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The Return of Pseudo-Satanism…

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As the Fetching One stated in ‘Sinister Times’, Anton Long never left. Unfortunately, neither has Pseudo-Satanism. Upon Long’s  “return”, who should crawl out from his mother’s basement and conveniently make his “return” as well? G[rand] M[asturbator] Blackwood! What more can I say that hasn’t already been said during the past year?

Tom, hasn’t your mother ever told you to shut your mouth when the grown-ups are talking? We don’t believe in the fairy tale Satanism that you believe in. This is about Presencing the Dark through real world actions. Rites, ordeals, you know, not the pretend Dungeons and Dragons Satanism where you play with yourself and state that Satan whispered in your ear while you held your sword pointing to the heavens and He told you what needs to be accomplished in the “community” and how to worship His Greatness that is Satan.

Your way is not the Sinister Way, so there is no possibility that you could ever claim any involvement with excellence that is the Nine Angles or its various Nexions. The Satanism that you preach is profane and is only inverse Christianity.  “Yahweh bad….Satan good. Read the profane buy-bull backwards. The Satanism that lacks any real Insight and enlightenment. How does one evolve personally simply being a follower of your delusions? Is it because you, who lacks true Satanic character, say so? It sounds a bit iffy Tom. Even if one doesn’t choose to live the Dark Tradition, it is plain to see that the Tradition is but a means to Progression and Evolution, not simply devil-worship.

The Traditional Satanism that is the O9A is about being honour-bound and numinousity. Progression and Evolution. Words that you will definitely have to google because you have never experienced or attempted to experience them.

I feel no need to explain the practice of the O9A Traditional Satanism because all you need to do is click and point like you always do, Tom. Ctrl X, C and V are the Temples of Satan’s tools to worship. How do you think you were first noticed last October? You simply cut and paste Chloe and Kayla’s MSS and offered one sentence criticisms, which were flat, at best.

Anton Long “returns”, Tom. Don’t raise your infernal sword when you here gunfire. That’s just plain dumb of you. Could we have expected any less from you?

That goes for the species of homo-hubris who feels “brave” enough to mindlessly banter about the Sinister Way in this profane outlet. We make use of the internet to render ‘copyleft’ material for those who wish to travel the Sinister Path [which quite frankly, remains esoteric because of the majority of “Satanists'” lack of comprehension]. All manuscripts are there, but only a few “get it.” If you don’t get it, please refrain from letting your insecure nature rear its ugly heads.



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atuXX - aeon

I shall be honest – Satanism has been hijacked.  By posers, by pseudo-intellectuals and by gutless weaklings who like the glamour and danger associated with it in the public mind but who do not have the guts to be evil – to do dark deeds.

 These modern days so-called ’satanists’ are really Nazarene scum in disguise – worms in dead snake-skin.  They prattle on about ‘morality’, puff themselves up with titles and perform verbal and intellectual gymnastics.  They think being Satanic involves calling yourself a Satanist and dressing up like Dracula or Mephistopheles or a vamp.

 Well, I am sick of these imposters.  Those who get a thrill from playing the role but who never actually do anything evil, who never go to the extremes, who never stand on the edge – or climb down to the darkness of the pit of Hell.  Those who have never experienced the limits of themselves in love, in war, in living – these weaklings trying so hard to impress.

 What, then, is real Satanism all about?  First, it is about rebellion – against the conformity of the present.  And I mean a real rebel, a real outlaw – someone who cuts a dash, who has charisma, whose very presence makes others uneasy (and who does not have to wear some stupid ‘costume’ to do this).  Second – try something to see if you get away with it.  If not – tough, you failed.  There are plenty of others…  If you succeed, try again, until you know your limits.   Choose a good cause, or a bad one or no cause at all, and really live, intoxicating yourself with life, danger, achievement.  Do not rest and never be afraid to face the possibility of death.  But in all that you do be honourable – to yourself.  Carry this honour with you everywhere like a favourite concealed weapon.

 Third, learn from your experience – like you would learn from a ‘bad’ woman (or man) in your youth when sex was still something of a mystery.  A real Satanist does not often do magick – they are magick by the very nature of their dynamic, zestful existence.  It is experience which teaches, from which you learn – you cannot learn Satanism from books (although some may guide you aright to begin with), it cannot be taught by ‘Masters’ and never involves cosy little discussions with ‘friends’ or others.  Anyone who accepts a ‘Master’ and grovels before them – however slight that grovelling may be – is not a Satanist, just a sucker who sucks.  Accepting some ‘authority’ is a sign you are weak:  a sign you need emotional crutches:  a sign you are a wimp.

 So, get off your arse, you suckers, and make Satan proud.  Learn to do evil.

 What is evil?  All that restricts life – all that tries to constrain the possibilities.  Doing evil means breaking these restrictions and constraints – and taking the consequences of your actions.  Just do – just discover, just smash the chains that hold most others in thrall, and never bow down to anyone about anything:  smash them first, or die rather than submit.  That way, you will learn how to live – and laugh at the weak.

 Of course this is dangerous – for others, and yourself!  Satanism was never easy – or for wimps.

