real motives of Satanists in the world may begin to be discerned. Perhaps then another nameless insight will be presenced, and one more nexion shall start its slow opening.

ONA Venn Community, Shropshire 1998eh


Introduction: In The Realm of Gods

The very essence of Satanism is that we can become gods: that we can be those future beings who will be revered not only by our own species, but by other life-forms elsewhere in the cosmos. By using only our Will, we can be the indomitable ones destined to carve out the path to the next aeon. By great deeds, we can be the makers of history.

All that has led to this point in time can be surpassed – all that has made great warriorship, heroism, discovery and creativity, can be surpassed, re-defined and re-expressed. All the gods, all the great figures of our history who spawned gods, can be bettered.

We can possess the one real secret guarded by all our past gods: that those gods are but pale imitations of the beings that we ourselves can become. This secret is the grail that sleeps within the soul of our Western Race, and which so many occult forms have failed to wake.

All past gods of the various Western Traditions are rendered obsolete by the forces which Satanism alone is unleashing. These are the forces of cosmic evolution, taking the form of the Aeonic Magickian. The cosmos is now seeking to discard the tired old gods of our past, and is hungry for new expressions, to spawn new forms that will begin the next cycle of history.

Fading are the old Earth-bound symbols, giving way to those of acausal dimensions; those numinous forms which presence now the Galactic future that awaits. Rising are the chants of the stars, the wordless ceremonies, the living nexions that are worlds apart from the occult, from the old realm of temples, circles and runic readings.

The Satanist does not need to study or re-enact the past, and indulge in what has long been established: he is that past, the present, and the future. And each new willed act is another re-expression of the essence, another re-definition of cosmic meaning – another dis-covering of the potency of life presenced in each one of us.

Another reminder that individuals do possess the choice to act or not to act for the greater cause of evolution: that each act can matter, can make a difference … We do not have to simply consume and pay homage to past glorious deeds; to behave as if we believe history itself has now ceased, or has been rendered the future realm of an officially appointed few. Those appointed few are like the old gods of the past: they exist so that we individuals can, through defiance, discover our own potential – the potential that is really one potential: that of the cosmos itself.

Thus, Satanists do not follow gods. So what then of Satan, that greatly mis-understood living symbol? Satan is not tied to cultural phases, and does not in image represent a once great society. Instead, Satan is the timeless flow of the cosmos, seeking existence. Satan is the grail itself, that secret guarded by the inadequate gods of our past.

Satan is the very essence of the striving to become a god – Satan is the arrogance within that enables us to leave behind the archaic gods, and to find the courage to be the new gods. Satan is how we live, how we die, and how we shall be after causal life. Satan is the word that when invoked presences the very essence of our striving and defiance. As a living Being, Satan desires new life, new expression, and the constant surpassing of each shadowy archetype created to represent Him. As living Beings, when we are living right, we are Satan – both as individuals and collectively, as the new species of Human that is yet to be.

Let us stop grovelling to old archetypes, stop forming fan-clubs for the Old Ones, and discard the superstition and academia that is so precious and so useless. We possess the creative genius to set in motion new Earth-shattering forms, and the arrogance to behave as the embodiment of the future that we, in essence, are. The future implies an upward surge away from the near medieval times we still live in, and in this becoming of evolution, we do not need to seek answers from anywhere but within ourselves.

The future gods bear our names …


I: The Forbidden Alchemy

One of the long-term aims of the Dark Tradition is to bring to consciousness for the majority the reality of the Force that is Satan. This ‘dis-covering’ will result in the upward evolutionary surge known as the ‘New Aeon’.

A magickal Order, such as the ONA, is only one of several forms by which Satan is presenced – and presenced in the most undiluted of ways, without the obstruction of mortal fears. In one sense, all genuine sinister orders are an invokation to Satan: they constitute in themselves a magickal ritual, with each member understanding the conditions required if the long-term goal of the rite is to be attained. This magickal ritual, being founded upon the uncompromising principles of Nature, contains within it spontaneous or unknown factors which defy the imposition of abstract dogma. By this magickal ritual the unique creativity, the uniqueness of Being possesed by each Adept, is allowed to develop of itself.

But Traditional Satanists also understand that uniqueness of Being to be the Will of the Cosmos itself, and thus certain types of individual creativity are Life made manifest during its course of Evolution – this is to say, in esoteric terms, that certain types of creativity presence the acausal. Practically, the creativity/magick that marks Adeptship is nurtured and expressed by individual defiance – the uniqueness of Being which is Satan.

Because genuine acts of magick presence the acausal, the relationship of magick with ‘the world’ can be said to be “wholistic”: a relationship where the difference and diversity of Nature and ‘forms’ exist to enable the spirit (or Being) of the Cosmos to thrive and evolve – ultimately there is nothing which exists external to this continous flow of Change; nothing which can be influenced or changed in isolation. A genuine Adept understands this, and begins to embody in their individual life, this most natural of esoteric techniques: the way of empathy. As all genuine sinister magickians are quick to point out, this apprehension currently exists at odds with conventional esotericism. A well-quoted example is the qabalistic approach which involves the magickian – or more accurately ’sorcerer’ – in viewing the forces of Nature as separate, often barbarous material to be dominated and manipulated for personal ends.

A highly evolved esoteric Order would not be characterised by this ‘grimoire’ approach, since such an approach lacks a binding purpose, a great and clear vision which would enable members to transcend the personal and become the organic whole of a true magickal Order – an Order which is the life of the Cosmos manifested in a conscious way, and pertinent to a particular moment in causal time. A profusion of this latter type of magickal Order would be one such result of the New Aeon made manifest.

In other words, what could be described as conventional occultism is that which is swayed by abstract theories over observation and intuition, whilst the genuine Western Way – for which read ‘the Septenary System’, Traditional Satanism, and so on – is concerned with what actually exists beyond limited personal forms. In real magick, there is an initial attempt to mimic the flow of natural forces, until an integration is achieved and with it, large-scale Willed Change – that is, conscious aeonic evolution. Via this process of magick – still the provence of the select few (Satanists of course!) – the Cosmos can progress to its next stage of existence: to live consciously via its manifestations; to evolve from childhood to adult existence. This is the secret of The Great Work.

This path of genuine magick does not involve however the slavish following of some ‘cosmic doctrine’/mandate, or any other such dogma. It involves the individual in freeing themselves from all influences in order to live, or become, the reality of the forces of Life itself. Thus the purpose of the Seven-Fold Way: to guide its Initiates towards the attainment of self-insight, where the ‘personal’ exists as a method to express the Cosmos, and not as a hinderence – through projections – of the apprehension of Life as a unified whole. The reality can only ever be experienced anew by each Initiate, since this apprehension of Life is a way of Being, and can only, as yet, be partially described by abstract methods. Thus each new Satanist – and genuine Satanic order – is a new manifestation of the living essence: thus there is Evolution.


II: Archetypes and the Satanic Essence

A magickal order such as the ONA is not motivated by trends in contemporary thinking, although it may on occassion manipulate ‘fashion’ to provoke an appropriate outcome. All forms – from magickal systems, to ‘Art,’ to revolutionary political organisations (etc.) – have a finite life-span, but the criteria by which present-day Occultists often judge forms as ‘useful’ or ‘outmoded’ is most usually influenced by temporal trends, by the status quo.

One type of essential form so judged is the archetype. As discussed in Order MSS relating to Aeonics, the life-span of an archetype is not tied to ‘linear time’, or effected in any way by fleeting trends in society. At the very least, archetypes die when the civilisation to which they are bound dies – when a new aeon becomes manifest. Thus, they are subject to an aeonic/’alchemical’ mode of time rather than the abstracted form by which we tend to live our personal lives, since ‘time’ is simply a measure of the change of Cosmic matter and energy. This aeonic mode of time may also be described as Racial.

But even on the cusp of a new aeon, an archetype may spawn offspring – or rather, it may continue to change according to its nature and particular mode of time. This occurs when the ethos of one aeon is continued and evolved into the next, as hopefully will occur during the transition from this present Western Aeon to the next ‘Galactic’ one.

In order to really understand such things as archetypes, one must attain through self-effort, the aforementioned liberation from all contemporary influences – and from those influences which lie outside temporal forms. Most who do not follow the Seven-Fold Way will not achieve those stages beyond ‘individuation’ because the present concept of ‘liberated thinking’ or occult understanding is still in itselfsociety dictated by the influences that engineer this present/culture. With regard to implementing the practical, ‘magickal’ purpose of archetypes, personal ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ of one form or another does not necessarily validate or invalidate the reality of that form, and should not provide the basis for making a reasoned judgement of what is, or is not, of aeonic significance (this is particularly true of ‘politics’ …).

