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The Wonder and Joy of Acausal Darkness

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In essence, The Dark Tradition is concerned with personal and supra-personal change; with evolution to higher forms; with the creation of a new type of human being.

To do this, we need vision; we need to feel the Satanic spirit of defiance and joy – the dark acausal – within us. We need challenges; we need tests; we need to accept and become that force of Nature, of the very Cosmos, which selects through weeding out the mundanes: those who are content; those whose spirit is inertial instead of promethean.

The simple truth is that we of The Dark Tradition represent, and re-present, the Chaos that is acausal and which is the genesis of evolution toward higher forms and a higher existence, while the others – the mundanes – represent and are the stultifying normality of the ponderous causal, and/or represent and are what is de-evolutionary.

The stark acausal reality is that the mundanes are either expendable, or are at their best raw material to be motivated toward change. We present them with both this possibility of change – toward a higher, sinister, existence – and with the practical chaos, terror and heresy which serves to remind them of who and what they really are. For, as has been written:

“It is of fundamental importance – to evolution both individual and otherwise – that what is Dark, Sinister or Satanic is made real in a practical way, over and over again. That is, that what is dangerous, awesome, numinous, tragic, deadly, terrible, terrifying and beyond the power of ordinary mortals, laws or governments to control is made manifest. In effect, non-Initiates (and even Initiates) need constantly reminding that such things still exist; they need constantly to be brought “face-to-face”, and touched, with what is, or appears to be, inexplicable, uncontrollable, powerful and “evil”. They need reminding of their own mortality – of the unforeseen, inexplicable “powers of Fate”, of the powerful force of “Nature”.

If this means killing, wars, suffering, sacrifice, terror, disease. tragedy and disruption, then such things must be – for it is one of the duties of a Satanic Initiate to so presence the dark, and prepare the way for, or initiate, the change and evolution which always result from such things. Such things as these must be, and always will be, because the majority of people are or will remain, inert and sub-human unless changed. The majority is – and always will be until it evolves to become something else – raw material to be used, moulded, cut-away and shaped to create what must be. There is no such thing as an innocent person because everyone who exists is part of the whole, the change, the evolution, the presencing of life itself, which is beyond them, and their life only has meaning through the change, development and evolution of life. Their importance is what they can become, or what can be achieved through their death. their tragedy, their living – their importance does not lie in their individual happiness or their individual desires or whatever.”

The very Cosmos itself is change; a fluxion of causal and acausal. Our change – as human beings at this moment in our history, and currently and mostly bound as we are to the causal – is to leave our childhood home, this planet, and expand outward to explore the stars and planets of our galaxy, to discover, to test ourselves, to find challenges great enough to change us in their overcoming; for it is this leaving – this growing to maturity – which will be the practical breeding ground of a new, higher, human species.

It is this vision – of such a change, of such challenges, of such a new human species – which suffuses the ONA, its inner Aeonic magick, its mythos, its nexions, its associates, and those intrepid individuals inspired by any or all of these.

It is lack of such a vision – a lack of inner acausal darkness; a lack of Satanic ethos – which distinguishes the Old Order, bound as this Old Order is to this planet, and bound as it is to satisfying the craving for safety and law which the mundanes, the normals, in their simian-like existence crave.

Everything that enables the achievement of this grand dark vision of ours is a causal form worth using; while everything that militates against our Cosmic sinister vision – our motivating mythos, our esoteric ethos – is to be despised, countered, and fought.

To change, to evolve, to be of the acausal darkness and thus the genesis of both our individual change and that of others, we need to be, in a practical and personal way, and in the words of one sinister Adept “the darkness which is necessary and without which evolution and knowledge are impossible…” We also need to be our own opposite: to venture between and beyond – we need to-be – the causal forms of Good and Evil, Light and Dark, and then treat those forms for the imposters, the illusions they are, to then leave them far behind us, having learnt from them, having grown from and because of them.

Then and only then will we have taken the first leap – beyond the Abyssal Unknown – toward being the genesis, the spawn, of a new higher human species.

Anton Long

120 Year of Fayen

The Azatu Gate

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The following rite, for Priest and Priestess, exists in two forms. It may be undertaken by those of the stage of External Adept as part of the experiencing of those energies appropriate to that level (and it should be undertaken on completion of the Path and Sphere workings with the companion); but its primary aim, as with all forms of genuine magick, is to direct energy into aiding the emergence of the New Aeon. Generally, this will mean aiding, via the ways of magick, a causal form that possesses the ability to practically implement the New Aeon. Thus a symbol representing the causal form is used as a focus for the raised energy.

