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The Azatu Gate

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The following rite, for Priest and Priestess, exists in two forms. It may be undertaken by those of the stage of External Adept as part of the experiencing of those energies appropriate to that level (and it should be undertaken on completion of the Path and Sphere workings with the companion); but its primary aim, as with all forms of genuine magick, is to direct energy into aiding the emergence of the New Aeon. Generally, this will mean aiding, via the ways of magick, a causal form that possesses the ability to practically implement the New Aeon. Thus a symbol representing the causal form is used as a focus for the raised energy.

The Satanic form should be undertaken one hour before dawn during the Full Moon. The Baphometic form should be undertaken at dusk, when the Moon is New. Both forms should be conducted at an isolated outdoor location [the location most appropriate to the ‘Baphometic’ form is an underground cave where water flows].

I) The Satanic Form:

The Priestess holds the crystal, while the priest rings the temple bell seven times. Both then meditate upon Atu VII of the Sinister Tarot.

atuVII - Azoth

 When sufficient time has been given to the meditation, the priest says: “Aperiatur stella, et germinet, et germinet Chaos”, and places his hands over the crystal. Both commence vibrating ‘Agios o Satanas’, directing the vibration into the crystal. This vibration is undertaken nine times, with increasing force and resonance, whilst visualizing a deep region of space where a nexion is beginning to open [according to Tradition, the location of such a nexion lies near the planet Saturn]. As the vibration reaches its conclusion, a nebulous form (which may coalesce into the appearance of a dragon) is visualized seeping from the nexion, descending to the Earth, and entering the bodies of the participants via the crystal. Both should visualize their bodies filling with a star-studded space. On the completion of the vibration, this visualization is continued in silence, for at least fifteen minutes. Following this, both commence visualizing the symbol chosen to represent the New Aeon, whilst chanting the Diabolus. This Chant should be sung three times in unison, followed by a further four sung in parallel fourths. Sexual union begins thereafter, during which both continue to visualize the sigil. On conclusion, both bow to the North saying: “Agios athanatos!”

II) Baphometic Form:

As before, the Priestess holds the crystal, while the Priest rings the temple bell seven times. Both mediate upon the ‘Mousa of Swords’ from the Sinister Tarot.


The Priestess, when she judges the time right, vibrates: “Veni, omnipotens aeterne Baphomet!” The Priest then places his hands over the crystal, and both commence to vibrate ‘Agios o Baphomet’, nine times. During this vibration, both visualize the crystal filling with darkness which then slowly spreads outwards to fill their bodies. As before, this visualization is continued for a further fifteen minutes following the end of Aeon. The Chant is sung three times in unison, followed by a further four in fifths. On completion of the chant, the Priestess quietly says: Susipe, Baphomet, munus quod tibi offermus memoriam recolentes Atazoth”. Sexual union begins thereafter. On conclusion, both bow to the North, saying: “Agios athanatos!”

Note: The crystal should be held by the Priestess throughout the rite – including during the sexual union. As is traditional, the best shape for the cystal is a tetrahedron, and it should be as large as possible. Rock crystal is best, but Pleonast, Spinet and Morion may also be used.