In general, archetypes exert influence upon the unconscious, with mostly indirect results. However, Satan (or perhaps more accurately Satanas) is a numinous symbol, a living, Earth-based manifestation of the acausal. As such Satan is that force made conscious, and the gateway through which we as sentient Beings become the Will of the Cosmos.

Satan therefore, is the esoteric word, “image”, vibration, chant and deed of Cosmic evolution itself. The ‘magick’ of Satan and the Dark Gods in general are for us the keys to that Evolution. How present (or past) cultures view Satan is not entirely relevant, and should not be seriously considered by those attempting to form a judgement. Again, the reality has to be experienced. A Sinister organisation [and Satanas is the epitome of the Sinister] is imbued with that reality and seeks to increase the Cosmic Tides via its works in the ‘real world’.

Thus, the “chaos” trend of viewing all causal forms as merely means towards the ‘Occult’ attainment of some ‘thing’ is mistaken, because in this, a purely causal frame of reference – particularly in terms of ‘time’ – is used to judge that which actually possesses both causal and acausal components. It must be understood that techniques and forms are not there solely for individual experiencing/gratification, but rather that such things either express or counter an evolutionary pattern. In this, the understanding of the ‘acausal component’ is vital.

Thus, not all forms by their causal nature express limited understanding of acausal forces. While some methods are practical tools by which the individual may attain various magickal levels (as in some Insight Roles), others are those forces made manifest in the causal world: that is, the form so created is not a nexion to channel or presence the essence – it is the very essence itself; the essence evolving as it must evolve in causal time and space. This is so because such manifestations possess the greatest capacity to presence the continuous flow of Change that is Life [and significantly, do not always conform to coventional ‘Occult’ expectations: they are viewed as ‘exoteric’]. That some forms may express things that are culturally understood as ‘plebian’, primitive, or “Old Aeon” is absolutely irrelevant to their capacity to cause aeonic Change. This discernment requires the Satanic qualities of insight, knowledge, intuition and reason.

For those unique individuals whose Destiny is tied to such a form, there is no living of that form while hiding the “esoteric reality”, the esoteric wisdom – the occult aspect. There is no clever deceit, no skilled manipulation, because the form created is the reality, is that esoteric wisdom made real and practical. This is the domain of Vindex, that much misunderstood embodiment of creative Change. Vindex does not really need ‘the Occult’ in conventional terms, to presence, or access the numinous ideals that s/he represents. Such things, in this case, only obscure the essence of Change, of evolution – as they can often distance a person from the creative numen which can and does provoke such an evolution.

Because of the nature of human consciousness, we possess the capability to extend and create symbols and forms (such as language, or more simply sound) which could describe the essence itself. Not all abstract symbols [whether mathematical, magickal or other] need inherently and ultimately obscure the essence; and neither is it in their nature – or in the nature of any form for that matter – to presence the acausal by purely intellectual procedures. In this we need to understand and integrate with existing numinous symbols in order to spawn completely new forms – this initial confrontation and then synthesis of ‘opposites’ (in terms of the psyche) allows the necessary organic (and latent) relationship to develope between human life and symbols and other forms.


III: Synthesis

The majority are still swayed by archetypal forces conventionally described as “light” and “dark”. That there exists a reality beyond such opposites does not mean that those opposites, for the majority, do not exist. They exist and exert influence until they are confronted and transcended. A magickal Order understands this, and thus seeks to guide its adherents towards the realms ‘beyond opposites’ via appropriate ordeals/Grade rituals – that is, via the fires of experience. That some (and they are very few) may attain this transcendence does not mean that such archetypes cease to exist for others, or that the realms beyond opposites are any more ‘real’. Each realm, from those symbolised by Initiate to Magus, expresses a reality in the process of Evolution, and cannot be accurately comprehended in linear terms. In one practical sense, what is “good” and what is “evil” may be said to exist, since these are the concepts, at this point in time, by which a society views the world – by which life, for the majority, is still influenced. That the definition of moral absolutes may alter over the ages does not itself alter the essence by which they effect the process of human living.

This bifurcation still exists because that is the nature of our species at present, as it has been for centuries, despite the many external changes that have occurred, and despite the intellectual musings of philosophers and occultists alike. This is unlikely to begin to change beyond its current primary level until the emergence of the next aeon – some four hundred years from now. Thus a rite such as the genuine Black Mass still possesses real magickal purpose for individuals at a certain level of their development, as well as contributing to the necessary, broader aeonic changes. Such a rite accesses Nazarene/Magian energies and then re-directs them in a sinister way – and, as has been stated elsewhere in ONA MSS, the Satanist does not believe in the reality of “God”, or the ‘divinity’ of the Nazarene, only that others so believe.

Thus, there is still great relevance in promoting and practising a system of genuine “Black” magick which aims to counter the works of those who promote and practise magick of the “White” variety: in terms of the psyche of the West, a cosmic battle must still be played out if a synthesis is to be achieved by civilisation as a whole. In esoteric terms, this is to say that our civilisation has not as yet evolved to the stage of Adeptship. The goal of the Sinister Initiate is to aid this aeonic synthesis, and the methods by which they achieve this for the majority will differ in many instances from those which enabled this achievement for them as individuals.

In reality, both an esoteric Black and White Order do exist, but the form that is now conventionally understood as “evil” is instead the way that will allow the necessary transition to take place, and thus prevent the stagnation and decay that would result from the triumph of Magian forces [as presenced by the “White” Order]. In the most profound sense therefore, it is the Sinister Path that enshrines what is genuinely divine and life-enhancing…

In this very real Cosmic battle, Satan does not feature as some Judaeo-Nazarene device to oppress ‘the Folk’, but as a numinous symbol for our civilisation, of all that defies the counter-evolutionary force of the Magian. What is rarely expressed, however, is that such counter-evolutionary forces are part of the process of Cosmic Change, part of the Wyrd of Western civilisation. For without such opposition there is no real evolution, no Triumph of the Will – and no Life. Thus to oppose such counter-evolutionary forces is to positively aid aeonic evolution and bring the intergration with Nature so often sought by those who follow an Occult way.

It has been often said that ‘opposition’ and the identifying of enemy forces (sometimes mistakenly described as “scapegoats”) is now counter-evolutionary, and somehow “old aeon”. This is a tragic forgetting of what we, as a Western – or Aryan – Race are, and will always be: hunters and warriors. And it is through the opposition which we do draw to ourselves by virtue of what we are, that we are able to struggle, fight, and thus evolve. If our instincts are still healthy and intact, we will know the forces that are working against us and consequently how to combat them in defence of the Honour of our Wyrd.

As practitioners of magick, we must have the understanding to allow those numinous symbols which presence – or ‘order’ – the wyrd of the aeon to which we are bound, to evolve unhindered according to their own mode of time; to flow with, and consciously become those forces, rather than aid counter-evolutionary powers by allowing limited personal ideas and projections to dominate.

Real practitioners of Aeonic magick do not project their own understanding onto the society of their time, as they do not seek in their practises to elevate the understanding of their contempories by willful self-expression. Changes in the collective psyche will take much longer than one lifetime, and will instead swell in waves, over Aeons. Thus, a genuine practitioner of Aeonic magick works with the raw materials and possibilities that characterise the society of their time: they do not work beyond practical boundaries. And in this, importantly, an Aeonic magickian is not swayed solely by the desire to witness the fruits of their understanding in their own personal lifetime; they plan for centuries ahead, and embody in their Being the slowness of evolution, the Wisdom of Ages …


IV: Eira

For the occultist, the great curse of his endeavours lies in a pronounced capacity to think too much: to over-intellectualise, to analyse – to seek too readily to express practical truths via academic articles, and such like. Ideally, at this stage in esoteric development, a gradual move away from the intellectual approach should begin to emerge, along with an acceptance of the necessity for carving out the future by practical acts. The time for seeking to achieve influence via the written academic word should be waning, replaced instead by the understanding that such a seeking will only have a significant role following the practical realisation of the next esoteric stages – that is, when there is wisdom to distill from new deeds.

At this point, there should be a hunger to experience, to pioneer – to re-express the essence. The profusion of occult writings and journals, and pronouncements of organisations, should be viewed by the modern, intrepid occultist with tedium and disdain. There should be presenced within the modern occultist that insatiable desire to speak and create from direct experience; to redefine by extraordinary experiencing those things which have become accepted truths and dusty, arcane lore: to live a hero’s life, rather than enter the boring debates over strategy, tactics and history.

The above, quintessentially Satanic attitude, is still a rarity. In keeping with contemporary trends, the modern occultist behaves more like the Quantum scientist – allowing the intellect to dominate in the first instance, seeking answers through analysis before a thing has been uniquely tasted and experienced. The worrying trend is revealed in the occassional prefacing of articles with: “We have observed/seen in others … “, and then going from there to draw judgements without the need to experience what those others have experienced. This is particularly – and disturbingly – true of the various approaches to Aeonics. The worrying aspect is that this, the most profound of magickal techniques, is becoming a forum for academic debate, analysis and the pronouncement of personal opinions under the guise of Insight.