The Satanic form should be undertaken one hour before dawn during the Full Moon. The Baphometic form should be undertaken at dusk, when the Moon is New. Both forms should be conducted at an isolated outdoor location [the location most appropriate to the ‘Baphometic’ form is an underground cave where water flows].

I) The Satanic Form:

The Priestess holds the crystal, while the priest rings the temple bell seven times. Both then meditate upon Atu VII of the Sinister Tarot.

atuVII - Azoth

 When sufficient time has been given to the meditation, the priest says: “Aperiatur stella, et germinet, et germinet Chaos”, and places his hands over the crystal. Both commence vibrating ‘Agios o Satanas’, directing the vibration into the crystal. This vibration is undertaken nine times, with increasing force and resonance, whilst visualizing a deep region of space where a nexion is beginning to open [according to Tradition, the location of such a nexion lies near the planet Saturn]. As the vibration reaches its conclusion, a nebulous form (which may coalesce into the appearance of a dragon) is visualized seeping from the nexion, descending to the Earth, and entering the bodies of the participants via the crystal. Both should visualize their bodies filling with a star-studded space. On the completion of the vibration, this visualization is continued in silence, for at least fifteen minutes. Following this, both commence visualizing the symbol chosen to represent the New Aeon, whilst chanting the Diabolus. This Chant should be sung three times in unison, followed by a further four sung in parallel fourths. Sexual union begins thereafter, during which both continue to visualize the sigil. On conclusion, both bow to the North saying: “Agios athanatos!”

II) Baphometic Form:

As before, the Priestess holds the crystal, while the Priest rings the temple bell seven times. Both mediate upon the ‘Mousa of Swords’ from the Sinister Tarot.


The Priestess, when she judges the time right, vibrates: “Veni, omnipotens aeterne Baphomet!” The Priest then places his hands over the crystal, and both commence to vibrate ‘Agios o Baphomet’, nine times. During this vibration, both visualize the crystal filling with darkness which then slowly spreads outwards to fill their bodies. As before, this visualization is continued for a further fifteen minutes following the end of Aeon. The Chant is sung three times in unison, followed by a further four in fifths. On completion of the chant, the Priestess quietly says: Susipe, Baphomet, munus quod tibi offermus memoriam recolentes Atazoth”. Sexual union begins thereafter. On conclusion, both bow to the North, saying: “Agios athanatos!”

Note: The crystal should be held by the Priestess throughout the rite – including during the sexual union. As is traditional, the best shape for the cystal is a tetrahedron, and it should be as large as possible. Rock crystal is best, but Pleonast, Spinet and Morion may also be used.

Satanism: The Epitome of Evil

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Let us not be mis-understood: genuine Satanists are evil. They question, seek to know, and they defy. They champion, advocate, and propagate – and most importantly live, as a way of defiance and ecstasy – whatever is genuinely heretical, or forbidden, in the societies of their times. They cause, and strive to cause, Chaos, disruption, revolution, and thus causal Change. They are the fomenters of, and the agents of, evil, of genuine darkness. They are adversarial; agents of genuine human evolution, which evolution only and ever arises from an acceptance of challenges and the application of the Sinister Dialectic: from the direct causal presencing of acausal darkness.

They cause harm, disaster, corruption, and death; they bring death – and sometimes, or often, before the due time to those deserving of such an early death: to those who have shown by their actions that they have a weak character or are a nuisnace, or a hindrance to the spread of darkness, to the creation of the new form of destruction, the change, of the old. Genuine Satanists are dangerous people to know; associating with them is a risk. Their psyche is contagious: and can break others, or bring them misfortune, or drive them toward inner breakdown or even madness.

Their Way, our Way – that of genuine Satanism – is the Way of the self-controlled individual, not the way of sycophancy to, or obedience to, some doctrine or some person or some creed; not the way of those in thrall to their desires, conscious or unconscious. Satanists do not seek to be “understood” nor accepted nor lauded by the majority, just as they are shapeshifters in character and way of life, who may use and often do so use some form, or some way of life for their own sinister, dialectical ends. Thus are they a genuine enigma, seldom appreciated, in their own life, for who and what they are and for what they have done and are doing.

Their deeds and goals – once they have learnt their trade and become professional, Masters and Mistresses of the Dark Arts – are not personal or undirected, causal, ones. Instead, their deeds are directed, intentional, often detached, and arise from their knowledge of, their understanding of, the Sinister Dialectic: of what is needed in the causal times in which they live; what is needed to radically disrupt, to challenge, to defy, to presence darkness and evil, and bring Chaos and the evolution that derives thereform. Thus do they, so causing Chaos, defy and break or seek to break the restrictive forms, structures, laws, and Institutions, that still hold people in thrall.