 See you in Hell!


Anton Long

Order of Nine Angles


The Deceitful Occult Ego

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It is indicative of the sorry state of most occult paths – and the people who follow them – that there is an abundance of dis-information, deceit, mystification and cultivation of egos.

Consider a typical case: a young man develops an interest in occult arts, and eagerly seeks information and contacts. Books and articles are read, contacts made, perhaps a group or three joined. Soon the young man is part of the ‘occult scene’ and one of three things usually happens: (1) he accepts some system or person, for awhile and tries to follow what is expected – then, after some ‘practical’ work, decides it is not right for him and moves on to another system or person; (2) after a little while he comes to believe he has attained his goal (and thus is an ‘adept’ or ‘Master’ or whatever) – usually after engaging in a few rituals and a lot of conversations and meetings with others; (3) after e short or intermediate period cultivating and fawning upon others (and thus assisting them in their endless campaigns to ’safeguard’ their own reputations by attempting to discredit others via rumours and so on) he establishes an identity for himself – exaggerating his own achievements, knowledge and contacts. In short, there is the perpetuation of old Aeon traits and values – contra what the occult in general is supposed to be achieving.

Two things are involved in this process: the desire (mostly unconscious and natural) for self-importance and self-delusion. Part of this self-delusion occurs because of the ‘intellectualisation of the occult’ – there is too much talk, too much acceptance of what others say (particularly about others) without first-hand knowledge, too much theory and too much ego-domination where ‘cleverness’ (particularly in words) is rated above practical experience. Too much concern for someone’s ‘past’.

The result is almost inevitable (and a waste of the potential of occultism) – the young man achieves no real progress, no real insight no real occult abilities. He has become infected with the ‘occult disease’. Instead of going within, into the wilderness, to lose all illusions and delusions and begin the hard and solitary path to Adeptship by practical work, there is the camaraderie of being ‘in the know’, of ‘being accepted’ or working (mostly in intellectual or pseudo-intellectual ways) in a certain ‘niche’ and thus becoming self-satisfied in a comfortable way. The occult thus becomes a ‘habit’ or an interest- a source of self-congratulation (perhaps even of material income) and a place where a ‘role’ is obtained and lived out. Some ‘practical’ work may be done – but the end result is the disposal occultists so familiar from the recent past and the present: the attender of meetings (or the more modern ’symposia’ or ‘conferences’), the seeker after and spreader of gossip and rumour, the pseudo-intellectual dilettante writing articles and books (and perhaps even editing a magazine) not from direct, personal experience but rather from hearsay, from self-opinion and from intellectual aridity and cleverness. Or, perhaps, the plagiarist enjoying a cliquey success and amateur adulation – or t he self-appointed ‘master/adept’ who may need the mystique of an organisation to mask his lack of character or charisma or who may be so self-deluded that he actually believes he has attained his goal. Then again, our young man may turn out to be one of those many failures who hang around the ‘occult scene’ – flitting from one group to another, one ‘master’ to another, and talking, worshipping (both ‘gods’ and ‘masters’) and talking again and accumulating a mass of useless information, ‘lore’ and ‘grades/degrees’.

Despite the interest in recent years in the techniques or ways of the occult – despite all the many words written and spoken – there has been little or no real achievement on the personal level: no increase in the very few adepts. Instead, almost the opposite has occurred – an increase in self-delusion, in glorifying the ego at the expense of gaining insight; a turning away from effective experience to the glorification of the vapid, the intellectual and the ‘non-directive’ sensation-seeking, temporary, ‘mind-expanding’ experience. In short, there has been less real self-discipline and more ego-biased stupidity and stimulation. Adeptship, and the wisdom that lies beyond that, is obtained by a slow, hard process which requires self-discipline and the self-overcoming of hardships. There is no path to it which is not without difficulties and which is not solitary – which does not require the discarding of all those props which most require to survive: a dogma, friends, ideas, companionship, lovers, material security, ‘masters’… There is no potion to obtain which when taken will suddenly give insight or wisdom, no sudden revelations – from god or mortal – which instil wisdom, no technique to be used a few times a week, no ritual or rituals which will give personality or character or self-development.

This process requires years & involves certain ways of living – & often a certain guidance. It requires also the desire to reach the goal, to not give in when things become difficult or confused – a tenacity to follow the chosen path to its ending.

The occult knowledge and insight of an individual is shown most of all by their bearing – by the way they relate to others. But this bearing is not the assumption of some ‘role’ (such as ‘master’ or ‘guru’ or whatever) – rather, it is genuine and spontaneous, full of individual character: neither affectation nor pretension. This is so because the knowledge and insight is within, acquired from experience. Where there is lack of real knowledge end lack of insight, there is pretension, artifice, the “I must preserve my own ego by doing down all others” syndrome, and the inebriated laughter of the ill-disciplined, ill-at-ease discussion machine.

Our young man would do well to try and find some guidance from an insightful individual – and be prepared for a hard and long journey. Perhaps then, in time one new adept will arise, and the ‘New Aeon’ will be brought a little nearer.

Anton Long

Order of Nine Angles