Aeonic Magick – the flow of civilisations – is an utterly organic process. It cannot be subjected to academic and personal projections, for that is to make it into something else entirely. As has been constantly stressed, the process requires individuals to lose what is personal of themselves by becoming completely immersed in practical aeonic forms. There is most certainly a subtle guiding, sometimes a subtle altering of those forms; but there is also, very significantly, a giving up of oneself to those aspects which cannot be controlled, which flow as they flow regardless of individual influence. The nearest analogy to this process lies in the flight of a seagull, as it rides the wind, adapting to a sudden storm; flying in calm weather, but going with the direction of the gales that may dictate a new course. It takes great skill, and the development of a perfect balance between what is individually willed, and what is unfolded by the greater flow of Life itself.

Consequently, Aeonics requires the individual to brave the unknown, and forge uniquely from what cannot be pinned down, a new experiencing of the constant, awesome becoming of the Cosmos. We have the practical tools to do this via the various forms, discussed many times, that presently exist in the world. And each new person who really lives those forms, who becomes fully immersed so they effectively are those forms, brings to flower something which utterly defies the academic debates and analysis: something new, something living – a storm to change the flow of our lives.

Occultists should possess the insight to recognise that point beyond which debate and critical analysis cease to become productive for all individuals, of all allegiances. This is particularly true with regard to aeonic forms which are still growing, still in their early stages. There comes a time when the organic process of Change as a whole must be left alone to develope of itself, and personal objections of a thing are silenced. Occultists must be aware of the need to create conditions by which the necessary process of thesis – antithesis – synthesis, inherent within all aeonic forms, can flourish. This is a slow process – painfully so when apprehended within the time span of one individual causal life – and requires for its growth a way of Living on the part of individuals. Individuals cannot be led to this way of Living by the adoption of forceful opinions, as esoteric organisations cannot be built upon such opinions.

Again, this insight involves laying aside personal motivations – knowing when to act and when to move with that greater flow of Life. A useful example of a form for which strategical, semantic debate is now becoming counter-productive is that of ‘politics’ – particularly where Race/Racism is concerned. Such things are still not understood on a rudimentary level let alone on an aeonic one, and are still too practically nascent to be subject to the lofty criticisms of the esoteric commentator.

Therefore it is imperative that a few individuals at least strive to keep alive the promise of magick by being prepared to change their lives (including the ‘occult’ aspect) in order to seek to become that tool for Change; prepared to suffer the mistakes, the ‘loss of face’, the real dangers that will assuredly follow. Of those few individuals who have lived thus, all will testify to the profound, almost indescribable difference encountered by living and immersing oneself in an aeonic form, as opposed to the overview supposedly gained from literature and observing the experiences of other people. The former is to be an organic part of the dialectic of Life, re-defining, re-experiencing the essence; the latter, a victim and perpetuator of brain-washing.

The outer forms of aeonics can always be criticised – but the critical observations are not the point, are not the magick. The point lies solely in the aforementioned dialectic of Life: if the only way of achieving this intergration means that an individual must become for a time a real revolutionary fighter, and risk spending some of that time in prison, then that is the only way – that is the harsh choice faced by those who have undertaken the Great Work.

However, for the majority faced with making this stark choice, personal feelings still continue to dictate, obscuring and ultimately killing the Will of the Cosmos that is presenced within each individual. This Will is not dictated by personal choice, but is like the wind itself, a sudden reality upon which we must ride if the end goal is to be reached. This is one reason why Traditional Satanists eschew all those established beliefs and methods which bring comfort, all those old gods who bring familiarity and enervating ‘identity’. Individuals may sincerely believe that such things, and their histories and ways, are important – but they really are not. So what is the reality? … Sadly, the only present reality is that life is still too soft, too easy for the majority to be impelled by the terrifying process of Creation.


V: The Future Aeon

For the Present, we exist in a society characterised by a ’supermarket’ approach of choice and consumption, where individuals no longer create history, but look backwards and study, and romanticise – and distort. The realm of the Esoteric is no exception to this, and thus it is vital that we as Occultists, as creative individuals, cease to waste our time delving into the folk-tales and legends of past, dead cultures – this includes those of the Norse, Celtic, Saxon, and whatever else passes for conventional esoteric interest.

Because to derive esoteric inspiration from the dim and distant deeds of an archetype is a waste of the magickal opportunity that exists now, with the people who exist now and the potential that they can embody in the future. To create and perform rituals based on a dim and distant fireside tale – or employ the symbolism of a past communal life-style – is a counter-productive [in aeonic terms] indulgence. A ‘culture’ is, magickally, unimportant. What matters is civilisation – or more precisely, the living, evolving force that moves a civilisation forwards, and which is in itself embodied by that civilisation. In this, the creativity of an associated culture is only of relevance if it presences this living, moving force.

When we enter a place of enigmatic ‘historical interest’, such as an old settlement or stone circle, we do not need to psychically unravel – or seek to re-enact – the secrets of a past community: we who live now are those secrets, we are that enigma. We must only tap into the genius of our creatvity and flow forwards, leaving the monuments, the ruins – the dead shells – where they belong. If there is a message locked within the unknown dolmen, it is this.

However, to use the form of an ancient or old archetype for the purpose of doing something with that archetype in the world is another matter. But this implies re-presenting such an archetype as the hero of a new mythos – a mythos entirely representational of the current aeonic phase, and by that token one which allows the next phase to be reached.

Thus, a new mythos would feature an established archetype committing great acts of nobility (and great acts of terror), the nature and form of which would inspire and liberate the ‘modern masses’. The magick of the archetype would be in its living now in the real world, rather than having existed in some ethereal realm of the past; a past when the manifestation of Human life was, in many respects, very different to today. These differences lie in what is and what is not practically needed in order for the people of modern ‘Western’ society to feel inspired towards overcoming the problems, self-imposed and otherwise, of their day-to-day existence.

The deeds of this archetype could be a re-presentation of those acts committed by a real-life, modern day hero (such as a Satanist) – or the creation of a new legend, the practical basis of which has yet to occur, therefore inspiring individuals to bring it to life in the causal world … The ways and methods of this powerful magickal technique are legion.

What is rarely considered by ‘pagans’ and occultists alike, is how archetypes organically change as a civilisation organically changes according to its various cultural, political and historical phases. For the West, one of our primary archetypes is that of the Warrior. As long as we as a Race continue to live, this archetype will never cease to be relevant: it will never die. However, the form by which this archetype exerts its influence on a Folk always changes according to the development of those things which aid racial survival. It is this latter form of development which defines the work of an Aeonic magickian, and not, as previously stated, temporary intellectual trends/fashion.

Thor, for example, was once a real, living individual tied to a Folk Community, who achieved immortality and ‘god status’ by doing great heroic deeds. These deeds provided inspiration for that Folk to practically emulate those deeds – and perhaps even surpass them. But, as stated above, we as a Folk have since moved into an entirely different set of circumstances to those which pertained to a particular phase in Norse history.

In order to effectively deal with the evolutionary problems of today, we need an archetype that we can realistically and practically follow in deed. But this does not imply a blatant and disrespectful casting aside of the glorious deeds of our ancestors. Rather, we are now presented with the challenge of leaving the comforts of adhering to a far-distant past and gathering instead the courage to practically realise that this new warrior archetype has, within the scope of history, recently evolved and lives now within the soul of the Western Race. This new archetype speaks of the future, and allows the old gods of the past to fade with dignity, as is their desire.

To accept this new archetype and to seek to aid it marks the adults from those who are still children, who still seek refuge in fairy tales – who still need the crutch of their parental ancestors. After all, what is more frightening: dreaming of a semi-mythical wizard who dwelt in the Dark Ages, or joining allegiance with a great Warrior of our time, who demands that we literally fight – and possibly die – alongside? And what new form does the Warrior now take? To accept and use this knowledge is to wield real, practical magick – to taste the living fruits of the cosmos. But it is for each potential adept to make their own discovery …


VI: The Art of Future Magick

The essence of Future Magick is quite simple. It does not involve complicated ‘occult’ rituals where circles are drawn, implements brandished, and earth-shattering ‘words of power’ laboriously recited by a ‘High Priest’. It does not involve fumigating an indoor Temple with the correct incense, or observing the archiac correspondences contained in dreaded books of dead things.

It does not involve a group of robed individuals standing in a circle and observing some ancient tradition, or beating drums in worship of some lovely celestial goddess and some virile horned god. All such obvious occult trappings are now ephemera, and fundamentally, are of the past. It is not surprising that the practise of such things is growing, since we live in a time when all communal traditions, all senses of spiritual meaning are fading or are being destroyed.