The way of ordinary life, of ordinary mortals, is the way of control, of restrictions; of authority, of a supra-personal law. It is the way of those forms, those abstractions – such as governments, and States and prisons and religions – which have been constructed to control, to restrict, to bully, to level-down, to enforce submission. The way of ordinary life, of ordinary un-evolved mortals, is the way of minimizing risk, the way of hypocrisy, of the lies and the deceit and the envy and jealousy born from weakness and cowardice and the dishonour of the bully. In direct contrast, the Path of the genuine Satanist is the difficult Dark Path of inner strength, of joining, being, opposites, and of going beyond opposites: the path of evolved human beings exemplified in one way by the openness of the fighting warrior who believes in their very being that the only genuine real law and real justice is the law, the justice, of personal honour, of a fair fight, of fair retribution, and of being responsible for oneself.

Thus is the Way of the Satanist, the Way of the Dark Warrior who, in real life in the real world, fights the tyranny of those who, weak of character, oppress: the Dark Warrior who fights all that oppresses and stifles our potential, and hinders our evolution into a higher race of human beings whose rightful place is among the star-systems of this, and other, Galaxies.

Order of Nine Angles, 119 Year of Fayen

O9A: Hardcore Hate, Ultra-violence, and Heresy

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O9A: Hardcore Hate, Ultra-violence, and Heresy

 Let it be understood, again – that we of the Order of Nine Angles revel and delight in genuine heresy, in a defiant individuality, and in being amoral. Thus, when we are criticized for inciting hate and violence, and for affirming human culling, we say: so what? For that is what we do, and we do what we do because we embrace the Dark; we desire The Dark; we seek to Presence The Dark – Chaos – upon Earth and in and through others. Thus do we willingly, gladly, laughingly embrace hardcore hate, ultra-violence, and heresy.

For we love to challenge “normals” and cause offence, for such things may be the genesis of a cathartic insight, for some.

Thus, when we are criticized for championing what is heretical in our societies, we say: so what? For that is what we do. Thus do we sometimes gladly praise in our Rites, our lives and through our actions, individuals such as Adolf Hitler and National Socialism itself: and each and every other heresy of our times – and if some shudder and direct epithets and “terms” at us, our response is to laugh and raise our arm in a fascist salute. For, unlike the shuddering ones, the normals, the mundanes, we revel in life itself: our blasphemies a liberation for ourselves and for others.

Thus do we seek to ignore, to transgress, the laws, the limits, that the mundanes set to protect themselves and their societies, for we are rebellion itself: outlaws who thrive beyond and in the margins that mark the boundary between The Light and The Dark.

Thus do we desire our name – as known in the world of the mundanes, and as known in the world of The Dark – to become a synonym for Chaos, liberation, culling, and revolutionary change.

Not for the Order of the Nine Angles – or anyone connected with it – cosy intellectual discussions about obscure esoteric matters. Not for the ONA – or anyone connected with it – the scribblings of Occult internet forums where those who-do-not-know converse with those who-do-not-do. Not for the ONA – or anyone connected with it – any sincere affirmation of or any sincere identification with the ways, the politics, the religions, the world, of the mundanes. Not for the ONA – or anyone connected with it – some urban or suburban “Temple”. Not for the ONA – or anyone connected with it – ONA meetings, conferences and dialogues.

Instead, our way is the way of action, of deeds, of violence, terror, revolution, combat, war. The way of the defiant individual – the real heretic who leads and manipulates others, the human shapeshifter who plays, who acts, a rôle in the living game which is the life, the societies, of the mundanes.

Thus those who use our name in vain should beware: for we willingly, gladly, laughingly, embrace hardcore hate, ultra-violence, and heresy, dedicated as we are to bringing real Chaos to the lives of the mundanes, to disrupting and destroying their societies and all their ways of life.

Where there is The Darkness, we are. Where there is Chaos, you will find us lurking, leading, manipulating. Where there is Heresy, you will find us as instigators, as champions of The Forbidden. And where there is a law, you will find us transgressing it…

Order of Nine Angles

Behind the Mythos

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There is mythos, and there is meaning: or, expressed another way, there is a means, of manipulating others, and thus a living, by certain individuals, of life on a higher level: an intoxication in the moment which is ecstatic and which is satanic, in the realness of what that term denotes to those Initiated into the darker mysteries.

Or, from a different perspective, there are plans, strategy and tactics; grand designs. And there is a using of all such things to presence the darkness within and external to certain individuals who create and/or who use – for themselves, and for others – such causal things.

The means do not equate with the essence, which essence is only and ever formless, of Chaos and Darkness, of acausality, and only and ever individual and which may be or become a means to individual development and individual ecstatic – Satanic – living.