But there are no secrets contained in the past – no message from the mists of time to guide us forward. As previously stated, we who live now are the message of our future evolution: all that has happened throughout the aeons has led to this point, and, despite appearences, we as a species know more now than we ever have known.

In order to move forwards, we must make this reality a living one, within each and every one of our lives. We must trust in our latent, evolved creative genius and have the courage to discard the romantic trappings we as a species are becoming dependent upon. The Galactic future can be presenced through our magick if we allow it to be. This requires a leap of faith into the Abyss – into the realm of Satan.

All that the new ceremonies require, is for individuals who possess this new aeonic faith to gather at specific times and perhaps light a bonfire which will function as a focus/symbol for the gathering. All else will create itself from there.

The specific gathering times – or fests – are as follows: Mid – end of April; Early November; Spring Equinox; Mid – end of May; Summer Solstice; Early – mid August; Autumn Equinox; Winter Solstice; Late January – late Feb.

These are the times when the seasonal energies/cosmic tides are at their most pronounced. These energies, in themselves unbound by any phase in history, are, in the manner of magick, re-expressed each year according to the circumstances of the celebrating and the broader esoteric changes occurring at that time. Of neccessity a traditional form such as a Nine Angles rite provides the basis for each fest – but such a rite is in itself unbound by imagery from the dead and distant past (qv. Black Book III). In essence, the ‘Galactic’ or acausal magick that will presence the Future, is expressed through chant and thought, and thus brings the living synthesis of Being that each act of magick seeks.

This is the magick that has always characterised the meaning of genuine Satanism: the Way of Empathy. The practising of the fests expresses a conscious integration with the living cosmic forces, and reaches the height of expression when woven into the life of a rural community.


VII: Fundi

A great deal has been written over the years concerning the concept of the nexion, and while the basic meaning is widely understood – that of a nexion being a point where the acausal intrudes into the causal universe (and vice versa) – the outer form that a nexion may take requires some further explanation.

Firstly, a nexion can take many forms, and may even be a combination of forms. According to very rare conditions, an aeonic nexion may be an individual. Or it could be a revolutionary Religious form. Or, as stated, it could constitute several such forms co-existing in the world in order to bring forth the aeonic transition.

However, the standard image is usually that of an isolated, wind-swept hill, which may perhaps include upon it some ancient ruined structures. It is such an isolated place that is usually sought by occultists when attempting to open a gate/nexion. This attempt will most likely involve regular performance at the chosen site of rituals designed to presence the acausal (such as Nine Angles ceremonies, etc. – qv. Order MSS Thernn). Thus, a tradition is started whereby a reservoir of energies is created for future Adepts to draw from and direct according to desire. Several such places have been established over the years in the British Isles, with one site in particular having been opened in an area of the Welsh Marches over 1,000 years ago in order to inaugurate the Western Aeon, as has been documented by the Dark Tradition.

Thus, the nexion associated with the present Western Aeon was indeed an isolated, genuinely esoteric place. However, it was only thus because of the nature of the times in which it was created: times characterised by the Nazarene oppression, which demanded an esoteric approach to preserving what we sometimes term as the ‘Western ethos’.

This was in contrast to the nexion which presenced the Hyperborian Aeon of Albion. This nexion existed in the area of Stonehenge. The nexion then was not solely the henge itself, or the land upon which it was built, or the folk who lived and worshipped there: it was a combination of all those factors. The nexion of Albion was the organic whole of the community which grew there; a living, working centre where all the threads of nature and human-kind were woven as one. What can be found at that site now is the dead shell of what was once a living organism – a nexion by which life evolved significantly.

Because of the enervating nature of this present time, the nexion associated with the next aeon and which is being established now, is also an organic whole – a community. But this community must in this present age develope covertly, since to openly establish it as an ‘occult’ venture would be to hinder its slow, natural growth, and turn it into something short-sighted and short-lived: a ‘project’ attempting to bend the Will of Nature in accordance with a set of accepted ‘ideas’. That is, such a venture would seek to project upon the essence a limited understanding of what constitutes the ‘esoteric’, and would thus represent a step backwards, into that which is already dying.

The community instead allows the essence to dictate the ways of living, and remains always separate from ‘occult’ forums and trends in order that it may presence the future by founding a new organic approach to Life itself. From this slow, aeonic development will come the new forms, the new expressions, the new magick – of themselves, unhindered by any pre-conceptions or expectations, and free from all past and fading archetypes.

Thus the community itself will become the new esoteric path; the new religion – the new country. In order to make this next phase meaningful and significant – that is, practical – a leap of faith is required: a breaking away from the established, on all levels. Thus, the spirit of real pioneering is to be invoked, and there is no reason why ultimately this leap of faith cannot be repeated across the diverse regions of the Earth.

In establishing this nexion, the cycle that began in Albion will have returned to its new beginning. This beginning is in essence quite simple: it is the cultivating of the conscious apprehension of the acausality of ‘time’, from which all else shall follow. Only from these seemingly humble, rural beginnings can emerge the race that will practically extend towards the stars, since both the Will and the form of technology required to fulfil the Galactic Destiny can only develope organically from revolutionary organic beginnings and methods.

The hidden, outwardly ‘non-esoteric’ community will be this new beginning, and must subsequently be nurtured in such a way that it flourishes for at least 1,000 years. This new form signifies the closing of all that outwardly consitutes this present age, and is the essence itself, not merely a vehicle for the expression of the essence. It is a combination of both causal and acausal: it is a living nexion – the next stage, made practical, in our evolution.

What is described above represents the essence of magick.


VII: Addendum

And so in this, and in other ONA writings, the practical meaning of Magick is explicated – all that is now required of sinister esoteric Orders and individuals is the Will to make the meaning a reality. Thus, in conclusion, the magickal aims of a genuine sinister organisation should be as follows:

1) To continue to maintain the existing Tradition by diseminating the various teachings and methods [as published in MSS such as Codex Saerus, Naos and others].

2) To practically aid those ‘exoteric’ forms which will bring the New Aeon.

3) To extend the Tradition by creating new forms of the sinister. These would include Artistic [musick/images/writing]; ‘Magickal’ [new ceremonial/hermetic forms]; and practical, numinous ways of living [as in the creation of an esoteric rural community, or communities – qv. Order MSS Thernn].

In Satanism, lies the stuff of modern folk-tales – of future legends; for unlike others, the Satanist lives the life and dies the death of a Hero. This is not a claim made lightly. As a consequence of the actions of a few, the next fifty years will witness a Recalling of the devestating Creative force that each individual life can will into Becoming.

Though many will dismiss it because they do not have the courage to try, the Way of Satan remains, amidst the myriad of ‘paths’ the essence of the Great Work. Experto credite.

And when the works are complete, a Satanist disappears from sight – toward the next stage, leaving astonishment, disbelief and many questions in their wake. And then the failures begin their campaign, of distortion and lies. Just occassionally, they may hear our laughter.


C. Beest/ONA. Revised: ONA 1998eh.

Exeat: The Sinister Western Tradition

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Coirie Riabbaich, ONA


The following MSS is intended as a companion to Eira: A Satanic Guide to Future Magick. It further explicates the nature and aims of the Satanic Sinister Way, as exemplified by the Order of Nine Angles.

The Dark Tradition has been maintained over the ages by a few Initiates working in secret. This work involves presencing and increasing ‘cosmic forces’ – that is, implementing a Will to more Life, more ‘flow’, to thus keep alive the essence that lifeless dogmas seek to suppress.

Because of this active vivifying of the ‘essence’, the archetypical Sinister Adept is at the forefront of our species because they have gone further than any other individual in their experiencing of Life and the Cosmos.

Nature will always require the presence of such Sinister beings, whatever the Aeonic current, for without them there is no evolution. Initiates of the Sinister Tradition are woven into the fabric of Cosmic Life.

This present volume attempts to succintly describe the truth of the Satanic Tradition: a Way so simple, yet so difficult to practice.

O9A, 1998 eh

Exeat: The Sinister Western Tradition

I) The Satanic

A Satanic individual and organization represents – or strives to represent – one fundamental thing: Beyond. Satanism itself is a way to presence pure acausal forces and the Satanist an insightful individual who directsthose forces in the real world via appropriate causal forms. Satanism itself is not, unlike “paganism”, a way for the majority/the ‘masses’. It does not seek to defend what is often by conventional standards utterly indefensible.

It is instead that one factor which drives all genuine Occult quests – the Mystery itself. Throughout the Aeons, this factor has been presenced within each civilization via a particular esoteric elite. This “elite” however is not some ego-enthralled ‘secret society’ or organization comprising of a multitude of ‘members’. It is instead a living, changing expression of what is always beyond contemporary understanding, earthed in a few usually isolated and extraordinary individuals. It is true, in one sense, to say that these individuals are born, not made. They possess, because of who they are, an empathy, a certain desire – a certain aura…Ultimately, theirs is not a sinister ‘role’, but a way of Being – they are the Satanic drive; they are natural and do not pretend to be anything other than themselves.

To be a “Satanist” therefore is to be someone of a very particular character: it is not, as it is in conventional “paganism”, an adoption of a cultural world-view with its collection of customs, uniforms, ‘laws’ and subsequent expected modes of behavior. And it is not, as some will inevitably perceive, a form in competition with other ‘occult/pagan’ groups and paths: it is autonomous, and states Satanically what it believes. As long as Satanic creativity inspires a future generation of Sinister Adepts, then it matters little who ‘agrees’ or ‘disagrees’.

And thus, for non-Satanists, one of the most unsettling characteristics of a Satanic individual is their arrogance. Satanists have a particular ‘arrogance’ because they strive to live by and implement the grandest of Human ideals. The grandest ideals lie in surpassing what is conventionally regarded as the greatest of achievements by the greatest of individuals. All things, including ‘the gods’ of conventional paganism, can be surpassed (qv. In the Realm of Gods).

To achieve what is greater, arrogance – fierce fanatical belief – is required. This approach will, on appearance, seem ‘unbalanced’ to some, perhaps even hubristic. But what is hubristic – that is, what is insolent towards Nature – is behavior without the formation of experience, rational thought and self-awareness: it is personal behavior that exerts control over the individual via often unconscious and selfish forces.

Satanic arrogance is essentially supra-personal, and is the empowerment to act which comes from hard-earned knowledge. A Satanic individual does not believe themselves to be personally infallible, but is prepared to learn from their own mistakes and experiences to thus further refine what is Sinister/Satanic. These ‘mistakes’, these acts of being Human, are regarded as gifts of Insight along what is an incredible and dangerous journey.

Empowered by pride, the Satanist will not conform to any accepted ‘realistic’ vision and strategy concerning the evolutionary purpose of Life. Without some individuals believing – knowing – that all things can be surpassed, there is no inventiveness, no daring, no risks, no genius: no evolution.

Thus, one is either ‘Satanic’ or one is not. And what is ‘Satanic’ is quite simply the restless urge to explore and make new order out of undiscovered chaos – this is what Satan symbolizes beyond the known gods of folklore. (1)

If there are those who still do not understand, then they should consider the story of Prometheus. He, a mortal, defied the gods – and yes, as a consequence, was condemned for an eternity. But by his defiance and desire and sacrifice, he gave mankind possession of fire…

Academic debates concerning the actual origin of Satan and Satanism, while interesting, are not really important. The things described above – the particular ‘arrogance’, the ‘Beyond’ – are Satanic; not as a creed or dogma, but in a natural sense, according to the living nature of thos things.

Many will go the path of seeking acceptance – perhaps to inculcate the masses with a particular world-view. But while the many seek establishment, there must be others – the few – who ensure that the next stage exists, presenced in the defiance of all conventional and ‘understood’ things. Thus, is the Future made possible.

II) The Sinister

The presencing described above is also what is quintessentially Sinister. There is no fundamental division between what is Satanic and what is Sinister, since what is ‘Satanic’ is the gateway to what is Sinister. This is not a riddle, but a very simple truth.

What is Sinister is all that is described above – and more. Satan and Satanism are inextricably bound with what is Sinister, since the Way of Satanism is a practical application of the Sinister.

Because of the nature of Satanism, those who follow the Seven-Fold Way are fully aware that the Sinister also extends into a realm beyond Satan and Satanic methods. But that realm, for those following an esoteric path, can only be reached when the psyche is permanently changed via the ordeals of Satanism (ie. for individuals, the ‘Grade’ rituals – for civilizations, the magick of Aeons). This change within the psyche is not simply intellectual but organic, occuring of itself.

The nature and experiencing of this ‘realm’ is “Sinister” because:

a) for Sinister Adepts, it does not need to be described by words or images or musick, since it is lived within the individual;

b) for non-Initiates, it disrupts and unsettles because it cannot be grasped/understood via conventional – or “unconventional”  – modes of thinking.

For civilizations, this realm – because it is in essence the current of Life itself – must be presenced in ever more conscious ways in order to advance the possibilities of evolution. To seek the advancement of evolution is to enable the Destiny inherent within Life itself to be understood and implemented. In effect, this quest is genuinely Sacred because it seeks to fulfill the Will of the Cosmos.

Implicit in this quest is the deliberate creation and use of causal forms (words; images; ‘organizations’ – and so on) that possess the capacity to achieve the evolution described above. The effect of such a form in the causal world is that it provokes significant Change – the effect of that form is “Sinister”. [When there is no overt esoteric influences/guidance, this creativity is intuitive/mostly unconscious – and thus the life and efficacy of the resulting form is subject to the limitations of the personality of its creator].

Satanism is an esoteric Sinister form: it is explicitly and absolutely concerned with guiding individuals towards fulfilling the Will of the Cosmos. It is at the summit of what is Sinister because it deliberately seeks to cause Change in the causal world via the creation of new, devastating Aeonic forms, and strives to identify, enhance and champion the Aeonic forms that are already in existence. The criteria for this seeking has been much discussed: in essence it stems not from dogma but from Satanic rationale – that is, a reasoned apprehension beyond the personal and beyond the forces which seek to influence the personal (ie. ‘cultures’; ‘counter-cultures’; ‘ideas’ and so on).

The primary goal of the Sinister methods of Traditional Satanism is to create an individual who is the living embodiment of the Sinister: that is, this individual, by following the Seven-Fold Way, becomes Change itself (2). Thus, unlike those who are dogmatically dedicated, Satanists not only express the “Satanic” and refine and extend those methods, but are able (of necessity) to create and maintain many other forms – some exoteric – in order to enable cosmic evolution as a whole (3). To non-Satanists, such an individual is perplexing, elusive and apparently contradictory.

But that is not all: a genuine Sinister Magickian, because their concern is with cosmic evolution, also enables the acausal itself to evolve beyond what is possible to be accessed at any given period in causal time. This skilled practitioner of the arts of Life has been recalled throughout the ages as a ‘Merlin’ figure: an individual who is always one step ahead…

ONA teachings have constantly stressed the necessity for would-be Sinister Adepts to strip away all influences in order to achieve the synthesis with the current of Life/the cosmos/the Sinister Being. THis stripping away really does apply to all things – including what passes for the ‘esoteric’ in present Western culture: “paganism”; ceremonial magick; spells; folklore; and symbols. Quite simply, this “stripping away”, this alchemical process, is the Sinister Tradition.

Thus, what is “Sinister” is not what is embodied in the above conventional “esoteric” aspects. The above aspects may be crafted to presence the Sinister, but this presencing must, in terms of the personal development of the Adept, be on a limited, short-term basis, otherwise the forms themselves begin to dominate the Sinister Intent.

And in the journey towards the Sinister, Satan is not a “shell” to be discarded but an ever-present gate via which the further reaches are explored. This is so because, in practical terms, there does not exist at present another earthly form which so quintessentially brings the Sinister. It is therefore the duty of all Sinister Magickians/Cliologists, at whatever stage of their development, to ensure that this Satanic Gate remains fully open for future travellers.

The reality is that no judgement counter to this can be made without first fully embarking upon the Sinister Seven-Fold Way (qv. Naos) for at least c. 4-5 years. Without this particular practical experiencing of what is described by Sinister Adepts as “Satanic”, then there can be no basis to judge what is or is not valid. This is because the way of Satanism is a practical system of Sinister living: it is not simply a “Faustian” philosophy to be agreed with, or intellectually dismissed.

III) The Cosmic

The Way of Satanism seeks to presence what is new and alternative. This is not simply a case of being “different” for the sake of it. As previously explained, the challenge of the Sinister Way lies not only in aiding existing Aeonic forms, but also crafting new forms which extend and evolve the ethos contained in the former.

This crafting requires great esoteric skill. It involves allowing a flow of acausal forces to dictate the evolving of the new form, as opposed to creating a foundation based on the researching of the “histories” and well-known myths of past traditions. This latter approach involves fulfilling obvious expectations – expectations/perceptions/ideas that have been created by others, in accord with a particular form of social engineering [modern day “wicca” is one such example]. Such a form is not really numinous – it does not possess Life.

A Satanic form has been brought to Being by an individual using their “inner eye”: that is, by an individual practicing the art of cosmic empathy.  This process cannot really be adequately described except by stating that it occurs when an individual flows with what is. In crafting a form, a basic foudation is deliberately created – arrived at via esoteric techniques rather than dry academia – which is then carefully nurtured. This nurturing is a delicate balance between shaping the direction of the form by individual reasoning and experience, and allowing space for supra-personal forces to dictate the evolving.