Thus a mythos is born, via an individual or a collocation of individuals, to bring Chaos and change – but also and importantly for that individual or those individual to-be, on a higher, esoteric, level, through a presencing by such means, through manipulation by such means. Thus is there joy; revelry, a presencing of the dark. Thus there is Mastery, the Mage, although many will confuse the mythos with the essence; will lose themselves in the words and thus fall to see, to-be, or fail be inspired by, the essence, themselves.

Thus is a mythos but a means; to presence such Dark. And if that particular presencing does not work, so what? Who cares? If that causes Chaos, change, disruption, terror, violence and death, it does, and so what? Some mundanes may have been lost, some movement toward the Dark may have occurred – and some others may or may not have changed; learnt; evolved; or may even have joined in a presencing of acausal darkness and thus become imbued with an ecstasy of life and of living. And if that mythos does not work, there are new forms, new mythos, new nexions, waiting to be born from the alchemical process of Initiated human life. What is important is not some causal form but to presence the Dark in a moment, in a succession of moments, in and through nexions, to thus revel in and so presence and so be life, the very darkness of the acausal, itself.

Thus is the essence, revealed, for those who have the Satanic spirit enough to feel it, beyond all words.


Anton Long
120 yf

Bringing the Acausal Down

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Bringing The Acausal Down
How can the acausal be presenced, now, on this planet which is currently our only place of causal residence? Is it still relevant for the acausal – the Dark Forces, the Dark Gods – to be so presenced? 

Yes – it is still relevant, still necessary, for all those who belong to our Dark Tradition, and all those who aspire to belong, to so presence the Dark: still relevant, still necessary to do both magickal and practical deeds which glorify the Sinister, which presence the Dark Forces. This is Aeonic Magick – and a Magick which aids, or which can aid, both the Internal and External Magick of each Initiate and each Adept. Words, ideas, symbols, writings, and all such transient causal forms, are only intimations; perchance the beginnings of inspiration. Beyond such things – a necessary beyond – are the deeds, the acts, the magick, that each and every Initiate and Adept must do to presence the Dark: the practical experiencing which alone breeds the knowing of the Sinister.

Those who decry such practical things – such action, in the world, such dark deeds – are feeble; they are not of-us. They belong to the Old Order, which festers still, which still infects the world with its cosmic-denial, its pathetic anti-evolutionary materialism, its vapid egotism, its dogma of duality, of “good” and “evil”, and its limiting of each and every individual. We, on the contrary, proudly defy – as we proudly announce that we know we can be, we should be, more than we are – that we have the potential to change ourselves, to reach out into the Cosmos; to evolve; to become like gods… They of the Old Order stifle the potentiality of our being while we who pledge ourselves to bringing the acausal down to this Earth are of the new Cosmic Order yet to be: we, the future, who despise everything that belongs to, that clings to, the little ones of the Old Order who scurry about in their vanity and material concerns. We have the strength to dream great dreams – to be bold in our visions, in our quest; while they would have us all go back down to their low animal level. We have the strength to know we are a new race, a new breed of human beings, taking evolution ever upward by our magick and our deeds.

So, how do we bring the acausal down to this Earth? By Aeonic Magick, using our skill, our knowledge, our nexions, our dark forms. By practical deeds which disrupt the Old Order and all its forms, ideas, organizations, groups and societies. By practical deeds which glorify the dark and which take us, as individuals into and beyond defiance and which make us new archetypes to inspire others and future generations. By creating nexions to draw forth to this world, and to its peoples, the darkest of Dark Forces – the Dark Gods, and the Chaos of the Acausal Itself. By championing anything and everything which can challenge and disrupt the Old Order with its Magian magic and its Magian ethos (of which the Nazarene ethos is a part) and its desire for lower everyone down to the lowest level. By causing, inspiring revolution; evolution. By creating new and newer forms to presence the Sinister and so restore the balance, thus re-enabling the dialectic which powers Change and evolution. By championing those forms which actively now, and in the recent past, have challenged and even threatened the old Magian order, which forms they who belong to the Magian (and their lackeys and agents) fear.

What we always must remember is that what others think of us – what labels, what names they attach to us – are irrelevant. We are beyond such things – we, who are the future.

“I, and others like me, are the darkness which is necessary and without which evolution and knowledge are impossible. I am also my own opposite, and yet beyond both. This is not a riddle, but a statement of Mastery, and one which, alas, so few have the ability to understand.”

Anton Long
Morning Rising of Sirius, 116yf

(Transcribed from a speech given by Anton Long at a recent ONA Sunedrion)