In doing this, the individual must be constantly vigilant that they are not using the form for personal ends: instead, there should be an acceptance that the form once created – ie. practically active in the real world – must begin to evolve according to its own organic nature and life-span. If the form is numinous, then it will possess its own Destiny in accordance with the greater Wyrd of the Cosmos.

The creativity of such an individual is the living song of the Cosmos, and not the mundane ‘cultural’ voice of the status quo.

By using this “inner eye/voice” as a guide, startling new forms, which surpass all previous creations, are possible. But, as previously stated, this “newness” is not sought for its own sake: it is sought in order to continue and advance the evolution of the essence, or Cosmic spirit. That is, the “essence” or ethos remains as a constant, but the outward forms must change in order to reveal ever more greater expressions of the essence (4).

What many aspiring Sinister initiates seem to forget – or simply do not know – is that the Sinister, in essence and practice, is beyond “history”. That is, what is Sinister is something which is beyond even the reverence for the great deeds of our ancestors. This is not to say that such a reverence is somehow “wrong”: rather, what is fundamentally unrepresentative of the Sinister is the attempt to cage it within the practice of ancestral reverence. Even this reverence, beyond a certain point, becomes a certain ‘thing’ with its own boundaries which ultimately limits the Sinister.

Even this reverence, for the aspiring Sinister Adept, beyond a certain point, becomes something which no longer empowers Sinister intent, but hinders. What is Sinister is what is beyond this certain point. If there is no practical expression of what is beyond this certain point in the real world, then what is Sinister cannot exist.

Essentially, some circumstances will require a continuation of some traditions/systems, while others will require a complete break – the inauguration of a new era. In this, what matters is whether some existing forms are still living nexions by which the Cosmos is made manifest, or whether those forms have become an inadequate expression of a life force that is characterized by vitality, defiance and genius.

This newness, this creative Change, is not so difficult to achieve as many might assume. As regards esoteric matters, individuals must be inspired to think differently about “magick” and its methods of expression. The Future Magick, its techniques and rites, must be allowed to evolve naturally over a period of experimentation. If individuals – either solo or in a gathering – decide to approach “worship” in a different way, then gradually new forms will emerge. Only once these forms have been tried and tested with ruthless honesty and found to significantly advance the practice of magick, can they be recorded and made public – but not before [the esoteric reasons for this approach should be obvious].

As a guide to these new techniques, individuals should use, as their main focus, the Galaxy and its exploration and conquest. Obvious poetic eulogies to the stars should be avoided: instead new and strange expressions should be created – ie. a new language, chants, forms of dress…Experimentation will show what is and what is not possessed of numinousity.

The direction of this new magick lies in a complete break from the old magickal techniques of spells, circles, robes (etc.), because the very nature of magick itself challenges us to evolve a new form that will effectively render such things as archaic. According to this new magick, there should be a move away from allegory and a move towards the creation of modes of Being which actually are the Cosmos itself (5). That is, “magick” should become a way to keep alive and conscious a supra-personal vision and ideal.

And esoterically, “magick” should evolve to be understood as a way to make conscious, both within and external to individuals, a region  where all Life exists as a unified whole (6). In practice, this is the nexion that will bring the new Aeon.

This approach will ultimately lead to a synthesis of forms – of both esoteric and exoteric. This synthesis will be characteristic of a new type of Human life: one which will no longer need to practice “magick”, or any other such thing – be that ‘thing’ “politics”, “philosophy”, “history”, or whatever. Instead, the reality, the apprehension that we as “occultists” all seek, will be lived…

This acceleration in evolution will not occur through the imposition of some dogma or ‘social reform’: it will occur naturally because we who seek – we who are the Cosmos – will have seeded its spirit by our desire.

IV) Conclusion: The Satanic Master Plan Revealed

This uniting with All Life – the Cosmos – is one of the great stages yet to be implemented in Human history. However, this synthsis, while implicit within our Destiny, will not necessarily occur of itself. Rather, it must be brought to Being – it must be fought for, since we also possess the capacity to destroy this potential.

This synthesis will occur only if a Galactic Empire is made a reality. The purpose of Future – or ‘Stellar’ – magick therefore, is to draw forth from this most vital of ideals the numinousity necessary to inspire the psyche of our species: to promote the Galactic vision as the only ideal worth striving for.

For the next few centuries at least, the ultimate goal of the Sinister Way – the ultimate aim of the “Satanic master plan” – is this aiding of our species to seed thestars. It is a goal that is, and should be, shared with many others outside of Traditional Satanism.

Each will have their part to play: for Satanism and the Sinister Way, it lies in reaching out into the cold spaces of Beyond to bring the extraterrestrial to reality.

C. Riabhaich, 109yf

Published by the Venn Community, Shropshire, August 1998eh; Vindex Press, USA, 1998eh.

(1) The difference between an archetype and a numinous symbol is crucial to esoteric understanding, but is seldom if ever discussed outside Traditional Satanism (qv. Eira: A Satanic Guide to Future Magick and Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction).

(2) This “magickal” evolving is represented by the unified symbolism of the ‘Tree of Wyrd’ (qv. Naos).

(3) Fundamentally, this evolution is expressed via the spawning of new symbols, new archetypes, and new mythos (see aforementioned Order MSS)

(4) See chapter IV of Eira – A Satanic Guide to Future Magick.

(5) The Septenary Star Game is an important aspect of this new magick – qv. Naos and Hostia.

(6) It should be clear that the meaning of this unification with “All Life” does not lend credence to a “politically correct” concept of “equality” and the other socially engineered visions (such as the “ideal” of a “global village”): rather, it refers to the esoteric apprehension of the acausal/acausal time (qv. MSS on ‘Time’).




Aeonic Magick: A Basic Introduction

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I – Causal and Acausal

An aeon is the term used to describe a stage or a type of evolution. Evolution itself is taken to result from a certain specific process – and this process can be described, or explained [or ‘re-presented’ ]via a bifurcation of time. That is, evolution is an expression of how the cosmos changes over or through or because of, ‘time’ – this ‘time’ having two components. These two components are the causal and the acausal.

More exactly, the cosmos itself can be described or explained or re-presented by acausal and causal space-time. Causal space-time is 4-dimensional: there are 3 spatial dimensions (at right angles to each other) and 1 time dimension, this time dimension being linear and unidirectional. That is, causal time ‘flows’ in one direction only from past to present to future. Causal time is defined by this one-way flow and by the moments which are used to mark the changes in this flow. [ In effect, causal space-time is the ‘everyday’ physical world we live in and can perceive by our physical senses. It is the world described by the laws of Physics.] Acausal space-time has n spatial dimensions [where n is at present undefined but is greater than 3 and less than infinity] and acausal time dimensions. The spatial dimensions of acausal space are not at right angles to each other. Further, acausal time is not unidirectional – it can flow in any direction – and it is not linear: that is, it has more than one component. In effect, acausal time (unlike causal time) has more than one time-dimension.

The acausal and the causal can be considered as two different ‘universes’. The causal universe contains physical matter – that is, varying types of physical energy. We are familiar with the various forms of this physical matter – stars, planets, the rocks and elements forming the planets. The acausal universe likewise contains matter – acausal matter or energy. This acausal energy and its changes in acausal space-time can be described by a new science which uses the non-spatial geometry of the acausal and a representation of acausal time. At present, we are mostly unfamiliar with the types of acausal energy. However, the acausal universe intersects or manifests in the causal universe at specific places – that is, a particular type of acausal energy is present in the causal universe at these places. These places are life-forms or living organisms. That is, a living organism is a region of the cosmos where the fabric of causal space-time and the fabric of acausal space-time meet or ‘intersect’. The more evolved, the more complex, the life-form or organism, the greater this intersection.

Thus, living organisms result from a specific type of acausal energy ‘flowing’ into the causal universe – in effect, this acausal energy changes the structure of causal space-time. The greater the acausal energy, the more evolved, the more complex the organism. The physical death of an organism is when this energy flow ceases – the organism then becomes just inert, physical matter. Death means that the connection between the causal and the acausal is severed at the localized place of intersection.

Our own sentient life – the most advanced and complex living organism we know at present – is therefore the largest intersection of these two universes. We access more of this specific acausal energy than any other organism we know. In effect, each individual is a nexion – that is, a connection or nexus between the two universes. Our consciousness means that we possess the latent ability to directly access the acausal.

Aeons, Civilizations and Archetypes:

An aeon is a manifestation, in the causal, of a particular type of acausal energy. This energy re-orders, or changes, the causal. These changes have certain limits – in both causal space and causal time. That is, they have a specific beginning and a specific end. A civilization (or rather, a higher or aeonic-civilization ) is how this energy becomes ordered or manifests itself in the causal: how this energy is revealed. A civilization represents the practical changes which this energy causes in the causal – in terms of the effect such energy has on individuals and this planet. A civilization is tied to, is born from, a particular aeon. By the nature of this energy, a civilization is an evolution of life – a move toward a more complex, and thus more conscious, existence. An inexact analogy would be an oak tree – in this case, the surface of the soil is the boundary between the causal (above the soil) and the acausal (below or in the soil). The roots of the tree are thus in the acausal [ and here represent acausal energy] and the trunk and branches are in the causal. The civilization is the trunk of the tree, and the aeon is represented by the roots – they ‘drive’ or make the growth and thus determine the shape and health of the tree. The societies that make up a particular civilization are the branches of the tree, and the individuals who make up the societies are the small twigs and the leaves of the tree.

Aeons, civilizations and individuals are examples of organisms. They are all created, or are born; they all grow and change; and they all at some time die. They all occupy a finite space over a finite span of time. They all undergo metamorphosis or change. They all possess an organic structure of change. This structure – for aeons, civilizations and individuals – is of a similar type, and it can be studied and thus understood. That is, various ‘models’ can be developed to describe this structure and the changes it undergoes.

In essence, a civilization is the practical manifestation of a particular aeon, and an individual is an aspect, or part of, a particular civilization or a particular culture. A culture represents the various stages below that of a civilization – cultures are also an evolutionary development, a coming-together of individuals which enables more of the acausal to be ‘accessed’ and which thus produces changes for those individuals.

A civilization, however, represents a much higher stage of development – a conscious awareness. Here we are only concerned with civilizations and the individuals associated with civilizations – for the simple reason that compared to civilizations, cultures and the peoples associated with them, are relatively insignificant in evolutionary terms: cultures are the evolutionary forms which pre-date civilization. The reality is that civilization, and thus aeons, are the first significant manifestations of individual consciousness and thus creativity.

All the individuals associated with a particular civilization – unless and until they attain a specific degree of self-awareness [variously called ‘individuation’ and ‘Adeptship’ ]- are subject to or influenced by their psyche. This psyche draws its energy from – is determined by – the civilization and thus the aeon. In practical terms, the psyche is a manifestation of the acausal energy that creates/created the civilization. Archetypes (in the Jungian sense) are one aspect of the psyche – that is, archetypes are expressions of the acausal energy which a particular civilization represents.

This acausal energy determines and/or influences the actions and behaviour of the individuals of the civilization. That is, for the majority of individuals, their Destiny is that of the civilization itself – they do not possess a unique Destiny of their own. Only those individuals who have achieved the stage of evolutionary development which individuation/Adeptship represents have a unique Destiny, because only these individuals have freed themselves from the mostly unconscious influences and constraints which the psyche imposes. In terms of the inexact oak tree analogy, an individual with a unique Destiny is a seed or acorn which breaks free of the tree and can begin a new life as a sapling – if it survives.
The energies which a particular aeon and civilization represent are unique to that aeon and its associated civilization. That is, each civilization and aeon has its own unique, separate identity: its own ethos. Each civilization represents a stage of evolution, a step forward in the process of evolution itself. This means that each civilization has unique archetypes and that these archetypes are born with that civilization, grow with that civilization and die with that civilization – they possess no life beyond the confines of that civilization or aeon.

An aeon lasts about 2,000 years of causal time – a civilization lasts around 1,500 years. That is, it takes several centuries for the energies of a particular aeon, already presencing or ‘flowing’ to Earth from the acausal, to produce practical, visible and significant changes: to re-order the causal in a specific geographical region. An aeon is linked to a specific geographical area – and there is a place, or centre or ‘nexion’ where the acausal energy is strongest. This is because of how the type of acausal energy which creates a civilization works. Fundamentally, an aeon is an actual physical presencing, on Earth, of a particular type of acausal energy. Generally, this centre acquires a religious or cult significance in the centuries before and the centuries following the emergence of the civilization associated with the particular aeon whose energies are most manifest at that centre. In general, in the early stages of a civilization, the acausal energy is apprehended in a particular archetypal or mythological way which is unique to that civilization.

The list in Table I describes the energy associated with a particular civilization – although it should be understood that such descriptions, in terms of ‘ethos’ and such things, are merely inaccurate guides to the type of energy. Such things as ‘ethos’ are how the individuals within a particular civilization apprehend such energy. This apprehension is both causal and acausal – in inexact terms, both rational and intuitive. This ethos, like a civilization, grows and changes; i.e. it evolves, while retaining the same inner essence.

The four civilizations listed in Table I are the higher or aeonic civilizations – i.e. those which have changed/shaped our conscious evolution. Four other civilizations have existed [ the Egyptiac; the Indic; the Sinic and the Japanese] but they (a) have not contributed significantly to such evolution (i.e. they lack large-scale creativity) and (b) they are related to an already existing or a previously existing civilization. The criteria for an aeonic civilization are:

(1) it possesses a distinctive ethos [note: an ethos is not a ‘religion’ – rather, it is a particular and original “outlook on the world” and a particular way of living];

(2) it arises primarily from a physical challenge [rather than from a social challenge such as the disintegration of another nearby civilization]; and

(3) it is creative and noble on a large scale.

In analysing civilizations and their changes, the insights of both Toynbee and Spengler are interesting – forming the basis for further analysis and extension. Basically, Spengler expressed the organic nature of a civilization (although he did not fully and accurately define what a civilization is) while Toynbee provided an historical formulation for the formative changes a civilization undergoes (such things as a ‘Time of Troubles’ and a Universal State or Imperium) and a useful definition of civilization (in terms of being a response to a physical or social challenge). Cliology, although based on these insights, does not depend on the minute details inherent in their work; rather, what is essential is extracted and used as a foundation to build another more far-reaching model.

The mechanisms by which civilizations have hitherto affected evolution is that of ‘creative/heroic’ individuals. Most of these individuals are influenced by the ethos of their civilization to act or to express that ethos by their living. Hitherto, few individuals in any civilization have reached the stage of conscious evolution which frees them from the influence (mostly unconscious) of the civilization’s ethos or wyrd. Of course, there are many who now believe they have done this – as there have been some individuals who believed this in the past; but belief is not the same as reality. It has been and is one of the primary aims of genuine esoteric arts to enable individuals to reach the stage of conscious evolution and thus personal development, where they become free of such influence – i.e. for individuals to achieve a uniqueness of identity, a personal wyrd. This development requires the cultivation of insight, knowledge, intuition and reason – and for this cultivation to be achieved it is necessary for individuals to know and understand how and why things like civilizations and aeons are as they are. What I have called ‘cliology’ is an expression of such understanding, and as such a study and understanding of cliology [the science of aeons and the study of the acausal] aids conscious development, thus making

Adeptship/individuation possible and enabling aeonic magick.
The pattern which each and every civilization follows can be symbolized and thus studied. The same is true for both an aeon and an individual. This symbolism enables two important things. First, it enables an objectification – a rational insight into and thus understanding of the patterns and processes themselves. Secondly, it significantly develops an already existing mental faculty and creates a new one – the ability to reason in abstract symbols, and the ability to reason in numinous symbols.

The ability to reason in abstract symbols basically describes mathematics (and thus the laws of Physics which are best expressed in mathematical form). Cliology extends the intellectual faculty which mathematics encourages and develops by creating an abstract symbolism which represents the acausal and some of the effects of this acausal in the causal. [For a brief outline of this abstract symbolism see the MSS: Cliology – A Basic Introduction] Further, cliology creates and encourages the development of an entirely new faculty of consciousness – the ability to think in numinous symbols.
This difference between purely abstract symbols and numinous symbols is important. Basically, a numinous symbol is a symbol which possesses acausal energy – it captures the essence of something which is acausal, and in doing this the symbol has the power to provoke or cause causal changes. In the simple sense [which is rather inexact] one might say a numinous symbol possesses or has ‘life’ – it is a living entity in itself, although it lives in the psyche. A rudimentary and mostly unconscious numinous symbol is an archetype; another is a myth/mythos. The numinous symbols of cliology (of which the Star Game is an excellent example) are conscious. By ‘conscious’ here is meant – rational, understood. An unconscious symbol such as an archetype is in reality a proto-numinous symbol – it is seldom consciously understood, being felt and/or experienced rather than rationally apprehended. Further, a conscious numinous symbol can be used by an individual to bring about controlled aeonic changes because such symbols, being understood, can be precisely controlled and directed. An unconscious symbol produces imprecise internal change and imprecise external change: that is, it is not by its nature particularly amenable to manipulation. A numinous symbol thus makes Aeonic magick feasible for really the first time.

Aeons and Civilizations
Table I


Aeon  Symbol Associated Civilization Dates Magickal Working
Primal Horned Beast 9,000-7,000BP Shamanism
Hyperborean Sun Albion 7,000-5,500BP Henges
Sumerian Dragon Sumeric/Egyptiac 5,000-3,500BP Trance/Sacrifice
Hellenic Eagle Hellenic 3,000-1,500BP Oracle;Choral-dance
Thorian (Western) Swastika Western 1,000BP-500AP Ritual
Galactic Galactic >2,000eh Star Game and >

(1) ‘BP’ means Before Present (c.1980eh); ‘AP’ means After Present.
(2) There was no civilization (aeonic or otherwise) associated with the first aeon.
(3) The magickal centres (or nexion) for the civilizations are as follows: Albian – Stonehenge; Sumerian – between the Tigris and Euphrates [near present-day Baghdad]; Hellenic – Delphi; Western –  area in the Welsh Marches.


Basic Aeonic Magick

All aeonic magick can only be used, by its nature, in three ways – (1) aid the already existing or original wyrd of an existing aeonic civilization; (2) create a new aeon and thus a new aeonic civilization; (3) distort or disrupt an existing civilization and thus the aeonic forces of that civilization. That is, aeonic magick involves working (a) with existing aeonic energy (as evident in the associated aeonic civilization); or (b) against existing aeonic energy; or, finally, it involves (c) creating a new type of aeonic energy by opening a new nexion and drawing forth new acausal energies. Thus aeonic magick involves knowing the wyrd of the presently existing civilization and if there are/have been any attempts to disrupt that wyrd, magickally or otherwise.
The energy brought forth by aeonic magick can be used in three ways.

(a) Directed into a specific already existing form (such as an individual) or some causal structure which is created for this purpose. This structure can be some political or religious or social organization, group or enterprise, or it can be some work or works of ‘Art’, music and so on.

(b) Drawn forth and left to disperse naturally over Earth (from the site of its presencing).

(c) Shaped into some new psychic or magickal form or forms – such as an archetype or mythos.

Before undertaking any form of aeonic magick, the cliologist [ someone skilled in, knowledgeable about and who uses aeonic energies] must formulate an aim or intent. The means to achieve this must be chosen – and the practical forms, if required, must be created and be in readiness for the energies once the energies are unleashed. If a specific form – such as a new archetype – is chosen as means, then the cliologist must be knowledgeable about archetypes and adept at manipulating magickal energies into psychic forms. Similarly, if a physical nexion is chosen as a means of accessing acausal energies, the appropriate individuals must be organized and trained to undertake the appropriate rite(s).

Techniques and Control:

There are only a certain number of techniques by which acausal energy can be accessed, as there are only a certain number of ways whereby this energy, once accessed, can be directed or ‘controlled’ into the various forms which are to be used to spread or disperse that energy.

(1) The first technique is creating a new physical nexion. This can be done by specific hitherto esoteric magickal rites, such as the Rites of the Nine Angles (qv.) and the Ceremony of Recalling with Sacrificial Conclusion (qv.). [It should be noted that Esoteric Chant, combined with a quartz tetrahedron, is one of the most effective ways of opening a nexion.] The chosen rite is conducted on the chosen site. It is often necessary to conduct a second or third rite within the space of a few weeks to fully open a new nexion. The new nexion, once open, needs to be kept open and this requires regular rites on the chosen site for many years – a specific rite [which does not necessarily involve sacrifice] should be constructed to do this. This specific rite needs to be undertaken at the very least twice yearly for the first five years, and then once yearly for at least ten years. One of the best methods to use for this specific rite is Esoteric Chant using a quartz tetrahedron.

(2) The second technique is using the advanced form of the Star Game. The cliologist sets the pieces to represent the existing aeon and the existing civilization at the specific moment of causal time the energy is to be accessed. The pieces are then selectively moved to change what presently exists and to represent the changes desired in the future. In this technique, the cliologist becomes a nexion via the symbolism – or rather, they access the acausal via their own psyche by means of the numinous symbols of the Star Game. This is so because the Star Game exactly re-presents those intersections between the causal and acausal which are an aeon, an aeonic civilization and an individual. [ It should be noted that while this technique is the simplest, it is also the most difficult, requiring great skill in the Star Game and thus a high level of cliological understanding.]

(3) The third – and only ancient – method is mimesis. This involves imitating either (i) some aspect of an already existing cosmic/Earth-based cycle/pattern/working and then either following the natural pattern or introducing a slight variation; or (ii) creating a new pattern/cycle/mythos to describe the energies and their effects. In effect this often involves (a) “acting-out” an archetypal r“le or drama (the key here is identification with the r“le – often during a ceremony involving others); or (b) creating realistic ‘models’ of events, symbolically imbuing them with ”life” and then acting out with these models the desired future events. [ It should be noted that (a) and (b) are difficult to do properly – because intent and portrayal have to be precise- and thus are not often very effective.] One neglected form of mimesis is creative art – using an art-form (such as a work of fiction, a sculpture) to portray someone, some sequence of events or some archetypal energy. This form becomes a nexion – and thus influences the psyche of others by those others reading/viewing the art-form. However this form does not produce large-scale significant aeonic change.

The keys to controlling the energy are symbolism and forms. Unless it is be left undirected, all acausal energy, once accessed by whatever means, has to be directed by the person or persons who drawn it forth into the causal world. The easiest way to deal with acausal energy is to let it disperse naturally – i.e. no effort is made to control and direct it into specific forms or symbols. Such energy is ‘raw’ – it is chaotic and primal (when viewed from the causal) and thus exceedingly dangerous if brought forth by someone who has not attained the stage of Master/Lady Master. It is psychically disruptive.

It has to be remembered that all acausal energy cannot be contained beyond certain limits – that is, such energy produce acausal changes as well as causal changes. The causal changes are temporal ones – present or future effects caused by such energy. It is these changes which can, in the simple sense, be produced by the cliologist by that cliologist controlling or directing the energy via symbolism and/or forms. That is, these are the changes which are desired by the cliologist who uses the symbolism and/or forms to achieve them. The acausal changes are not temporal – i.e. they are not controllable in causal time. In the simple sense, they are – or rather appear to be – random changes. The cliologist must create or aim to create future forms and/or symbolism which takes into account the possible emergence into the causal of such acausal changes – in practice, such forms absorb the ‘random’ energy when it appears or manifests in the causal. If this is not done, it is possible that such energy may disrupt/distort and thus undermine the causal changes created by the cliologist. Most of these acausal changes can be gleamed from the symbolism of the advanced Star Game if the pieces are set to represent the conditions pertaining at the moment of causal time when the aeonic working is first undertaken, and if the aeonic working itself is represented by the first sequence of moves from that departure point.

To fully control and thus direct the energy, new forms and/or symbolism should be created to channel the energy. These then enshrine or come to re-present the energy. Examples of practical social forms are ideas and ideals; an example of a practical psychic form is an archetypal figure – a character from a new mythos; an example of a practical political form is a political organization; and example of a practical ‘religious’ form is a new ethos. All these things – and the many others like them – should be created before the act or acts of aeonic magick by the cliologist with the intention of them being used to cause or bring about changes in the real world, in the causal. The nature of such things should be akin to the type of changes desired. Each such creation should itself be represented by a unique symbol or sign; by a unique descriptive word, phrase or slogan; by a unique piece of sound [or ‘music’]; by particular collocations of colour, and so on – or by one particular individual who embodies that idea, ideal, mythos or whatever. These unique creations should embody the essence of the change or changes required.

During the act or acts of aeonic magick, the cliologist focuses or directs the energy so accessed into artifacts which portray or represent the unique symbols or signs, and thus into the very symbols themselves and the forms represented by those symbols. In effect, the symbols and forms become alive – they exist, have being and cause changes. They grow and undergo metamorphosis. The acquire an independent existence of their own. The greater the acausal energy presenced by or in such forms and symbols, the greater the changes produced – the more life they possess.
Fundamentally, aeonic magick is concerned with producing large-scale changes over many centuries – it is concerned with changing or altering the destiny of millions of peoples on time-scales which be as long as a millennia. This requires certain abilities and certain skills – but above all it requires that wisdom and knowledge which only genuine Masters/Lady Masters possess.


Aeons, Civilization and Ethos

Aeonic Civil.    Essence of Ethos      Country of Ethos

Albion           proto-Druidism        Britain      

Sumerian         Vedas                 Indus                         

Hellenic         Iliad                 Greece                          

Western          National-Socialism    Third Reich       

Galactic         Galactic Empire       Solar System and > 

(1) The ethos is the unique spirit, the unique wyrd of the 
civilization and thus the aeon. What is listed above is that
practical form or expression which captures or captured the 
essence ofa particular ethos.
(2) Manifestations of the ethos include the following:
	(a) for the Hellenic - Greek Tragedy; Reason; Logic.
	(b) for the Western - Science; Technology; 
	Exploration; Space-Travel.
	(c) for the Albion - Stonehenge and other, similar 
(3) Little is known about the practical expression of the
ethos of the civilization of Albion other than genuine 
Druidism (as portrayed by the Classical writers) enshrined 
some of its spirit.